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Chapter 1101: 1101
The flames flickered and trembled in the night without ever dispersing . It was as if King Elbas' spear had given birth to a perpetual fire that nothing in the world could suppress .

The experts observing the battle noticed the strange features of the flames .

The snowy region containing the tall mountain didn't suffer from the increased temperature . The fire didn't affect the sea past the coastline either .

The spear had created a fiery cage that isolated that region from the outside world . As for the actual condition of the land, only King Elbas could know that .

Chasing Demon stared at the fiery scenery while Elder Julia waited for his directives . The two of them had shared the weight of the Copying Technique, but she was out of options now .

The flames blocked any offensive . It was pointless to create copies on the borders since their attacks would melt as soon as they touched the fire .

That had now become King Elbas' private land . Nothing could pass there unless he decided otherwise .

Elder Julia knew about Chasing Demon's divine golem . The Hive still had a chance to fight for that territory's ownership, but she didn't know how far her Patriarch was willing to go .

The same helplessness pervaded the experts watching the scene . Only inscribed items could help once the solid stage powerhouse showed his real power .

The difference in their cultivation level was too steep to overcome with the Copying Technique alone . It would be different if the Hive had captured a peak rank 6 creature, but no one in its ranks could pull off that task .

Also, there would be a problem containing the creature afterward, and that without considering the "Breath" needed to copy it .

Chasing Demon stared at the raging flames in silence . The red radiance filled his vision even if he was at some distance along the southern coast .

Eventually, he decided to send a message to announce the outcome of the battle . "We lost the snowy plain, or what's left of it . "

No one felt at a loss once those words echoed from their inscribed notebooks . The Hive had done its best and more . Chasing Demon didn't have any fault in that defeat .

The world now knew how strong the Hive was . Every organization would think twice before deciding to invade its territories .

King Elbas didn't know that Chasing Demon had officially given up on that territory . He stared at the snowy mountain in the distance and waited for his opponents to make a move .

King Elbas had announced that he would reclaim two territories when he learnt about the new political borders . The second region was a neutral land of the alliance, so it didn't have the Copying Technique to defend it .

A massive call to arms spread among the ranks of the alliance . Every cultivator and hybrid who had a cultivation level in the solid stage of the fifth rank or above had to join the defense of the last territory .

An army of experts gathered in the bushland next to the region featuring the forest of Silver-yellows . Noah and the other higher-ups prepared themselves for the incoming mayhem .

Ten powerhouses stood in front of almost sixty rank 5 experts in the solid stage . Those troops were elites among elites and possibly the strongest force in the entire world .

Yet, their opponent was a solid stage powerhouse, and they had no confidence in dealing with him without the Copying Technique . The defensive formations could block some of his attacks, but the battle wouldn't be as entertaining as the last one .

The priority of the alliance was to salvage troops . The Hive and the Council didn't want to lose essential assets for a region that wasn't vital to their organizations .

Still, they wanted to put up a fight . The alliance would consider the defense a success if it managed to force King Elbas' hand once again . As long as the region became worthless, that wouldn't be a loss .

Days passed, and nothing moved inside the Royals' domain . The Princes and Princesses even returned to their respective regions without performing any flashy action .

The days eventually became weeks, and then months . The Elbas family had gone silent during that period, and no battle started even among the human troops on the other borders .

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It was as if peace had returned . Still, the alliance's experts couldn't shake off the feeling that King Elbas had yet to stop interacting with the political situation .

Tension built among them . Both Chasing Demon and Great Elder Diana didn't know what was going on, but they didn't believe that King Elbas would go back on his word .

Something eventually happened after six months of tense waiting . The five Princes and Princesses came out of their lands and gathered above the bushland to announce their Father's will .

"Father wishes to express his respect for the Hive's power," Second Prince shouted when the five Royals lined up in the sky above the southern border of the region .

His words echoed through the land and reached the allied troops hidden in a temporary military base built on the western border . No one moved though . They had to hear what the Royals had to say before deciding on their next action .

"Father says that he doesn't want to destroy an entire region again," Second Prince continued, "But he can't let the strongest organization in the world have so little land either . "

Noah heard a few snorts resound next to him . Elder Julia and many rank 5 cultivators couldn't help but disagree with the claim that the Elbas family was above them in terms of power .

'It's not the organization,' Noah thought with a tinge of helplessness, 'One existence is enough to make that claim true . '

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He didn't like to hide, but he had to respect his opponent's strength . There was a thin line between being reckless and suicidal, and Noah had no intention to cross it for the sake of his pride .

"King Elbas has invited some of you to a formal meeting," Second Prince spoke again . "I'll call now those that he has personally invited to this event . "

Chasing Demon and Great Elder Diana nodded at each other when they heard those words . That was the best outcome, in their opinion . Other battles at that level would only hurt the world, and no organization desired that .

Some of the new continent's central territories were still recovering from the battle against the quasi-rank 7 Winged Beast . That alone explained how damaged the world would be if that trend against King Elbas continued .

"Great Elder Diana of the Council!" Second Prince began to announce those invited to the meeting . "God's Left Hand of the Empire! Chasing Demon of the Hive!"

The audience felt shocked when they heard God's Left Hand's name . They thought that the invitation involved only the alliance's members, but it seemed that King Elbas wanted the negotiations to feature every organization .

A moment of silence followed those names . The Patriarch and Matriarch of the alliance began to discuss the preparations needed before the meeting .

Everyone thought that the list was over . Second Prince had already called the highest members of the three organizations in the end . However, he surprised the audience by adding a last name .

"Noah Balvan of the Hive!" Second Prince announced as his smile became wider . "The four of you are invited in the fiery land to join King Elbas' banquet . The date is three years from now . There shall be peace until then . "