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Published at 17th of December 2020 09:40:04 AM

Chapter 1132: 1132
That was the same sensation that Noah had felt when he faced Great Elder Diana . The only difference was that the fear coming from King Elbas' meditating figure was a hundred times more intense .

The Royal had been clear . The experts had to stay there and watch him as he absorbed raw laws to complete his journey through the heroic ranks .

'How long will it take?' Noah wondered as he suppressed his survival instincts .

His body rarely felt such intense instincts anymore, but King Elbas' mental waves had awakened the primal side that Noah had long since left behind .

King Elbas' orders had one fundamental problem . Everyone on the scene would gladly give up on the raw laws to avoid facing the strongest expert in the world .

However, King Elbas had been in the liquid stage just a few centuries ago . Even if he had advanced as soon as he left the surface, that would only add a bit more than three hundred years to his time spent in the solid stage .

Powerhouses would usually take millennia to advance through the entirety of the sixth rank . King Elbas was in the last stage of that path, and his words hinted that he needed an audience until he ascended .

'This can take thousands of years,' Noah concluded in his mind . 'Hoping that the raw laws will reduce that time to a few centuries is just delusional . '

The raw laws could help King Elbas reach the peak faster, but Noah's centers of power couldn't afford that long period spent without growing .

His mind would be fine, but his body and dantian would surely suffer from some stagnation if he left them be for millennia . The situation was even harsher for the other experts since they didn't have Noah's dark star .

Noah's aura revealed his internal struggle . His power was everything to him, so he couldn't remain calm when King Elbas threatened his potential .

"What's in your mind?" Flying Demon asked . He was the first to sense what Noah was thinking, and the Demons paid attention to that mental message .

Noah turned toward the trio . Chasing Demon and the others shared his mentality, and he was almost sure that they had his same goals . They wanted to become gods and ascend toward the white world above .

A calm smile appeared on his face as he accepted what he was about to propose . Noah had almost forgotten what it was to live without nothing to lose, and he instinctively became serene at the thought of putting everything on the line .

"Death is not too bad," Noah conveyed, and a tremor ran through the Demons when that message reached their minds .

Noah had never spoken with them about his transmigration . June had desired to have that part of his life all for herself, and the Demons had respected that .

"I always imagined it as a peaceful end to such a long life," Chasing Demon replied as a broad smile appeared on his face too . His aura had also become less tense after understanding what Noah had in mind .

"I don't know about peace," Noah replied, and a short laugh echoed through his consciousness . "I would describe it as empty . "

A second of silence followed his answer, but Flying Demon's loud laugh soon broke it and claimed the experts' attention before he announced his position .

"I can deal with empty!" Flying Demon said, and Dreaming Demon smiled seeing her lover getting so excited . She didn't say anything, but she nodded at Noah to express that she would accompany him in his plan .

"What is happening?" Elder Julia asked when she saw the three Demons and Noah conversing happily while King Elbas' mind covered the entire area .

The other experts stared at them while wearing confused expressions too . They had heard the whole conversation, and they couldn't understand what they had in mind .

"The Demon Prince is tired of living," Flying Demon proudly announced while nearing Noah, "We think that it would be a pity to let him die alone . "

Noah and Flying Demon exchanged a glance before laughing together . They appeared almost insane in Elder Julia's eyes, but Great Elder Diana's laugh soon joined theirs .

"I like your idea," Great Elder Diana said while nearing the Demons . "Let me accompany you in this last march . "

Elder Julia finally understood what they were about to do at that point, and her expression froze for a second . Then, her face relaxed, and she began to laugh together with them as she accepted death .

The remaining expert slowly understood what was happening, and they felt shocked about that plan . God's Left Hand even expressed her stupor . "Are you all dreaming? You can't succeed!"

The laughing group turned toward the Matriarch, and they answered according to their character .

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Noah shrugged his shoulders and spoke in an aloof tone . "I've already died once . This whole life is nothing more than my stupid dream to reach the stars . "

"I've dreamt for a thousand years," Dreaming Demon conveyed . "I don't mind closing my eyes again . "

"This is all time stolen from Heaven and Earth for me," Flying Demon said among his laughs . "Why would I care if I were to die here?"

Chasing Demon glanced at Great Elder Diana before adding his mental message too . "I'm nothing more than a corpse dreaming the dead . I think it's time to wake up, even if it will be for the last time . "

"I never thought I would die fighting together with Divine Demon's disciples," Great Elder Diana said as she glanced at the Demons . "Fate sure is funny . "

"It will be even funnier if we were to succeed," Elder Julia said, and everyone around her laughed at her joke .

God's Left Hand watched the group and shook her head . Her eyes then went on the seven stars and King Elbas' figure among them .

The Royal had heard everything, but he didn't act to stop what was happening . He either didn't care about the matter, or he didn't consider the group a threat .

First Prince and First Princess suddenly understood the group's intentions, and they shot next to Second Prince, who was inside the dense radiations .

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Golden runes appeared on their robes and a series of shining lines formed to create large crowns on their heads . The radiations didn't surpass those inscriptions, so they could remain next to their meditating brother at ease .

God's Left Hand sighed before joining the laughing group . True Speed followed her . Elder Regina and Elder Paul did the same, and she surprised her companion with her sudden laughs .

"You are insane," God's Left Hand said, "But I obey only the Almighty . I won't let this man decide on my future . "

"A slave till the end," Noah mocked her, and God's Left Hand replied while showing a smile . "Has anyone ever told you that you should respect your seniors?"

Noah laughed again, and the rest of the group did the same . The relaxed atmosphere among them didn't reflect the plan that had brewed in their minds .

"Do you have a strategy?" God's Left Hand asked, but the Demons and Noah could only smile to reply to her .

They were about to attack a solid stage powerhouse in the middle of seven captivating stars and dense radiations . Three Royals also were in their path, and they had some of the best items in the world .

There was no time to plan things out . They would only become stronger if the group left them to meditate freely .

"Do as you wish," Noah said as he stepped forward, and black smoke began to come out of his skin . "Be sure to make a mess before you die . "