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Chapter 1136: 1136
He could only rely on his stash of quasi-rank 7 items to limit the titan's influence on the battlefield .

The golden disks eventually broke while King Elbas deflected and blocked the Matriarchs' offensive . He took out a quasi-rank 7 phoenix-like puppet at that point, and the creature set off to deal with the titan .

Golden fire surrounded the phoenix as it exchanged blows with the titan . Its efforts allowed King Elbas to gain a few minutes, but the puppet soon crumbled under the might of an actual divine item .

King Elbas threw another quasi-rank 7 phoenix at the titan, and he had another for when the second one fell apart . Once his stash of powerful puppets ended, he began to rely on disposable weapons that pushed Chasing Demon's giant away .

The three attacking leaders almost couldn't believe their eyes . King Elbas' stash of powerful items appeared endless, and a chill ran down their spines when they recalled all the small battles that had happened in the past .

King Elbas must have had that stash for a while by then . Many of those quasi-rank 7 items went back to when he was still a liquid stage powerhouse .

The Royals' leader was an unparalleled existence . His expertise didn't have limits, and he had begun to break the barrier among stages since he was only one of the world's leading forces .

His performance was spectacular . The leaders of the major organizations were deploying everything they had, but he came out unscathed from every clash .

Still, Chasing Demon and the others knew that even his immense potential had limits . King Elbas was a monster, but his stash of powerful items had to end at some point .

Their exchanges continued until a sudden change in the battlefield forced King Elbas to focus elsewhere .

The Royal's mind covered the entire battlefield, but the titan's continuous assaults forced him to neglect most of what happened outside of his fight .

The rank 7 titan slammed its fists on a quasi-rank 7 shield that had appeared in the trajectory of its attacks . The item broke, but the giant had to recover its limbs to prepare for its next offensive .

The clash between the two created a shockwave that spread outside of the array of stars . Still, its intensity wasn't enough to kill the powerhouses fighting outside of it .

King Elbas could finally focus on the entirety of the battlefield again in that moment of break .

The weaker experts were still launching attacks at him, but his fiery swords destroyed them together with God's Left Hand's blows . He didn't even have to mind an offensive on that level .

However, his anger surged when he saw that one of the seven stars had disappeared . That large mass of raw laws had been there just a moment ago, but now there was only Noah in its spot .

'Six left,' Noah thought as a cold smile appeared on his face .

He had to admit that the Royals were strong when they worked together and deployed their inscribed items . Only his lunge could breach their last defensive measure, but he couldn't waste one of his two attacks for them .

Noah couldn't use his strongest attacks when he wasn't sure that the leaders could deal with King Elbas . In case everything else failed, he could still aim to surprise him .

Still, the Royals weren't an easy target, so he had switched to a less difficult prey . The stars didn't defend themselves in the end . They were there, begging for someone to absorb them .

Noah didn't have a particular reason to target the stars . They refilled his dantian and improved his overall condition, but taking them away from King Elbas didn't help him in the task .

King Elbas only needed to find another way to advance or scour the void for more raw laws . Losing the stars didn't ruin his potential .

Noah only wanted to make him mad . He didn't know if those small failures could affect the Royal's power, but every cultivator would eventually commit mistakes if the pressure became too heavy to handle .

King Elbas had nine experts targeting him with a continuous offensive, and three of them had items that forced him to defend . An angry mental state might make him lose .

Chasing Demon didn't waste the opportunity created by Noah and poured large quantities of "Breath" inside the titan that spread its aura in the environment .

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The Demon paled after that action, but small rocks came out of the titan and gave birth to an army of humanoid puppets that radiated a quasi-rank 7 aura .

The rank 7 titan's main feature was "life" . It suited Chasing Demon's individuality, allowing him to use less "Breath" when activating its abilities .

The puppets moved slowly and deployed themselves in a battle formation as they pointed their heavy limbs at King Elbas . The titan grabbed a dozen of them and threw the group at the Royal in the distance .

King Elbas wanted to make Noah pay for stealing his resources, but Chasing Demon wasn't giving him any time to breathe . He had to deal with that expert, but the offensive of the others blocked his every move .

He had to change the trend of that battle . He might end up losing otherwise .

The humanoid puppets reached King Elbas at high speed . Their fists pointed at his face, body, and legs, and some of them aimed for the area around him .

King Elbas had to use his golden shield to block Great Elder Diana's offensive and his sword to deal with God's Left hand and the other experts .

His hands were full, but his inventory had everything he needed to block the puppets .

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A series of inscribed daggers came out of his space-ring and destroyed the puppets while crumbling shortly after . King Elbas cursed when he evaluated the cost of those lost weapons, but he felt glad that he had managed to defend once again .

His consciousness remained unfolded, but he focused directly on Noah since he knew what type of troublemaker he was . Yet, he found out that another star had disappeared during the last exchange .

Noah didn't even bother to look at the Royals after he had fed on the first white star . He had directly cast his Demonic Form again, launched a few copies to spread his smoke, and left for more raw laws .

The Royals couldn't catch up with him, and King Elbas was too busy to mind him . Instead, Noah had the best resource of a lower-plane at hand, and he wouldn't wait until someone seized it .

Noah improved and refilled his reserves . It only took him a few instants to take all those raw laws and redirect them to the dark star . Only his organ could handle such intense and fast training .

King Elbas couldn't stand that situation anymore and decided to take the battle toward the next step . He had never been a vicious fighter, but he would be merciless on that day .

Blood fell from the Royal's fingers, and an unstable flame began to form . Then, the fire expanded until it became a large sphere that shone everywhere in the region .

Power accumulated in that spell, and an explosion soon arrived . The flames shot everywhere, and a fiery sea accompanied it in its destructive might .