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Chapter 1134: 1134
The attackers knew their charge was a desperate attempt to save their potential . They wouldn't have accepted death if the task was easy .

The second wave of attacks crashed on the area inside and around the seven stars, giving birth to a second gray cloud with a darker shade at that time .

The cloud didn't have time to disperse since the third wave of attacks suddenly crashed on the battlefield . Noah and the others weren't using their strongest spells, but their offensive was relentless .

The fourth wave of attacks arrived, but a sea of flames exploded from the middle of the stars and fended off the incoming offensive before it could reach King Elbas .

The flames were dense and violent . They were nothing more than a causal counterattack from the Royals' leader, but they destroyed every spell in their path and forced the enemy experts to retreat .

Noah was inside the corrosive cloud when the flames arrived . His instincts sent warning messages that made him retreat until he was outside of the fire's range .

The scenery changed when the flames dispersed . Most of the corrosive smoke had disappeared, and the fire didn't spare the dense radiations either .

Only the stars and the Royals had remained untouched . King Elbas had made sure to spare his resources and his underlings during his wide attack .

King Elbas became visible again when the fire went away . He was in the same position as before, but his expression showed a tinge of disappointment .

"That's everything you can do?" King Elbas asked as his arrogance spread in the area . "I need a powerful audience . My achievements will be meaningless otherwise . "

His mocking words hit the leaders of the enemy organizations deeply . They didn't make them rely on reckless tactics, but they reminded them how behind they were in terms of cultivation level .

Chasing Demon, Great Elder Diana, and God's Left Hand knew that they couldn't overcome that difference in sheer power with numbers . Only something or someone equally strong could make King Elbas back off .

The two Matriarchs and Patriarch exchanged a glance and silently decided to go all-out .

God's Left Hand took out a black fan from her space-ring, and a quasi-rank 7 aura filled the void . Great Elder Diana donned an orange armor covering her entire body, and another quasi-rank 7 aura spread in the environment .

King Elbas stared with interest at their weapons, and their might didn't scare him in the slightest . His expression showed his pure curiosity at the sight of such powerful inscribed items .

The puppet was only the size of a fist when Chasing Demon wielded it . Yet, it began to grow as soon as he poured his "Breath" inside it .

The consumption of energy wasn't high . The puppet only needed a bit of "Breath" to activate . The fuel that it needed was inside its structure, and only the ground of the new continent could refill it .

King Elbas watched as the puppet quickly transformed into a massive humanoid giant that was more than five hundred meters tall . Even the other experts remained speechless at the sight of such a titanic weapon .

Chasing Demon sat on top of the giant, and his "Breath" gathered in front of him to give birth to two smaller titans .

The Demon would deplete less energy if he could use actual ground and reinforce it with his "Breath" . However, the separate reality didn't have any matter, so he had to materialize it through a spell .

The quasi-rank 7 weapons of the other leaders appeared mere playthings when placed next to the dark-red titan . Its aura was so oppressing that even the stars stopped refilling the area with their radiations .

'He has taken it out,' Noah thought from inside his corrosive cloud . He didn't know where Chasing Demon had stored the puppet, but he noted inside his mind to ask him about that if they ever survived .

'I should get serious too,' Noah concluded, and his palms opened to let dark matter on them .

A flame that radiated boundless destruction formed, and water capable of taking any shape appeared next to it . Rocks radiating an intense craving for life followed them, and angry winds encircled those elements .

The last ones to gather were the orange sparks imitating Heaven and Earth's Tribulation, and the dark matter in its raw form . Noah's elements had aligned in his hands, and they circled themselves as if they wanted to fuse .

Noah knew what he had to do to advance . He had to make that part of his individuality advance, which meant bringing those elements to the next step .

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They would become the very fabric of his world, but he lacked one last fundamental element before the technique could take form .

The battle against King Elbas could be his last one, but his dark star worked better when his life was in danger . Noah thought that he could accelerate the arrival of the enlightenment if he relied on his higher energy to fight .

Snore formed next to him, and Night came out of the new space-ring . The Demonic Sword appeared above him too, but none of them attacked just yet .

For some reason, the Royals didn't move from their spot even if their Father had mighty opponents everywhere . They seemed focused only on Noah, and they didn't show signs of retreat when the divine titan made its appearance .

Noah wanted to make things difficult for King Elbas, but the presence of the Royals on his way made his plan impossible to actuate for now . He had to take care of them first if he wanted to scheme against their leader .

'Do they fear me so much?' Noah smiled at that thought before launching his elements . Snore did the same once it saw the attacks .

Noah was the greatest variable in that battle . His power didn't even come close to King Elbas, but that wouldn't be his first time landing a decisive blow on an opponent that was far above his level .

Moreover, his physical strength was a deadly weapon for humans . Noah only needed a touch to shatter even the mightiest human body .

The Royals didn't care about the experts with a predictable prowess . Their Father could handle them . Their only problems were those full of surprises, and Noah was the first one that had come to their minds .

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A wave of fire, water blades, formless winds, and lightning bolts came out of the cloud . A layer of sturdy rocks covered the attacks and increased their power as they flew toward the Royals .

Corrosive smoke came out of them too . Noah's Demonic Form followed all his attacks, and it only waited for his opponents to come in direct contact with the smoke to show its new effects .

The Royals placed their defensive items in the attacks' trajectory, but an intense shockwave broke their concentration and made the elemental blows land on their golden armors . Second Prince had to rely on a fiery shield to block them .

The leaders had launched their spells and had used their inscribed weapons to siege King Elbas, who had wielded a series of quasi-rank 7 items .

He had a rectangular golden shield in one hand, and its surface absorbed the lightning bolts coming out of Great Elder Diana's orange armor .

There was a fiery sword in his other hand, and King Elbas used it to fend off the threatening winds created through God's Left Hand's fan .

As for the titan, King Elbas had to take many disposable quasi-rank 7 items to summon a series of golden disks that blocked the incoming attacks .

The titan slammed its massive hands on the golden disks that had moved in its trajectory right before they could reach the white stars .

Chasing Demon snorted, but he threw the two weaker giants forward, and he detonated them before King Elbas' flames could take care of them .