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Published at 12th of December 2020 03:45:14 PM

Chapter 1117: 1117
The word "guardian" hinted that their destination was a protected area . Sword Saint had said something similar to Noah, but only King Elbas knew the specific defenses about that plane .

As for the other cultivators in the group, only God's Left Hand knew a bit more about the matter, but even she was ignorant about the dangers around the generator of raw laws .

First Prince asked more about the topic, and King Elbas explained without revealing too much . "You can't simply swim toward the plane's core . You'll only lose yourself among currents capable of affecting your sea of consciousness . Even my mind can't escape them . "

King Elbas had expanded his consciousness before giving that explanation, so all the powerhouses learnt about that . However, he didn't say anything about the number of guardians that they would have to face in the journey .

Doubts began to appear in the powerhouses' minds . They started to wonder if King Elbas had even reached the raw laws in the first place .

Noah had different thoughts . He couldn't understand why Heaven and Earth would create defenses that even peak heroic cultivators couldn't cross only to make paths among them .

'Are these more trials meant to nurture promising paths?' Noah questioned himself . He knew that Heaven and Earth lacked something to reach the tenth rank, but that approach would also benefit cultivators outside of their system .

Actually, existences that trailed on paths outside of Heaven and Earth's system were more likely to end up finding those remote and hidden training areas!

'They can't even blame their sloppiness,' Noah continued to ponder . 'The creation of the planes should have happened when they were at their peak . Unless they took it and added guardians . '

Noah couldn't find an answer . Most of the knowledge about Heaven and Earth was obscure and lost in time . Even the gods living in the Immortal Lands would probably know only a part of their history .

The magma on the other side of the tunnel radiated a blinding yellow light that forced some cultivators to close their eyes and rely on their consciousness to inspect the environment .

Noah could keep his eyes open because his body was far beyond the human limits, but he couldn't say that seeing gave him any advantage .

There was nothing to see . The yellow light filled Noah's vision and hid anything that was farther than a few hundred meters . It was as if the world itself didn't want anyone to witness that scene .

The "Breath" in the area was dense, denser than it was now on the new continent . Also, it had a certain purity that Noah couldn't exactly describe .

"This way," King Elbas said, and his words awakened the cultivators who were still in a daze due to their first contact with the plane's core .

It was impossible to replicate a similar environment . The place's temperature wasn't a problem, but no expert could recreate such pure "Breath" .

The group began to move again, and inscriptions lit up on the robes of the experts . Their light wasn't able to seep into the blinding environment, but that radiance was a statement of how the temperature had risen in that new area .

Noah had an inscribed robe too, but he relied on his dark matter to cover the Demonic Sword whenever he felt like cultivating .

The blinding magma had been interesting at first, but even that environment had become dull after a few months spent swimming through it .

The powerhouses had started to cultivate there, and they had immediately noticed that the purity of the "Breath" benefitted them .

The absorption of the "Breath" inside the matter was faster and smoother there . They didn't feel any lack of energy even when they all cultivated at the same time .

That was unthinkable for a lower plane . After all, there were thirteen rank 6 cultivators of various stages there!

Noah felt the same benefits . His dantian reached the limits of the fifth rank and continued to accumulate darkness during his cultivation sessions .

His breakthrough would usually start once he reached that stage, but Noah's dantian didn't advance . It wanted something more than a large amount of energy to move to the next rank .

"This way," King Elbas said again at some point . The heat had become more intense as they proceeded toward the plane's center, and the radiations of the magma had started to affect even the powerhouses' minds .

The weaker among them lost their tracks from time to time . They became unable to sense those around them and wandered away from the group .

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King Elbas had to use his mental waves to reclaim their attention, and he didn't care if those about to lose themselves belonged to an enemy organization .

The phenomenon affected mostly True Speed and Elder Paul since their minds were the weakest of the group . God's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana weren't in the position to pay attention to them, but King Elbas took care of the issue .

Noah felt strangely unaffected by those radiations . He could sense the pressure trying to force his consciousness backward, but his mental waves appeared able to cut right through it .

He had initially thought that his mental waves' sharp features countered the yellow magma's natural pressure . Still, that hypothesis lost any sense when even Great Elder Diana was about to stray away from the group .

A simple feature couldn't compare with raw power . Great Elder Diana's consciousness was far stronger than Noah's, so his resistance to the radiations had to come from something else .

The only remaining possibility was that his superior species didn't suffer from the restrictions of that place . His mental waves were different in the end, and they didn't belong to any type of creature .

'Am I alone in this species?' Noah questioned himself .

He had thought the same with his hybrid state before the events in the other world . Yet, he felt that there had to be someone similar to him in the planes blessed with the "Breath" .

However, it seemed that the world wasn't ready for his kind . He didn't know if it was the same for Heaven and Earth, but he had no way to verify it .

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Noah didn't reveal his advantage to anyone, but he didn't pretend to lose his tracks either . The other experts were too busy minding their safety to pay attention to him anyway .

The only one who could notice that was King Elbas, but Noah made sure to remain at the end of the group even if everyone tried to stay close .

"This way," King Elbas said again . The group had swum in the yellow magma for more than a year, but nothing had changed there .

They had to advance slowly due to the restrictions on their mental waves, but they had still traveled for a long time already . The pure "Breath" was a pleasant discovery, but they had yet to find something that justified such a long mobilization .

Impatience inevitably built inside the various experts, but no one dared to give voice to that feeling . Even if they didn't want to admit it, none of them could return to the red magma without King Elbas .

The yellow environment finally showed a change . Noah and those who could keep their eyes open saw a dark spot in the distance that disrupted the scene's uniformity .

King Elbas moved toward it while using his consciousness to send signals to the others, and the group quickly became able to inspect that strange entity .

The dark spot was a land that floated among the yellow magma . It had an uneven shape, and it appeared quite vast . Noah guessed that it was as large as a region, but he couldn't be sure since the pressure had begun to affect him too there .

A black metal made its ground . That material enhanced the natural radiations of the magma and created an environment where thoughts couldn't survive .