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Published at 16th of December 2020 02:40:05 PM

Chapter 1127: 1127
The spheres had different sizes depending on how many raw laws they contained, but Noah took all of them without even asking for the Royals' opinion . The duo from the Elbas family didn't complain either . They had accepted their position in the group and wanted only to find their Father now .

Noah's condition improved greatly because of those resources . The raw laws could increase the level of all his centers of power, which made them the best nutrient in the entire lower plane .

However, his dantian didn't advance . The laws obtained his individuality when they came in contact with his aura, and they fused with his organ, but that wasn't enough to push it to the sixth rank .

Noah didn't overthink about that matter . He didn't have another solution, so he would try everything that the separate dimension offered him .

He didn't fear for the condition of his centers of power since his species had made them extremely durable . His dark star even removed the addicting properties from the raw laws, so he could push his dantian's limits as much as he wanted .

The Royals' mood worsened as they saw Noah becoming stronger right in front of their eyes . Yet, they never gave voice to any complaint . They could only wait for their Father to rectify the chain of command .

A change happened in that month . The Royals and Noah had flown in the void for so long that they couldn't miss the appearance of two more consciousnesses in their range .

Noah knew that King Elbas wasn't among those two existences because he had paid attention to the Royals' tracking inscriptions, so he immediately changed direction when he sensed them .

Great Elder Diana and Elder Regina soon appeared in his vision . The two women were at the peak of their power, and broad smiles shined on their faces .

Their expressions looked strange . They both appeared ecstatic, and they didn't even bother to inspect the trio that had joined them .

"Did you find any raw law?" Noah asked before even greeting them .

His instincts were sending confusing signals to his mind . Part of him felt in danger, while the other didn't find anything off with that situation .

"Yes," Elder Regina said as her smile stiffened . Her expression began to relax after her answer, but some confusion still lingered on her face afterward .

"Let's look for more," Great Elder Diana conveyed before directly turning to fly toward the white stars in the distance . She didn't even look at the others as she set off .

Elder Regina appeared to struggle to disperse her confusion, but she quickly chased after her Matriarch anyway .

First Prince and First Princess hesitated, but Noah stopped to glance at them before resuming his flight . The duo understood his silent order and followed him through the void .

Noah and the Royals had understood that there was something wrong with the experts from the Council . The raw laws had to be the cause behind their strange behavior, but they didn't appear dangerous just yet .

Another month had to pass before the five of them found more raw laws . There were two lumps of white light, and Noah separated from the group to near the smaller sphere .

Great Elder Diana did the same with the larger sphere, and her aura surged to make it gain her qualities . She then placed the raw laws directly on her low-waist that absorbed them without any struggle .

Noah felt slightly surprised by how quickly the Matriarch had completed the absorption, but he didn't care too much about it . Still, Elder Regina suddenly appeared next to him, who was about to pour his aura in the raw laws in his grasp .

"Give them to me," Elder Regina said, and her mental waves conveyed her threatening tone when they landed on Noah's consciousness .

Noah ignored her, and his aura surged to bind that resource to his individuality . The Elder watched him eating the lump of light, and her expression turned dark when it disappeared from her vision .

"You…" Elder Regina struggled to send that mental message, "You stole them . "

Noah's eyes sharpened when he sensed her intentions . His reptilian pupils went on her eyes, and his consciousness focused on her confused mental sphere .

Elder Regina gathered "Breath" in her palms, but the sharpness carried by Noah's mind broke her concentration and made her lose her grip over that energy .

Anger started to build inside her, but her mind was too confused to deploy any protection against Noah's influence . His mental waves cut right through her mind and forced her to sort her chaotic thoughts .

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Elder Regina struggled to focus, and her mental defenses suddenly appeared around her figure .

Noah prepared himself to fight since he couldn't suppress her anymore, but the Elder revealed her regular expression when she lifted her face again .

"My apologies," Elder Regina said as she performed a deep bow, "It seems that I was about to fall prey to the raw laws' addiction . Thank you for awakening me . "

Noah nodded at her polite gesture . He felt glad that he had avoided the battle again, but his problems didn't end there .

A heavy consciousness unfolded and applied pressure to everyone in the area . The group recognized Great Elder Diana's aura, but they didn't see the Council's composed Matriarch when they looked toward her .

Orange sparks crackled around Great Elder Diana's figure as she moved her gaze among her companions . Her eyes moved madly among the experts until they eventually stopped on Noah .

"You stole them," Great Elder Diana conveyed, and the four experts felt her thoughts echoing inside their minds .

The direct contact with her consciousness made them understand how messy her mental state was . Great Elder Diana's individuality focused on precision, so her chaotic thoughts didn't suit her at all .

Noah's mind sent warning signals . His instincts even told him to leave the area and escape since the situation had become too dangerous .

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Yet, Noah had nowhere to go . He was inside Great Elder Diana's range . He wasn't sure that he could escape her attack even if he relied on his movement technique .

"Matriarch," Elder Regina stepped forward to near Great Elder Diana, "We have prepared sedatives to solve this issue . You can use mines if you want to save yours . "

Elder Regina took out a bottle filled with a dense green liquid and handed it to her Matriarch, but Noah suddenly appeared behind her and threw her away before leaving in a hurry .

Great Elder Diana exploded into a storm of lightning bolts that unleashed a destructive force in the environment . The power of the liquid stage of the sixth rank brimmed in those attacks, but they didn't hit any of her companions .

First Prince and First Princess had always remained at some distance since their reunion, so they could escape the lightning bolts' range even if they noticed the attack after Noah .

Elder Regina stopped herself after flying uncontrollably in the void . Noah had saved her with his last gesture, but the situation didn't seem good at all from her position .

Noah reappeared in a distant spot in the void . The light radiated by the lightning bolts illuminated his face, and Great Elder Diana's consciousness still pressed on his mind .

He wasn't outside her range, and he knew that escaping wasn't a possibility since the Matriarch's eyes had remained on him for the whole duration of the spell .