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Chapter 1100: 1100
King Elbas never expressed his real power during the battle, but the three rank 6 copies were slowly forcing his hand . Moreover, the army of weaker creatures reappeared from time to time and made him change his battle style .

The last attack with higher energy had destroyed part of the Copying Technique, but that was the domain of the Hive . Chasing Demon had covered entire regions with his inscriptions, so he only needed to summon the copies a bit farther away .

King Elbas' life was never in danger . The only capable of injuring him was the Flying Snake, but the creature never touched him .

It didn't matter what tactic Chasing Demon deployed . King Elbas only needed to explode into a raging inferno to destroy anything coming at him .

That was a sheer difference in power that numbers couldn't overcome . It was why armies had no chances against powerful beings and the proof that a higher cultivation level was above a swarm of ants .

However, the immortality of the copies made the situation quite tricky . King Elbas never managed to advance since his opponents always kept him busy with attacks that he had to block .

The situation would be different if King Elbas were a hybrid . A creature with a body capable of blocking those attacks could fly freely across that land and reach its goal in one sprint .

Yet, cultivators couldn't take that many attacks head-on . Their bodies were too frail, even in front of weaker beings .

King Elbas felt once again forced to unleash his higher energy after the three copies stopped his advance for more than three hours . Five drops of blood fell from his fingers and unleashed a raging fire that burned every shining line in sight .

The Royal began to advance again at that point, but Ravaging Demon, the White Ape, and the Flying Snake reappeared near the region's borders and pounced at him again .

All the experts watching the battle in the distance could feel King Elbas' annoyance . The Copying Technique might be unable to defeat him, but the expert couldn't eradicate it either .

There was no actual countermeasure once the inscriptions activated . Divine Demon had created the perfect defensive method, and his disciple was managing it with great ability .

A slight change occurred in King Elbas . He didn't suffer any injury, his robe was still tidy and shining, and his power didn't waver in the slightest . Yet, his complexion became slightly paler . The change was so subtle that many experts failed to notice it, but that event couldn't escape the eyes of the Hive's powerhouses .

The Copying Technique had affected King Elbas! Even solid stage powerhouses had to take the defensive method seriously!

Many had forgotten how dangerous those inscriptions could be . Some powerhouses even wondered whether they had limits to their power .

The answer to that question was a clear "no" . The Copying Technique only needed "Breath" and trapped creatures . Anything else came from the ability of the existence in charge of it .

The small organization that had managed to escape the three leading forces' control just a few centuries ago had become the most protected domain in the entire world . Those that still had grudges against the Hive could only give up on their vengeful plans at that sight .

Only an existence at the peak of the heroic ranks could attempt to seize something from the Hive . King Elbas was the sole power in the world that could succeed in that task without external help .

Even he had to accept his limits at some point . The copies were nowhere near his level, but their immortality was slowly getting to his nerves . Only his curiosity toward the inscription method kept him calm .

Still, King Elbas was losing face in front of the entire world to satisfy his curiosity . His grand and glorious return had turned into a messy battle where he couldn't come out as the winner with his base power .

It was with a bit of unwillingness that King Elbas decided to take the threat more seriously . A crimson spear appeared in his hand, and the air around the weapon burned when it touched its aura .

The world went silent when a weapon at the peak of the sixth rank made its appearance . Its power seemed to surpass what the heroic ranks could express, and Noah could sense the higher energy brimming inside its structure .

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The spear's shape was quite simple . It only had one long blade on its tip, and its shaft was metallic . Yet, Noah knew how King Elbas created his higher energy, so he could see past those polished materials .

His dark star spun faster as his attention went on the spear . He could sense King Elbas in its fabric, and his expertise in the Elemental Forging method made him understand part of its core materials .

The sharp head felt like bones in his mind, and a faint smell of blood came out of the shaft . Other precious materials had fused with its structure, but Noah could confirm that King Elbas had used his body tissues as core materials .

That was what Noah had done many times in the past . Discovering that the two of them shared that type of creative process made him feel strange .

King Elbas didn't act . He kept his spear pointed at the ground and waited for his opponents' reaction . The truth was that he didn't want to attack with his inscribed weapon . He had already destroyed the region beyond recognition, so he tried to avoid making it more worthless .

Yet, the Patriarch of the Hive was a demon . He had chosen to waste an immense quantity of energy for the sole purpose of keeping the Royal at bay .

It didn't matter that the Hive had no hope of defending that territory . Chasing Demon had to show the price of attacking his domain, which turned out to be the region itself .

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The Hive didn't need that land, but Chasing Demon would rather see it fall apart than ending in the hands of his enemies . If he couldn't have it, then no one could .

Nine figures appeared at that time on the charred land . Three copies of each rank 6 protector took form on the region's broken and burning surface and prepared their last suicidal attack .

King Elbas shook his head and let the spear fall . He didn't even throw it . His hand opened, and the powerful inscribed weapon began its descent .

Fire covered the spear as it fell downward . The copies didn't care about the weapon and unleashed everything they had on the cultivator flying above them .

Nevertheless, before their attacks or themselves could reach their opponent, the world turned red, reducing them into nothingness .

Some of the experts that were too close to the battle had to retreat once that scarlet radiance filled the environment . The spear had suddenly released its power, and everything in its range had fallen apart under its scorching pressure .

Then, when the weapon touched the ground, a massive fire rose and filled the entirety of the region . The flames even stopped at its borders and remained still as if they were a fiery defensive wall .