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Chapter 113
"You will also be examined every year in those courses and, if the results won't be satisfying, you will be requested to abandon that subject . You will still be able to attend it but it will cost you some Credits . "

Thaddeus stopped speaking for a moment before resuming in his explanation .
"You must also complete a mission for the academy every two months . There is a large board on the right side of the river where you can find all the tasks that you can complete . Being successful in a mission will grant you merit points that you can exchange for techniques, materials, or weapons . These services will be open for you after you undergo the test of your nature . "
"Lastly, any professor can choose a disciple and finance him . It is a great honor so be sure to shine in your respective fields . "
Thaddeus pointed to a building on the right side of the river .
"Go in that structure and obtain your academy token together with a book containing the regulations and the other details of the academy . Your lodgings will also be decided there . Remember to visit the board to know the calendar of the courses, your lessons start tomorrow . "
Thaddeus gestured to the group to disperse and the students bowed before going in the direction pointed by him .
The environment was peaceful and the density of "Breath" was high, there were small bridges on the river to facilitate its crossing .
In a few minutes, the students of the Grayshade class arrived in front of the edifice .
Before someone crossed its entrance though, a voice sounded from inside it .
"The twenty-five with the highest battle prowess first . "
Those that had passed the test entered the building, Noah and June were among them of course .
A big hall unfolded in front of them and, at the end of it, a desk was placed with an old woman writing something on a paper .
She raised her look and spoke .

"The strongest among you can come forth . "
The students turned to look at Noah .
'So much for laying low . '
He sighed and then moved toward the desk .
"Place your hand on this tablet and read these words loud and clear . "
She pointed at a marble tablet with inscriptions on it while handing him a small sheet .
'Never reveal the location of the academy, the secrets of the academy, the activities of the academy, the teachings of the academy… . '
An oath was written on it which basically prevented him to speak of anything regarding the academy to outsiders .
Noah found it reasonable and made the vow while placing his hand on the tablet .
A rune attached itself to his skin and then was absorbed by it .
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'I wonder what kind of after-effects do you have if you break the oath . '
It was already his second one but he still didn't know what would happen if he didn't follow its restrictions, he simply had a very bad sensation about it .

The woman nodded .

"Vance . "
After a few seconds, she handed him a token with his name written on it .
"Bind it with your mental energy . I already assigned you the first empty room toward the source of the river . Here is your book with all the required information about the academy . "
Noah received the token and the book but could not help to have some doubts .
"What is the difference between the source and the end of the river?"
She answered briefly .
"The concentration of "Breath" is higher on the source . "
At her words, Noah understood why she divided the students .
'They want to nourish the already strong ones . It makes sense . '
The powerful gets everything while the weak is blamed, that rule was set in stone in that world .

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Noah exited the building while he bound the academy token .
Immediately, a map of the academy was projected in his mind with all its various buildings and their functions .
A small spot on the map was glowing with a red color .
'That one should be my room . '
He put everything back in his space-ring and moved in the direction of his lodging .
He decided to give a look to the board first since it was on the same side of the river of his accommodation .
There was no one on the streets of the academy and, when he arrived at the board, a large square appeared in his sight .
At its center, a large wooden panel was erected with tens of different tablets affixed on it .
Noah inspected the contents of the various missions before finding the tablet regarding the courses of his class .
'These tasks have a lot of requirements . Apprentice alchemist, beginner inscriber, rank 2 dantian . They all seem important assignments . '
Since he still didn't know the value of the merit points, he didn't bother to look at them and just memorized the calendar of the courses .
Then, he went toward his lodging .
After walking for a few minutes, he arrived in front of a small house .

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There were many like that one along all the right side of the river, Noah was sure that he had spotted more than five hundred of them .
He checked again on the map and confirmed that it was his house .
Noah neared the token to the door and a mechanical sound came from it .
The door opened at Noah's push and its insides were shown to him .
There were two rooms inside, one with a big and comfortable bed and another one with a bathtub .
It was very simple in its furniture but Noah appreciated the absence of useless things .
The density of "Breath" was more than twice the one outside the forest which made Noah quite happy about his location .
He sat on the bed and took out the book with the regulations and began to read it .
He would nod from time to time while the remaining pages to read diminished .
After he read through all the book, he sorted the most important information in his mind .
'I can't kill or gravely injure other students but small fights are allowed . The enrollment to the academy lasts till you are twenty years old, after that you need to apply for a position and pass a test if you want to remain in this space . I will think about the other information after I have an idea of the techniques that I can obtain here . '
It was still the middle of the afternoon so Noah decided to rest before waking up at night to resume his cultivation .