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Chapter 1119: 1119
He didn't recognize some meanings, and the most complicated shapes even had more than one of them . Still, they all felt incomplete .

Moreover, all the shapes shared a faint hunger . That was the representation of what King Elbas had said before . Those were raw laws with the purpose of finding a meaning .

"Will they attack?" Chasing Demon asked as he blinked his heavy eyes . A thin rocky layer covered his eyelids to protect them, but the continuous use of that ability made them tired .

"Only once they feel your individualities," King Elbas answered . "We can't avoid them . I've tried and failed already . "

The battle was mandatory, but the experts quickly overcame their hesitation . That was better than spending more years swimming aimlessly through the magma .

King Elbas waited for everyone to prepare proper offensive methods before walking toward the shapes together with the rest of the group .

Noah was the only one who didn't take any inscribed item or special protection, but he probably was the most at ease in that situation .

Since mental waves could barely exist in the open, Noah was the only one who could express most of his battle prowess without relying on inscribed items .

The same went for True Speed, even if he had other issues . His mind was too weak for that land, and he had to keep part of his attention on not losing his individuality .

Of course, the Royals wouldn't have any problem there either since their creations covered every field of the cultivation journey . As for the others, Noah couldn't be sure .

The group didn't fight together . Powerhouses were usually independent, and those there represented four different organizations .

Many would like to see some of their allies fail to move past the army of strange shapes . The only one who was remotely crucial in everyone's eyes was King Elbas, but his companions only worried about not losing his tracks .

Noah felt at home in that situation . The smell of betrayal lingered among them, and everyone watched their back in fear of a sudden backstab .

That was his environment . His time as a human cultivator wasn't any different from that situation . The stakes and his power had only increased in ways that very few could define .

King Elbas was the first to clash with one of the shapes . The others had to be close to witness his battle, but they remained a bit behind to see how those types of fights unfolded .

The Royal wielded a yellow spear that disappeared inside the magma as he waved it at a construct that was half humanoid and half spiked mass .

The figure destabilized as King Elbas' individuality affected its internal structure . The laws exuded by the Royal made the shape grow until it became too unstable to remain in one piece .

King Elbas' opponent crumbled right after becoming seven meters tall . The pieces of black metal fused with the landmass when they landed on the ground, and no more shapes formed in that spot .

The two Princes and one Princess decided to imitate their Father . They picked three different shapes and waved fire-resistant inscribed weapons at them .

Their weapons couldn't pierce their metal, but their arrogance surged when they established that contact, and the forms grew before crumbling a few seconds later .

King Elbas inspected his underling's battles . Second Prince's opponent had become six meters tall before falling apart, while the other two Royals had only managed to push the shape's height to five meters before they crumbled .

Noah felt that he understood something watching their battles . The meanings carried by the three's individualities were complete, but their intensity determined the height that the shapes would reach .

King Elbas nodded at Second Prince before choosing another opponent . He completely ignored First Prince and First Princess, who could only reveal ugly expressions before throwing themselves into another battle .

The other experts gained some confidence after seeing the trio succeeding in defeating those beings at their first try, and they picked opponents to test themselves .

Everyone obtained different results according to the meaning that they poured into the shapes .

Chasing Demon's opponents multiplied and gained humanoid features before falling lifeless on the ground and fusing back with the landmass . Great Elder Diana's meaning made them shrink until they were nothing more than small puppets .

Elder Julia turned them invisible, Flying Demon's influence stopped their movements, and Dreaming Demon's shapes transformed into copies of her before crumbling .

Elder Regina's opponents transformed into different creatures before falling apart . Everyone was quite successful at the task, but some struggled at that .

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Elder Paul's puppet didn't fuse back to the landmass even if it absorbed his meaning . Bulging masses appeared on its already strange body, but it remained intact as it chased after the Elder .

True Speed was the same, but he had quickly found a solution to the issue . His meaning made the shape tremble and blur without succeeding in killing it . Still, he kicked it repeatedly until he could go past it .

Instead, Elder Paul felt troubled . The ugly shape followed him, and he had no real way to fend it off . The construct eventually touched him, and his complexion paled as he felt his individuality slipping away to fuse with the form .

The Elder screamed, but there was a limit to how much his companions could hear in that situation . Moreover, they had their battles to handle, so they ignored the vibrations spreading through the magma .

Only Noah saw the scene and decided to test himself on that horrid thing . He reappeared on the side of the shape and placed his hand on it as he poured his ambition .

What followed startled everyone on the scene and gathered the attention on him .

Noah wanted to test himself . Saving Elder Paul was a favor that Council would surely repay once returned to the surface . Yet, he didn't expect the shape to have a violent reaction .

The construct didn't change form when Noah poured his ambition . It directly exploded with violence that created an area devoid of yellow magma for a few seconds!

Even the radiations suppressing the mental waves went away in those instants . It seemed that Noah's ambition was too much for those shapes to handle!

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Elder Paul's defensive item had activated to protect him from the explosion, and Noah's robe did the same . His clothes didn't have great overall defenses, but they endured that detonation .

The Elder quickly stood up and remained close to Noah . He had understood that he couldn't deal with those shapes, so he would follow Noah for that part of the mission .

Noah began to charge at every puppet that he found . His simple touch was enough to set off loud explosions that created empty areas .

True Speed eventually joined Noah too . His kicking tactic had worked for some time, but the shapes had surrounded him at some point, and he had luckily escaped that encirclement before it was too late .

Everything went well for a few days . The group made their way through the army without encountering any difficulty, and even King Elbas thought that they would be fine if they continued like that .

The four guardians had never truly threatened the group because King Elbas had taken care of leading the experts and showing them how to deal with each hindrance .

His first voyage cost him countless resources and investigative items invested in uncovering the path through the magma and the forms' weakness .

Nevertheless, that land could still surprise him . On the fifth day of peaceful and safe destruction of the forms, a massive mountain rose from the ground and took the shape of a humanoid giant .

The giant radiated the meaning that King Elbas and the others had poured inside the previous forms, but it didn't contain Noah's ambition .

As if wanting to announce that it was different from its smaller companions, the shape slammed its massive fists on a spot among the surprised group .