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Chapter 111
It took a few hours for the air-ship to traverse the capital .

Noah had never moved his eyes from it, trying to memorize its patterns .
Then the ship lowered its altitude and moved in the direction of a red forest .
"That one is Arolyac forest . They say that a mighty magical beast was killed in that spot and its blood has forever tainted the trees in there . "
June was still on his side, pointing from time to time the details about the environment .
'Wait, don't tell me that I have a friend now?'
The people Noah cared about were only his mother and William and, since Lily was dead, William remained the only person he could trust .
However, he found out that June's character wasn't that bad .
'We are actually quite similar . '
He didn't want to admit it but he perfectly fitted the description of a cultivation addict .
'I guess I'll see how it goes in the academy . If she is trustworthy, I might even consider giving her Eccentric's inheritance . I must be sure that I will always be stronger than her though . '
He didn't forget his deal with Eccentric Thunder but he wasn't so reckless to give that amount of wealth to someone he knew nothing about .
The ship floated over the red forest, Noah could clearly see how even the trunks of the trees below him had shades of red in their colors .
'A magical beast so strong that it changed the environment this deeply . Could the King of the valley do the same?'
They flew for some more kilometers until they were deep in the forest .
Only then the ship began to descend .

It landed on a treeless spot on the terrain and Thaddeus gestured for the students to gather near him .
He then threw a rune between the group and they were immediately teleported on the ground .
The ship was on their side and, from below it, the students could admire the magnificence of that machine in a better way .
Thaddeus then waved his hand and the ship was absorbed by the crystal he was holding in his palm .
"Follow me . We will group with the other students and then travel to the academy . "
The terrain had shades of red too but it could not compare to the color of the leaves on the trees .
They were dark red and seemed to shine with a dull light .
Noah was the most sensitive of the group and immediately noticed something .
'The concentration of "Breath" is at least twice the normal one!'
It seemed that the trees were naturally gathering "Breath", increasing its concentration .
'No wonder the location of the academy is inside this forest . '
The group moved for one hour until they reached an encampment that had about fifty tents .
"Thaddeus, you are late this year!"
A massive man came out of the bigger tent .
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He was two and a half meters tall with bulging muscles on every part of his body .
He was quite hairy with a long curly beard but he was also bald which contrasted with the amount of hair on his body .

"Students, he is Bruce Nairti . He is the professor for the real-battle course . "
The students bowed toward him but Bruce didn't deign them of even a look a moved next to Thaddeus, strongly patting his shoulder .
"So, how is your flock this time? I have one that killed sixty Fire wolves . "
Thaddeus smiled slyly .
"What about Wanda?"
"Only forty-five Six-legged horses on my side . "
A middle-aged woman with black hair came out of another tent .
She had a warm aura around her, it could make anyone instantly trust her .
"I'm Wanda Hamman, alchemy teacher in the academy . "
She performed a slight bow to the students .
Thaddeus was a bit surprised .
"You took care of two groups and that was your best one?"

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Wanda smiled and sighed softly .
"My luck this time was really bad . Managing two tests wasn't the right choice after all . "
At that moment, a loud snort resounded in the area and an imponent voice followed it .
"Eighty-five Giant bears! This year I finally won!"
A woman with short brown hair and a blindfold on her right eye arrived through the trees followed by a group of youths .
Thaddeus announced her .
"Megan Iccek, general cultivation course, specialized in body-nourishing methods . "
Megan spoke toward the other teachers .
"Thaddeus you still have to say yours . Is the Royal dynasty really afraid to lose some Credits?"
The students widened their eyes after she mocked the Elbas family, they were the rulers of the continent after all .
However, Thaddeus didn't seem to care and replied to her .
"I'm afraid that this time I really was the luckiest of all . One hundred and thirty-six Ice-born Yetis . "
Only after Thaddeus spoke did the students realize what was happening .
Noah lowered his head and stealthily moved to the rear part of the group, he had no intention of being at the center of the attention before even seeing the academy .
'Why the fuck are they betting on who has the stronger new student?'

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The other teachers released a surprised sound and looked in the direction of Noah's group .
"Someone surpassed Daniel's record?"
Bruce asked turning to Thaddeus .
"Yes . Vance let them inspect you . "
Noah sighed and moved toward the lead of the group .
He arrived in front of the professors and bowed to them .
"He surpassed Daniel? But he so too young!"
Megan complained and gestured to a student behind her to move near her .
"Let me see what he can do . Justin, go and fight him . "
Justin was a tall youth about seventeen years old .
He had a long greatsword sheathed on his back that he didn't hesitate to wield .
Thaddeus looked toward Noah with a pleading expression .
Noah sighed again and faced him .
"I want five percent of the prize . "
Everyone's eyes widened looking at the youth trying to bargain with the teacher .
Bruce and Megan exploded in a sonorous laugh while Wanda covered her mouth with a hand to hide her smile .
Thaddeus recovered from the amazement and put again his sly smile on his face .
"Deal, but you can't use that spell . "