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Chapter 1133: 1133
"It's too late for that," Second Prince said as he interrupted his meditation to stand up . His stern eyes analyzed Noah and the others before a broad smile appeared on his face .

The experts next to Noah deployed their methods to defend against the Demonic Form, but their instincts told them that they wouldn't be enough to block it .

Still, they didn't have time to focus on Noah's spell . Their surprise had to wait . Now there was only their desperate march .

The group had decided to attack King Elbas . None of them wanted to give up on their potential, so they had to face the Royal if they wanted to continue on their path .

Some of them had considered the possibility of escaping . However, King Elbas was at his peak, and no one could stop him on the surface . Dealing with the problem now was their only chance to ensure a future for their cultivation journey .

The experts spread around the seven stars when Noah activated his iconic spell . They summoned their weapons and unleashed their aura without any care for their reserves of "Breath" once they took their position .

Great Elder Diana took out her black lenses and created crackling spheres behind them as she prepared her offensive .

Chasing Demon wielded his stick covered in magical beasts' carvings, and his "Breath" flowed inside it as he became ready for battle .

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon were together . They didn't rely on any inscribed item, but hundreds of white flowers grew around them, and dense mental waves invaded their fabric .

Dreaming Demon's individuality wasn't suitable for the environment of the void, but she could empower her lover's spells . They had to work together to express their prowess to their fullest .

Elder Regina summoned an army of puppets . Various magical beasts made of sturdy rocks surrounded her and pointed their fangs at the seven stars .

Elder Julia disappeared, but countless wind slashes formed in the area . Weapons of various types also appeared and filled every empty spot around the Royals .

Winds started to blow inside the void . Hurricanes formed as God's Left Hand unleashed her individuality . She was a calamity sent by a god, and the area was about to experience her power .

Elder Paul and True Speed were together too . The Council's expert uncovered his right arm to reveal a red mass that covered his limb's upper part .

His living weapon had improved again, and he didn't hesitate to activate its power by creating a series of fiery lions in front of him .

Yellow sparks ran on True Speed's legs and tore apart the lower part of his robe . His furry legs became visible to everyone, but no one cared about them in that situation .

Their arrogance didn't make them blind . The Royals could see that Noah's Demon Form was far more dangerous than before, but they didn't let their surprise distract them .

The area was about to fall into complete chaos, and they could only rely on their inscribed items to defend unless their Father interrupted his meditation .

No one attacked . Everyone waited for something to trigger the now inevitable battle .

The eyes of the experts slowly focused on the corrosive cloud that hid Noah . The black smoke expanded, and it would soon touch the area covered by the dense radiations . It seemed that both attackers and defenders had silently decided to wait for that moment to start the battle .

Tension built among the Royals . They began to take step backs together with the expansion of the cloud . The pressure that they felt became even more intense when they sensed how relaxed their opponents were .

The Royals didn't believe it first, but the attackers had given up on life to make that assault . God's Left Hand and other's determination wasn't as intense, but they knew that they could die quickly too .

When the corrosive smoke touched the aura dense with radiations, mayhem engulfed the entire battlefield .

The spheres behind Great Elder Diana's lenses released lighting bolts that the black glass enhanced . They shot toward King Elbas and exploded into a crackling gray cloud .

Chasing Demon activated his stick, and an army of magical beasts made of a rocky substance formed before charging at the seven stars .

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Flying Demon detonated his flowers, and Dreaming Demon empowered their properties . A layer of ice covered the entire battlefield, and a storm of ice-shards ravaged the area while spreading the Demon's individuality further .

Elder Regina's puppets shot toward King Elbas, and many of them detonated when they came in contact with the dense radiations of the raw laws .

The many wind-weapons around the array of stars flew forward and severed everything they could . A few of them managed to get past the radiations, but they reached the grey cloud nonetheless .

God's Left Hand unleashed her storms . Her hurricanes crashed on the star in front of her and released violent gales that ravaged the area .

True Speed and Elder Paul launched their abilities too . The Elder made his lions charge at the Royal, and True Speed kicked the air to throw yellow lightning bolts that landed directly near King Elbas' position .

A series of black sabers came out of the corrosive cloud . They exploded once they touched the Royals' inscribed defenses, and they spread the dark smoke further .

The attackers had launched their offensive . Some of their attacks had targeted King Elbas, but many had focused on covering the entire battlefield .

Noah had aimed for the Royals since they stood on his path . He had used part of the revisited Shadow Copy spell to launch sabers carrying the corrosive smoke . Still, they were only casual attacks meant to test his opponents' reactions .

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The attacks made a mess out of the area . The void couldn't fall apart, but part of the light inside the stars separated from the spheres and spread in the environment .

The powerhouses didn't destroy the raw laws, but their spells had affected the structure of the stars and disturbed King Elbas' meditation .

The Royals soon became visible again . A golden light pierced the corrosive smoke that had surrounded them and revealed their shining figures .

The golden shields around them had been enough to block Noah's casual attack, but there was no happiness in their expression . First Prince, First Princess, and Second Prince didn't even bother to check their condition before turning toward their Father .

A gray cloud had covered King Elbas' figure, and many attacks had pierced it while he remained hidden inside it . His consciousness didn't show any reaction at those attacks, so everyone knew that the offensive didn't hurt him .

The gray smoke soon dispersed and revealed King Elbas surrounded by a thick array of golden runes . He had activated an inscribed item to fend off that offensive, but annoyance soon spread through his mental waves .

King Elbas broke his cross-legged position and stood up . His gaze swept the experts of the other forces and expressed his reluctance to take part in that struggle .

"Why do you even fight this?" King Elbas conveyed through his consciousness . He found that desperate effort completely pointless .

The attackers didn't answer . Their reply was another series of attacks covering the entire area and filling the void with their destructive might .