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Chapter 1130: 1130
The Matriarchs of the Shandal Empire and Council couldn't believe that he had yet to advance after absorbing so much true meaning carrying his individuality .

Noah's dantian remained at the peak of the fifth rank . Powerhouses in the liquid stage would feel the effects of so many nutrients, but his center of power remained unaffected .

That peculiarity couldn't escape the Matriarchs' attentive eyes . They were both experienced in the cultivation journey, but they had never seen nor heard of such a peculiar case .

Moreover, Noah showed no signs of addiction . He ate far more than God's Left Hand, but he never took breaks . Instead, the Matriarch had to avoid absorbing raw laws if she had seized some in the previous month .

Noah didn't even rely on external items to keep his mind in check . He appeared utterly undisturbed by that immense amount of nutrients that invaded his body and nourished its every fiber .

The Matriarchs decided to explain that peculiar quality with Noah's hybrid status . Still, even if they came close to the truth, they couldn't imagine how wrong they were on the matter .

Noah's dark star was a bottomless pit capable of purifying any energy and redirecting it where he needed it the most .

His body improved by leaps and bounds even if it only took a minor share of the raw laws . Noah had already crossed the halfway mark of the lower tier, and that alone explained how much he had eaten .

His companion felt in part envious of his qualities, but they mostly admired how resilient Noah was to any adversity . Even the void couldn't affect his greatness .

The group proceeded without ever stopping, and the stars in the distance eventually became closer in their vision . They began to show their true form of massive spheres of white light covered in a tempting aura .

Great Elder Diana and Elder Regina started to consume large quantities of sedatives to fend off the aura leaking by those massive stars . God's Left Hand had to reduce her absorption of raw laws to once every two months for the same reason .

Noah liked that situation . He could eat even more since everyone struggled to face those auras .

Truth be told, Noah wasn't immune to the captivating properties of the auras . Still, it was easier for him to resist them since he had never suffered from addiction to the raw laws .

It was as if he had returned to the black landmass in the yellow sea . He only needed to remain focused on his existence to avoid falling prey to that sensation .

Entire years passed with no one saying a word . Cultivators didn't mind the silence, but that was a different situation altogether .

Of course, that feeling wasn't the same for everyone, but all of them feared the eventuality that King Elbas had gone mad again . It would be even worse if that happened to all the missing experts .

Then, the group found their first white star . It suddenly became bigger in their vision, and its radiations almost made a few of them dive in its light .

Great Elder Diana directly retreated when she felt her mind wavering . She dragged Elder Regina and Elder Paul away with her until the white star was nothing more than a large sphere in the distance .

God's Left Hand tried to resist its captivating qualities, but she felt forced to imitate the Council's Matriarch to avoid going mad . True Speed went with her since his situation was far worse .

The Royals remained in front of the giant sphere for a long time before moving their eyes on the monster that could bathe freely in that radiance without suffering any adverse effect .

First Prince and First Princess had yet to touch the raw laws to resist them quite efficiently . However, Noah was on another level . He could float directly in front of that captivating mass without moving a single step forward .

The Royals couldn't go that close without losing themselves . They would have to rely on inscribed items to fend off the radiations and limit their absorption to only a small chunk of the entire star .

"Go with the others," Noah ordered at some point, and the Royals could only leave to join the group that had retreated in the distance .

Noah didn't mind that others watched him in action, but the star was too big compared to the lumps of white light found along the way .

He needed more time to eat all the raw laws inside it, and he guessed that the dark star would take a long time to purify and redirect them .

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It would be different if the Demons or Elder Julia were there or he could trust someone among the group . However, he was alone, and the only ones capable of resisting the aura belonged to King Elbas' faction .

Noah stepped inside the white star and floated until he reached its center . His consciousness slowly became denser as his ambition filled his mental waves, and the raw laws around him gained their qualities .

'Is this what I'll feel when I'll reach the stars?' Noah pondered . Noah felt boundless and without any limit with the white sphere carrying his individuality and resonating with him .

His existence felt more than simple energy contained inside an array of flesh and bones . It was part of the world, of an entire reality illuminated only by his brightness .

Still, that was the complete opposite of what he wanted . Noah desired power so that he could wield . He wouldn't sacrifice his uniqueness to become part of a larger system .

'This path toward light can't suit me,' Noah thought as he inhaled to begin his feeding on the raw laws . 'Everything about me belongs only to me . I might take the world one day, but it will never have me . '

The white star shrunk as Noah ate . The cultivators in the distance could sense how the faint radiations that reached their position became less intense .

Noah ate without placing any limit to his greed . Every raw law around him belonged to his centers of power, so he would make sure they had them .

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The strange connection with the world that Noah had found during the absorption enlightened him on a matter that had annoyed him since he had reached the void .

His dantian absorbed most of that true meaning without growing . Everything fused with its structure, but the breakthrough didn't start .

Nevertheless, Noah could finally understand what his organ required now . It was something that he had tried to complete in the last centuries without any success .

'My destruction can fuse all my individuality into a blade,' Noah thought as the light around him slowly dimmed . 'My path with the hybris has peaked in my current form . My creation has altered the cycle of life and brought it into my palm . '

Those were the main aspects of Noah's individuality . They reflected his largest paths that then had countless ramifications .

Yet, he had failed to notice one obvious problem . His dark star was a proper center of power now, and it needed to be ready to step on the path of the laws for his individuality to advance .

Noah had always connected the copies of his elements to his creation, but it seemed that they had gained a central role with the dark star being his fourth center of power .

'It is as June said,' Noah concluded in his mind as the light around him went completely dark, and the white star disappeared . 'I need to create my world . '