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Published at 14th of December 2020 10:05:07 AM

Chapter 1124: 1124
His experience as a lone cultivator allowed him to act before the Royals, but they reacted rather quickly too at that sudden event .

Noah reached the lump of raw laws in less than a second, and he stretched his hand toward that white sphere of light to seize it . He didn't know how to absorb that resource, but he trusted his body to handle that part .

However, a fireball landed on his arm right before he could close his fingers around the sphere . The explosion that followed pushed the raw laws away and made Noah lose his chance to seize them .

The Royals appeared in that spot immediately after the explosion, but Noah had already shot forward to go after the raw laws .

He didn't care about the two powerhouses . Killing them in a mission where King Elbas was the leader wasn't ideal . Also, the raw laws were more important than that .

The lump of light appeared distant again after the explosion pushed it away, but Noah instantly reached it . As long as it remained inside the range of his consciousness, the strange sense of distance in the void wouldn't deceive him .

Another fireball exploded above Noah right before he could seize the white light . The raw laws shot downward at that point, and Noah followed after them .

"Let's talk about this," First Princess conveyed as the two Royals chased after Noah . The latter didn't stop, so she threw another attack to push the light away .

Noah felt annoyed seeing his target escaping from his grasp at the last second again . He suddenly stopped chasing after it to deal with the problem, and the two Royals immediately halted their flight at that sight .

They didn't dare to come too close to him, and a chill ran down their spines when they saw him turning to fix his vertical pupils on them .

"Talk?" Noah said as he stared at the duo . He didn't want to fight if possible, but there were silent rules that had to be respected .

"I'm stronger than both of you," Noah transmitted in a cold voice, "So I'll take the raw laws . "

The Royals had never lived without a backing . They didn't know how things worked among lone cultivators . King Elbas wasn't there to protect them, but Noah was still mindful of offending such a powerful existence . Moreover, he needed their tracking inscriptions to find other companions .

"You have come in this mission thanks to our Father!" First Prince shouted through his mind . "It's only normal for the Elbas family to take the biggest share of the gains . "

"Not the Elbas family," Noah replied . "King Elbas and he isn't here . I only see two weaklings trying to use his name to seize something that they can't obtain with their own hands . "

"He wants us to use "Breath"," First Princess explained when her brother looked at her with a confused expression .

Noah revealed a cold smile when he sensed that . He didn't care that First Prince didn't fall for his taunt . He had already stated his superiority, so he could only send an ultimatum now .

"I'm going to seize the raw laws again," Noah conveyed as he turned . "Stop me, and I'll take care of you two first . "

The Royals watched him walking toward the white light . Noah could have reached it with a single leap, but he wanted the duo to decide how that situation would unfold .

First Princess revealed an ugly expression . She felt mocked by Noah's actions, and her brother felt in the same way . Yet, he didn't have her self-control .

First Prince saw Noah's slow walk as a major insult . He felt as if the Demon Prince wanted him to drown in helplessness .

Blood fell from his eyes and facial pores as anger filled his whole being . His sister wanted to stop him, but it was too late to interrupt his spell .

The blood took fire and gave birth to an eight-armed titan . Golden runes shone on First Prince's skin, and their halo teleported him on top of Noah before he launched his attack .

Noah had followed his actions with his consciousness, so the sudden appearance of the titan didn't surprise him . Still, that course of events made him sigh .

Fighting the Royals and offending King Elbas were actions that he was willing to do if the situation required it . Yet, the fact that he couldn't recover the darkness lost in the battle made him less inclined to fight .

Of course, First Prince had gone too far already . Now he could only blame himself for any unwanted consequence .

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Noah blew toward the lump of white light to make it leave that area before charging at the eight-armed titan .

It would be easier to catch up with the raw laws if he pushed them . A battle among powerhouses would fling them far away, and they could even become too fast for him to reach them .

The giant had punched downward, but massive slashes appeared on its dense flames when Noah charged toward the descending limbs . Four arms fell apart by the time he reached the titan's chest, where First Prince was .

Noah raised his finger and pointed it toward the Royal . His arm performed a quick thrust that opened a massive hole at the center of the titan's body .

Golden light filled the area . First Prince felt speechless when he saw that three of his life-saving inscribed items had activated at the same time to fend off Noah's attack .

'Always full of defenses,' Noah cursed in his mind as the golden light shone on his face .

A massive shield, an array of runes, and a reinforced armor stood between him and the Royal . All of them radiated an aura at the peak of the lower tier .

Those items would usually make First Prince untouchable among powerhouses in the gaseous stage, but Noah only saw a challenge in those defenses .

His cultivation level didn't show it, but he was the strongest among the newly advanced powerhouses . No one even came close to his power after the extensive training inside the Divine Cut's aura .

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First Prince quickly suppressed his astonishment and poured more blood inside the titan to refill the missing flames . Meanwhile, its remaining limbs threw fireballs at Noah in the hope of slowing him down .

Noah's aura surged as he glanced at the fireballs, and his sharpness spread in the environment . His arms didn't move, but the attacks divided themselves in half under the effect of his influence .

Then, Noah retracted his arm and stretched his fingers to make them take the form of a blade . First Prince felt an intense danger from that action, but his sister luckily interrupted Noah's preparations .

A massive snake had formed around First Princess when she realized how strong Noah was . She knew the dangers of getting exhausted in that environment, but she couldn't leave her brother alone .

The snake spewed a dense torrent of flames that reached her opponent right before he could launch his lunge . Noah had to leap upward to dodge the attack, but that gave the giant enough time to reform .

Eight fiery arms swung in Noah's direction and threw fireballs . The blackness of the void had turned into a red environment in a matter of seconds, but Noah didn't feel danger when seeing those flames .

"Let me out!" Night shouted inside Noah's mind . "Let me kill their light!"

Noah ignored the Pterodactyl and arched his fingers to swing his arms multiple times . Massive black slashes came out of his hands and crashed on the fiery limbs, destroying them and forcing the Royal to retreat .

Night was perfect for that environment, and it didn't even consume darkness in its current form . Its power came from the dark matter .

Nevertheless, Noah didn't want to reveal its power just yet, and he still preferred to keep the Royals alive . His hands were enough to handle the situation .