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Chapter 1121: 1121
Noah was at the edge of the shields created by the defensive items . Golden light, wind-slashes, lightning bolts, and so on filled his vision, but he paid attention only to the giant's movements .

Its fists, invisible limbs, and tail landed on the shields, but the puppet didn't have a battle style . Its offensive was only a violent succession of attacks .

Still, it didn't show any openings . Noah had to consider the path toward the center of its chest too, so he needed a long opportunity to land his blow .

The ice that spread from its feet wasn't a problem, but he didn't have a long weapon like King Elbas . Noah would have to enter the dense aura around its body if he wanted to touch it directly .

Tension mounted among the group, but no one dared to speak . Noah needed to focus, and the experts could only rely on his individuality to save their lives .

Noah crouched, and his dark star spun to send power to his legs . He didn't leap just yet, but he wanted to be ready for when an opportunity arrived .

Cracks spread on King Elbas' golden shield as the offensive continued . The giant never stopped attacking, and the protections eventually started to deplete their power .

The golden shield fell, and the attacks began to land on the array of lightning bolts . They eventually vanished too, and the task of protecting the group went on the wind-slashes .

"Don't activate anything else!" Noah shouted when the attacks began to land on the Princes and Princess' shields .

The experts wanted to activate more talismans and inscribed items to gain more time, but Noah needed the giant to expose itself . The closer its attacks were to the group, the more the path toward its chest would be free .

True Speed and Elder Paul gulped when they saw their companions stopping their actions . Those that weren't managing defenses turned toward Noah and waited for him to act .

The golden shields crumbled, and the three Royals turned toward Noah . The layer of ice fell, and Flying Demon sat on the metal to wait for Noah's grand gesture .

As every defense fell, the experts turned to look at Noah . They had more items ready, but they didn't activate them to let him work in peace .

Brown beast-like puppets crumbled under the violent gales spewed by the giant's tail . The last defense crumbled, and Elder Regina turned toward Noah as the fierce currents in the magma landed on the group .

The giant followed that attack with its fists, and its invisible limbs retracted in the meantime . Its tail retreated too as it charged another attack, and Noah finally saw an opportunity appearing in his vision .

The aura applied heavy pressure on Noah's body as he landed on the giant's metallic chest . The experts on the ground activated their defensive items to block the incoming fists, but Noah acted before the protections formed .

Noah's ambition surged and flowed inside the puppet's structure . The group saw the fists stopping mid-air before the entire giant exploded into a storm of metallic pieces .

The explosion created a large empty area that the yellow magma refilled in an instant . The powerhouses on the ground kept their defenses active only to lower them when they saw no more strange shapes rising from the landmass .

They had defeated the fourth guardian, but they couldn't be pleased about that result since none of them could see Noah . The explosion had flung him away .

"I'll complete this mission with you," Chasing Demon conveyed through the magma, "But mark my word . If the Demon Prince doesn't return to the Hive, none of us will . "

His message was for King Elbas, but no one from the Elbas family replied to that threat . Instead, the one to complain came from the Shandal Empire's side .

"You can't expect us to remain here until we find him," God's Left Hand said . She knew that Noah had just saved their lives, but she had already given up on the matter .

Noah was nowhere near them, and cultivators couldn't rely on their consciousness in that environment . The group didn't have any method to look for him, and she thought that the same went for Noah .

"The Patriarch doesn't expect you to do anything," Flying Demon said, and his lover promptly finished his line as she stepped forward . "He is saying that you want to find him if you care about your life . "

The atmosphere among the group became tense as the Demons stated their position on the matter . Elder Julia only needed to move next to Dreaming Demon to express her stance too .

The Royals didn't say anything, but Great Elder Diana felt the need to make her stance clear to her ally . "I'm going to help you, but I will leave if we can't find him . "

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Chasing Demon didn't answer her, but a familiar voice suddenly reached the group and eased the tension that had built in those few seconds .

"I need another inscribed robe," Noah said as he descended toward the landmass . "Mine broke during the explosion . "

Noah's figure slowly became visible to the experts on the ground . His robe was mostly gone, and the protective runes had vanished, making the magma affect his skin .

However, Noah's body fended off the heat efficiently . Some red spot appeared on his skin, but the magma's scorching properties didn't manage to injure him deeply .

Chasing Demon showed a proud smile as he saw Noah landing among them . He quickly handed him one of his spare robes, and Noah wore it right in front of the experts .

Every powerhouse there was more than a thousand years old . Noah was the only one still below the nine hundred years mark . None of them minded the sight of his naked body . Their thoughts pondered over the strangeness of his return .

They couldn't explain how he had found his way back to them . After all, losing themselves was the greatest danger in that environment .

"Don't use human standards to evaluate me," Noah said when he felt those curious gazes on him .

The truth was that he had been quite lucky . The explosion had fended off the radiations, so his consciousness had been able to spread again for a short time .

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Noah had lied about his abilities, and the experts could vaguely notice that . Yet, none of them questioned him about his methods out of respect for his last gesture .

He had saved their lives in the end . They couldn't disrespect him by inquiring on how he could keep track of where he was .

Accepting that answer made room for another feeling . The experts had sensed Noah's boundless ambition before the last exchanges with the giant, and they couldn't help but look at him differently now .

The Demons and Elder Julia already knew about that feature in his individuality, but the others could only marvel at his drive's intensity .

The powerhouses finally understood a large part of Noah's mindset . They became aware of the reasons behind his past actions . The story of his cultivation journey had instantly become far more profound now that they knew about his ambition .

A strong drive was necessary to advance in the cultivation world, but Noah's ambition was so intense that it felt almost binding . He could only move forward . Everything in his life had to bring him closer to his goal .

Their reactions varied . True Speed and Elder Paul felt inspired, but the more experienced powerhouses sensed a tinge of pity rising inside them .

Noah lived for power . His main focus always had to be his growth . A life spent like that wasn't worth living for those that had many interests .

The experts even marveled at how he had managed to maintain a relationship through the years, but they vaguely understood something when they realized who his partner was .

Nevertheless, they all became sure of one thing . Noah would advance as long as he lived . For some reason, they even became certain that he would ascend one day .