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Chapter 1120: 1120
King Elbas stared at the giant while he retreated . That sudden event had surprised him, but he couldn't hide his curiosity when inspecting that peculiar shape .

The giant was more than seventy meters tall . It had two long arms and humanoid features, but the meanings brimming inside its structure modified its shape after its attack .

More heads appeared on its large neck, and limbs grew from its torso before becoming invisible . Ice spread from its feet, and a dense aura covered its entire figure .

A snake-like tail came out of its back, and violent winds blew from the creature's horrid mouth . Also, it continued to grow . Its size increased due to the Royal's arrogance .

Sharp spikes spurted from its hands as the giant took a step forward . The ice that spread under it couldn't go far due to the yellow magma, but it still survived enough to prevent anyone from nearing the creature .

The giant slammed its fists on the ground again and forced the cultivators to retreat further . The invisible limbs widened the impact area, but the experts didn't forget them when performing their evasive maneuvers .

However, they didn't expect a storm of spikes to come out of its hands . Those sharps objects flew toward the cultivators' heads with a precision that forced them to rely on defensive items to block the attack .

The group had split into small teams due to the giant's offensive . Everyone had done their best to remain near King Elbas, but they had separated anyway to dodge .

Noah was with Elder Paul and True Speed when the storm of spikes arrived . The two experts revealed themselves useful since they activated a few talismans, but some sharp metal crossed the defenses anyway .

True Speed saw a spike crossing the barrage of lightning bolts that had come out of his talisman and aiming directly for his left eye . Yet, Noah promptly grabbed it and waved his other hand to take care of the other trespassers .

A thick black slash came out of his hand and fended off every spike that had surpassed the experts' defenses . The two cultivators shot grateful looks at him, but their expression froze when they saw Noah shooting forward to store all the pieces of Royal Metal that had yet to fuse with the ground .

Noah couldn't let go of that chance . The giant had divided the Metal for him, and he would appease his greed until King Elbas' instructions arrived .

'They still explode at my ambition,' Noah thought as one spike detonated when he poured his meaning inside it . He was analyzing the phenomenon too, but he didn't have enough data to find a solution .

Pressure built on the group's mental spheres . Walking in that environment was hard in calm conditions already, but the giant's actions had worsened the situation .

The currents threatened to fling some of the experts away, and that outcome would be fatal for many of them . They couldn't expand their consciousness in that environment, and their vision only had a range of a few hundred meters .

Getting too far away from the group could become a death sentence!

"These raw laws are desperate for meanings!" King Elbas shouted once he managed to suppress his curiosity to focus on taking care of the giant . "We need an intense meaning to fill all this Metal . "

King Elbas stepped forward after his explanation ended, and his three underlings placed themselves at his sides in a defensive stance .

A few inscribed items appeared in the Royals' hands . Golden shields featuring fire-resistant runes covered the team from the Elbas family as they prepared the assault .

The other powerhouses immediately understood what they wanted to do . King Elbas wanted to pour his meaning in the giant, but he needed the protection of his underling to complete the task .

The experts shot toward him and deployed their defensive measures too . Puppets, barrages of wind-slashes, and a thick array of lightning bolts appeared around King Elbas as he waited for the giant to act .

Noah, Elder Paul, and True Speed had rejoined the group too . Yet, they limited themselves to stand there since they didn't have powerful defensive items like their companions .

True Speed and Noah could still take care of some direct blow with their bodies, so they waited to see if the situation required their help .

The group organized the counterattack before the giant could launch its next offensive . Everyone in that mission had lived through many dangerous experiences . They had reacted in less than an instant .

The giant slammed its fists again, and the magma raged as its massive body moved . The cultivators could see the yellow sea's wrath from inside the defenses, but no tremor spread on the landmass even after the limbs landed .

The landmass didn't budge at all . There was a battle among beings at the peak of the heroic ranks on its surface, but nothing seemed able to affect its stability .

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King Elbas exited the defenses right after the snake-like tail, and the spikes crashed on them . His path toward the chest of the giant was devoid of any danger, and he managed to reach it with a single leap .

The Royal's spear touched the giant's chest, and his arrogance flowed inside the Metal that made its structure . The puppet started to grow, but its form remained stable even after it became more than three hundred meters tall .

King Elbas had to push himself away from the giant since its fists were coming toward him . The expert managed to swim past them and regroup with the others, but his inscribed weapon fell prey to the invisible limbs .

"What have you done?!" Great Elder Diana complained when King Elbas returned inside the protections .

The experts couldn't see the giant's heads anymore since it had become too tall . Their vision could only reach the end of its torso and understand that more attacks were about to fall on them .

"It seems that my meaning can't fill the whole being," King Elbas answered calmly, but the others in the group could only glance at him in disbelief .

The Royal didn't only fail in his task . He had made it far worse!

The group was directly under the puppet, and they would have been able to escape if its size had remained the same . However, now it was too big . They didn't have enough time between one offensive and the other to get out of its range .

"You just killed us!" God's Left Hand shouted, and winds blew from her figure . She wouldn't die without putting up a fight, but she was too angry to remember that King Elbas was her ally right now .

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Helplessness spread among the group, but Noah removed any restriction on its aura at that point . The radiations in the area struggled to suppress it, but everyone around him could sense his core meaning .

The group's eyes went on him, and they felt amazed when they came in contact with his ambition . Cultivators would usually have mental protections to hide the true nature of their existence, but Noah was showing everything there .

The experts caught a glimpse of what Noah felt every day . They sensed his boundless ambition and his unshakable resolve in his journey toward the stars .

That emotion couldn't vanish with time . Nothing could suppress it as long as Noah lived . It was a fire that fueled everything inside his individuality and forced him to seize anything that came in his way .

"Is this enough?" Noah asked in a plain tone while looking at King Elbas .

The Royal couldn't hide his surprise when he sensed that ambition, but he didn't answer . Instead, he deployed a massive golden shield that covered a two hundred meters large area .

That was his silent answer to Noah's question . King Elbas would take care of defending him while he swam toward the giant .

The Royal's gesture was a signal that made the others return to their battle position . Everyone deployed more defenses as they opened a path where Noah could pass .