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Published at 14th of December 2020 10:15:08 AM

Chapter 1122: 1122
Second Prince smiled when looking at him . He appeared truly happy that Noah was still alive and could find his way back to the group .

Instead, First Prince and First Princess revealed ugly expressions . They didn't like Noah because he was the most promising new powerhouse in the world . Losing him there would have solved many of their future problems .

Noah didn't care about the stares . He had chosen to return because he didn't feel confident in succeeding in the mission without King Elbas' knowledge .

Still, the Royals' leader was the only one who didn't reveal anything, so he wanted to proceed with the mission . There was no point in wasting more time in that hostile environment .

The other powerhouses felt in the same way . They wanted to take care of the last guardian and return to the surface as soon as possible .

"Let's move," King Elbas said . He understood the group's mood, and he wanted to reach raw laws that he could absorb quickly . He was quite better off because his inscribed items were on a superior league, but he didn't like that place any more than his companions .

The days spent walking through an identical scenery returned . The landmass showed some slight differences in its layout, but the group quickly became bored of that too .

The magma's radiations became more intense as they neared the center of the landmass, and resisting the Royal Metal's effects became harder as they advanced .

Their existences wanted to merge with the ground and expand far beyond their limits . The sensation caused by their direct contact with the Metal was so tempting that some powerhouses had to take breaks in the magma from time to time .

That became impossible at some point since their vision shortened further . Even King Elbas couldn't see farther than a dozen meters as the plane's center drew near .

The influence of the Royal Metal began to affect the entire area above the landmass too . Even with simple methods to avoid getting lost, the cultivators couldn't stop feeling that captivating sensation .

The scenery eventually changed . The group had walked for years until they finally reached the center, and the sight amazed them beyond every limit .

The landmass didn't end . It continued past the center toward another secret entrance to the area . Yet, the yellow magma couldn't reach that point . It merely hovered over that spectacular spot .

'What is that?' Noah thought as he gazed at their destination .

The plane's center appeared as a massive rotating sphere with most of its body inside the landmass . Uneven white and dark lights made its structure and flew inside it in a perpetual motion .

They didn't exit the sphere . The lights remained inside its shape and rotated together with the whole structure .

The sphere radiated a faint aura, but every bit of its presence seemed to contain an unfathomable power . It was as if it carried the most intense meanings in the world, but they were so indistinct that they barely counted as such .

Noah couldn't understand the nature of the object in front of him . Without the magma's radiations, his consciousness could finally expand freely, but he couldn't analyze the sphere's properties anyway .

His mental waves shattered whenever they tried to probe those rotating lights . Moreover, the vague pieces of information that managed to return to his sea of consciousness didn't make sense .

They felt too deep for anyone to understand them . Noah had seen gods in action and interacted with a few of them, but he believed that even they couldn't study those meanings .

"What am I looking at?" Great Elder Diana asked, but King Elbas could only shake his head .

"I can only give you guesses and hypotheses," King Elbas said . "I've tried everything, but I can't come up with certainties . "

"Your hypotheses are enough," Chasing Demon said as he stepped forward to stand next to the Royal .

King Elbas glanced at him before heaving a sigh and explaining what he thought . "Every true meaning has similar features in terms of composition . The intensity can change, but you can't fail to recognize them . "

Even True Speed and Elder Paul nodded at that line . They were far more inexperienced than the rest of the group when it came to laws, but no one could mistake them for something else .

"These meanings are different," King Elbas continued . "They exist . We can see them flying in front of us . Yet, they are so faint that they escape even the most subtle mind . "

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No one could understand where the Royal was going with his speech, but everyone remained silent . They wouldn't approach the sphere without his explanation anyway .

"They seem part of the world," King Elbas continued, "But not of this dimension, not only this one at least . I think they are part of the very fabric of reality . They should be the true meanings of space and time . "

King Elbas' revelation startled his companions . It wasn't rare for cultivators to touch on space and time when absorbing laws, but they had never seen them in that state .

"Are the insides of the sphere a separate dimension?" Noah asked, even if he knew that his question was quite naïve .

He couldn't label something created by such laws as a simple separate dimension . That sphere carried meanings far more profound than that, but he didn't know how else to express himself otherwise .

First Prince and First Princess despised his approximation, but they had to admit that there was no other way to describe the area . Even they would have thought about a separate dimension once hearing talks about space and time .

"Yes and no," King Elbas replied . "There is a separate reality inside, and everything in its fabric has raw laws that have yet to gain meaning . I think Heaven and Earth use it as a generator to refill lower planes when they lose too many laws . "

King Elbas stepped forward after his explanation ended . He didn't know anything else, but the raw laws were right in front of him . He wanted to go inside the sphere, but he would bring his underling at this time .

The three Royals followed him while wearing excited expressions . They knew that they had to make sure that their Father didn't lose his mind, but they couldn't wait to train too .

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Noah and the others also advanced, but a doubt appeared in their minds when they saw King Elbas separating himself from the group together with his underlings .

Their questioning gazes made the Royal speak again . "The insides are strange . The deeper you go, the higher density of raw laws you'll find . I need to make sure that we don't separate, but I won't use my methods on you . "

The Royal began to draw red marks on the area's edges on the landmass dug by the sphere . His underlings did the same, and they drew those marks on each other's bodies afterward .

Some of the powerhouses could understand that those marks were simple inscriptions to track each other . Still, they didn't understand why the Royals would need something like that .

The sphere had a radius of two hundred meters . It would be impossible to lose anyone in there now that the yellow magma wasn't a variable .

Yet, the experts didn't think that King Elbas had gone mad, and they began to review his words to see if they had missed some critical information .

'What does he mean by a separate reality?' Noah pondered once he identified the core of the Royal's explanation . He knew what it could mean, but he didn't think that such a thing could exist in a lower plane .

When he reached the edges of the rotating sphere, Noah felt in awe, but his curiosity on the matter made him place himself behind First Princess . He couldn't get those inscriptions, but he wanted to end up in the same place as King Elbas .

The Demons and Elder Julia went behind him and proceeded forward until all the Royals had disappeared inside the sphere . Then, they crossed its edges, and the scenery in front of them changed again .