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Published at 16th of December 2020 02:20:48 PM

Chapter 1131: 1131
Light and darkness were complete opposites, and they even repelled each other .

The light element was soft, almost weightless . It could fill entire areas without affecting anything, and it focused on purity rather than sheer quantity .

It was calm and captivating . Some of Daniel's leadership skills came from his innate aura as a cultivator with a light aptitude .

Instead, the darkness element was heavy . It was violent and abrupt, and it didn't care about anything that it destroyed in its expansion .

Darkness appeared able to engulf everything . It strived for quantity, and it didn't stop at anything .

Both elements shared similar features too . They were a core part of the world's fabric, and they were everywhere . They also tend to expand as long as they had space .

Nevertheless, Noah couldn't replicate the light element even if it had those similarities with his aptitude . He had even tried meditating next to Daniel, but that only originated negative sensations inside him .

The matter didn't appear to have a solution, but the enlightenment gained inside the white star stated that he had to complete the creation of his world if he wanted his individuality to advance .

That was a requirement set by his dark star . His new center of power made his individuality even harder to improve, and Noah could only accept that annoying feature .

'What will happen with all this energy then?' Noah questioned himself about that issue .

His dantian had absorbed the largest share of raw laws among his centers of power . Still, they had only fused with its structure without adding any other effect .

The raw laws kept on refilling his dantian, but they didn't improve it . Their energy had still flowed there though, and Noah didn't know what had happened to it .

'Maybe it will show some change once I manage to advance,' Noah thought . 'I wonder if I can still force it with this resource . '

Noah didn't give up on the possibility of forcing the breakthrough . That was the easiest method, especially since he didn't have a solution for the light element .

The group rejoined Noah when they saw the white star disappearing, but they felt surprised when they saw him . They couldn't understand how he was still at the peak of the fifth rank even after absorbing so much true meaning .

Noah didn't explain anything and turned to continue his long flight . The others could only follow him without asking any questions related to his cultivation level .

The endless void filled their days again, and only the casual appearance of raw laws made them deviate their path . Yet, Noah often flew toward them on his own in that part of the travel .

Luckily for them, both the Council and the Shandal Empire had prepared for that journey . The two Matriarchs had many potions and pills that could keep their minds calm and unaffected by the radiations .

The experts began to trade those resources and keep notes of eventual payments that they had to complete once returned to the surface . Only the Royals remained out of the cycle since they had brought their methods and didn't sell to anyone .

Noah found more giant stars to eat, but the outcome was always the same . Only his mind and body showed improvements, while his dantian remained the same .

The experts eventually had to rely on the raw laws to refill their dantians . The long journey cost them small bits of "Breath" at every sprint, and they had flown for more than a decade already without even cultivating once .

Of course, the others alternated themselves in the absorption to keep in check any adverse reaction .

Noah's body advanced steadily in the lower tier and even neared its last part . His mind improved in sturdiness, and his spherical rune enlarged it at a steady pace .

At some point, the group finally found the remaining team members, but the scene that appeared in front of them was more complicated than it seemed .

The Hive's experts were at some distance from a system of seven massive stars that radiated dense auras . The light in the spheres seemed about to become solid due to the pressure that those radiations created in the area .

The blackness of the void didn't exist there . The seven stars managed to illuminate every corner of the area since they formed a wide static circle that left large empty paths among them .

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Chasing Demon, Flying Demon, Dreaming Demon, and Elder Julia were right outside of the dense area . They kept their eyes fixed on the whirlpools that the radiation formed on the void, but they didn't show any sign of addiction .

Second Prince was right in front of them, in the middle of the dense radiations . He kept his eyes closed as he floated in a cross-legged stance among them .

The radiations gathered in the red crystal at the center of his forehead . Small traces of white light flew with them too and flowed inside Second Prince as he continued his meditation .

His level saw a constant increase during that process, but his training was nothing compared to what was happening in the middle of the seven stars .

Noah moved his gaze only to find King Elbas floating in a cross-legged position right at the center of the array of stars . He was in the denser spot and where the largest number of radiations amassed, but a golden light covered his skin and protected his body .

Noah neared the four from the Hive who could only shrug their shoulders at his questioning gaze . Their version of the story then explained how they had ended up in that situation .

Apparently, the black and white sphere in the middle sea could lead anywhere inside the separate reality . Considering the size of that world, even the slightest difference during the entrance would bring cultivators to a completely different place .

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon had quickly found each other with their personal methods, and they had met Chasing Demon along their way .

During their hunt for raw laws, they had found King Elbas, Second Prince, and Elder Julia who were flying toward the stars .

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The situation had changed at that point . King Elbas had gained the monopoly over every raw law and had given some of them only to Second Prince .

The Demons and Elder Julia had become like the rest of Noah's group . They weren't strong enough to oppose the powerhouse dictating the rules, so they could only continue to fly, hoping for a change in that trend .

That didn't happen until they found that array of stars . King Elbas had immediately shot toward its center and had cultivated since then .

"Why are you still here then?" Noah asked after their story ended .

King Elbas was busy, so they could leave to look for other raw laws . They were there to increase their personal power in the end .

"No one leaves," King Elbas conveyed as his consciousness expanded . His mental waves could cross the pressure generated by the stars and reach the group outside of their dense influence .

"Every speck of raw laws belongs to me," King Elbas continued . "They will be the foundation for my ascension . I've invited you here only to be my audience . "

Noah remained speechless . The content of King Elbas' message stunned him, but what surprised him the most was that the Royal didn't appear insane when he spoke .

King Elbas was in complete control of his mind . He had said that without having become addicted to the raw laws .