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Chapter 1135: 1135
He could still activate some of its most powerful abilities, but doing that would leave him drained and could hurt his centers of power . That outcome wasn't ideal in an environment without energy to absorb .

The detonation caused by the smaller titans' self-destruction overcame the flames that King Elbas had launched to block them . It also spread a shockwave that covered the entire battlefield, affecting everyone in the area .

First Prince, First Princess, and Second Prince blocked Noah's elemental attacks, but the corrosive smoke that he released touched their skin .

Even if the golden halo radiated by their inscribed items weakened its destructive properties, the smoke still managed to affect the Royals with some of its new features .

Black spots appeared on the Royals' faces . The sudden invasion of a foreign substance shocked the trio and forced them to take out precious drugs to counter its poisonous properties .

However, Noah wasn't the type to let that opportunity go . His fingers straightened to make his hand resemble a blade, and his mind focused on activating one of his revisited spells .

A rune rose from the mental sea and flew toward the walls of Noah's mind . The diagram had an unclear form that changed shape according to the contents of Noah's thoughts .

Darkness rose from Noah's dantian and reached the spot where the rune had landed . The mental energy inside the diagram's fabric activated its effects once paired with the "Breath" .

Noah raised his hand before lowering it slowly . His fingers molded the corrosive smoke as they cut through the cloud, and three fiendish figures formed in front of him .

It wasn't easy to see them inside the cloud since they had corrosive smoke as their material . Yet, Noah knew that three humanoid figures had formed in front of him, and their appearance resembled his when he donned the fuming armor .

The Shadow Copy spell didn't change too much after the modifications . Still, Noah could only activate its effects on the Demonic Sword back then since his individuality had the shape of a saber .

Sword Saint's training had expanded that aspect of his existence . Every part of Noah's individuality flowed inside his sword arts now .

Everything about him had become a sword . His entire being radiated an intense sharpness that didn't come only from a small part of his existence .

That removed any limit from the Shadow Copy spell . The ability could now copy Noah in his strongest form, even if it had other restrictions and weaknesses regarding the copies' actual power .

The fuming armor still featured a long tail, a pair of horns, a draconic helmet, and long claws . Yet, the smoke that it leaked enveloped the area in a dense and dangerous sensation .

Moreover, the smoke appeared to have a will of its own . It spread in the environment as if looking for prey . It acted as a predator in its hunting ground .

The Royals saw the fiendish figure and prepared themselves to defend against any trick behind that frontal attack . They didn't believe that Noah had charged directly at them without any scheme to back him up .

Still, the fiendish figure continued its reckless charge until it was about to crash on the trio covered in the golden halo .

The Royals couldn't hesitate anymore at that point . Everyone in the world knew that Noah was lethal in close quarters, so they had to fend him off before he could lay a finger on them .

First Princess and First Prince took care of the matter . The drug had yet to remove the Black Mark spreading under their skin, but they relied on their best attacks nonetheless .

Blood came out of the duo's fingers, and two massive fiery figures formed . An eight-armed titan and a giant snake surrounded the three Royals and condensed their flames on the spot where the fuming copy was about to land .

First Prince and the others couldn't hide their surprise when they saw the fiendish figure releasing a few black lines before exploding into a cloud of corrosive smoke .

The Royals immediately deployed their investigative items . A white orb appeared among them and poured its shining light on the cloud that tried to pave its way through the flames, but it didn't find any trace of life .

Noah wasn't there . He had managed to invade the area around them with his smoke, but his exact location was still unknown .

The Royals didn't dare to let their guard down, but another fiendish figure suddenly flew out of the first cloud and entered the second one .

First Prince activated the orb, but the fuming armor came out of the cloud to explode inside the flames again .

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The two fiery creatures focused on fending back the new smoke, but two more fiendish figures flew toward the trio at that point .

Both fuming armors wielded a sword as they flew directly toward the Royals . First Prince and the others didn't know what to think anymore, so they launched everything they had on the opponents .

Blood fell out of Second Prince's eyes, and a fiery nine-headed hydra formed next to the other giant creatures . The three spells were the maximum expression of the Royals' prowess .

The three Royals were about to launch their attacks at the two fuming enemies when they sensed the arrival of another shockwave .

The leaders' battle was infuriating behind them, and they had already suffered from their carelessness . The Royals couldn't let its shockwaves take them by surprise again, but they couldn't ignore the fiendish figures either .

Noah had done that on purpose . Differently from the Royals, he was completely relaxed and could focus on the leaders' battle .

He could predict when a shockwave was about to fill the environment from the rank 7 titan's movements . Exploiting that opportunity was only a matter of timing afterward .

That was the only reason why he didn't use the three copies at the same time . He needed to gain time to create that opportunity .

The Royals gave up on attacking and focused everything they had on defending . Their flames became denser as the creatures surrounding them shrunk, and the light of their inscribed items became more intense .

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That probably was one of the highest defensive power that gaseous stage powerhouses could wield!

"Stack them up!" First Princess shouted, and First Prince immediately followed her orders . Second Prince felt slightly confused, but he did as she asked anyway .

The three massive creatures fused to form a denser and formless wall of fire . The flames inside the wall became so thick that their power stepped on the liquid realm when paired with the golden protections .

First Prince and First Princess knew that Noah had an attack capable of piercing even the strongest defense . His lunge was a terrifying attack that they didn't know how to deal with .

The best they could do was creating a defense with power in the liquid stage and hope that it would be enough to stop the lunge . It would be better to prevent it, but setting a line of protection had the priority .

The fiendish figures didn't perform any slash . They crashed on the dense flames and exploded into a cloud of corrosive smoke fused with the others in the area .

The Royals waited for Noah to attack, but their white orb didn't sense anything . It was as if their opponent had disappeared .

Seconds of tense silence passed among the flames and darkness . The Royals' spells eventually fended off the corrosive smoke and allowed them to see the environment again .

First Prince and the others didn't find anyone in front of them, but their Father's angry mental waves told them that something was off .

"What are you even doing?!" King Elbas conveyed, and the Royals turned only to see that a white star had disappeared . There was only Noah in its spot .