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Published at 14th of December 2020 10:10:08 AM

Chapter 1123: 1123
The yellow radiance disappeared, and his consciousness could expand freely . Noah found himself in a dark environment that had countless small white dots in the distance .

Noah couldn't fail to recognize that scenery . That image had been in his mind since his attitude test in the Royal Academy . What had appeared in front of him was the starry sky that he had dreamt through his cultivation journey!

Panic built inside Noah's mind as he understood where he was . The darkness around him didn't have any matter, and the stars were clear in his vision . He was inside the void without any protection!

Noah quickly suppressed his consciousness and covered his figure in a layer of dark matter, but he soon saw that the void there didn't behave as he expected .

His mental waves didn't disperse when they were outside of his sea of consciousness . They flew freely and undisturbed . They even appeared smoother in their motion .

The same went for his body . Noah was flying in the complete emptiness, so he didn't have the slightest obstruction . There wasn't matter to slow him down .

'There is no "Breath",' Noah thought after he dispersed his protections .

The environment was barren . The absence of matter made it devoid of anything that Noah could absorb to refill his centers of power .

'The void is the absence of laws,' Noah concluded . Luckily for him, the void in that separate reality didn't affect his mind, so he could study it in complete safety .

Noah had seen the void many times in his life . His attacks always opened large cracks in the world's fabric, so that blackness wasn't an unusual sight .

Having the chance to study it without facing its dangers was an irreplaceable experience . Still, he soon understood that the void wasn't special without its threatening capabilities .

Being in the absence of laws made his movements and mental waves smoother . Noah felt that he could fly faster than ever there . His attacks were also stronger than usual since they faced no suppression from the environment .

Yet, there was nothing else to see . The void was only an empty space that didn't interact with anything .

'I should save my darkness,' Noah thought as he inspected his surroundings . The lack of "Breath" prevented him from cultivating, so he couldn't refill his dantian even if he wanted to .

Noah was alone in the area . His consciousness spread to its limits, but he couldn't find any of his companions .

That felt strange since the group had entered from the same spot, but the Royals' tracking inscriptions began to make some sense now . King Elbas must have known that they would have ended up in different areas of the void .

He began to fly at moderate speed, kicking platforms of "Breath" to push himself forward . That method allowed him to spare some darkness while giving him enough acceleration .

The void appeared infinite . Noah spent days flying toward the stars without seeing any change around him . His consciousness remained unfolded, but he didn't sense anything either .

The stars didn't become closer as he flew forward . Even as months passed, the scenery in front of him remained the same .

It was hard to keep track of the passage of time in that environment . The same went for the distance that Noah had covered . He could only rely on the spinning of his dark star to calculate them but knowing the numbers didn't help his current situation .

Noah never stopped . He didn't know how to exit that separate reality, but he guessed that he only had to fly in the opposite direction .

He didn't test that before because he didn't know how that environment worked . It would have been a problem if he teleported in a random spot of the yellow sea when he exited .

No planet appeared in his range . Noah had initially guessed that the separate reality would imitate the universe's structure, but it seemed empty .

The months became years . Noah felt slightly annoyed that he couldn't cultivate for so long, but his mind's growth appeased that feeling .

Noah didn't need to use his spherical rune anymore because the Seventh Kesier rune was far better than any training method . Yet, he had recreated it in that environment .

It only took a bit of dark matter and some darkness to rebuild the rune . Noah had gladly sacrificed a small part of his precious energy to continue his training .

Even if Noah had yet to find his companions, his journey wasn't lonely . Night spoke a lot during the flight, and it often made appreciations to that dark environment .

The Pterodactyl didn't call it perfect due to the absence of the laws, but it liked how there was no light whatsoever .

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Of course, it complained that Noah was flying toward the only trace of light, but it didn't do anything reckless to stop him from reaching his destination .

Something finally happened in his third year of continuous flight . His consciousness came in contact with two different kinds of mental waves, and he quickly changed direction to meet the existences behind them .

"It's you," First Prince said through his consciousness . He stood next to First Princess, and the two Royals stared at Noah while revealing a tinge of disappointment .

Noah neared them without any fear . He didn't like to work with the Elbas family either, but the two Royals could lead him toward the only expert that knew something about that place .

Moreover, he had already fought against First Prince during his attack on the Royal Academy . He didn't fear him even when he had worked together with his sister and defensive formations . He barely felt any danger now that he met him there after centuries of training .

"Where is your Father?" Noah asked in a plain tone, and the Royals' eyes sharpened when he addressed them and their leader in that way .

Yet, they were in the same situation, and they didn't want to face Noah if necessary . The sensations caused by his ambition were still vivid in their minds . It was only normal for the Royals to respect him now .

"He should have gone toward the stars," First Princess replied as she showed the red marks on her hands .

The marks had turned into arrows that pointed toward the stars, and the red lines on First Prince's hands had gained the same shape .

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"Let's go then," Noah said as he began to fly in that direction . The Royals didn't like that he had immediately acted as if he was their leader, but they didn't object and followed him .

The trio resumed their flight, and Noah noticed that the two Royals had a more advanced method to save "Breath" in that environment . They had small runes under their feet that emitted soft shockwaves that pushed them forward .

"What do you know about this place?" Noah asked after a few weeks spent in complete silence, but the two Royals could only shake their heads at that question .

"This is a test for us too," First Princess replied .

"We can't rely on our Father's might," First Prince said as a bit of arrogance leaked out of his figure . "Everything would be too easy otherwise . "

Noah didn't refute that statement . A strong backing was an incredible advantage in the cultivation journey, and the Elbas family had the most powerful one right now .

Once a few months passed, the three unfolded consciousnesses saw another change in the area around them . They didn't find another companion, but their minds sensed something peculiar nonetheless .

The trio's minds found a small white light hovering in the darkness . They didn't notice it initially because it was hard to keep track of the distance there . Still, they immediately understood what it was when their mental waves touched it .

The three experts felt a tempting sensation invading their minds . Their very existence saw that small light as the best nourishment for their individuality .

The group had found their first raw law!