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Published at 18th of December 2020 06:20:08 PM

Chapter 1137: 1137
King Elbas had poured ten drops of blood in that attack . His might far surpassed the average power that a solid stage powerhouse could wield .

Every expert on the scene had to rely on evasive maneuvers and powerful inscribed items only to create a chance for their survival . After all, King Elbas' higher energy wasn't something that they could block .

Chasing Demon had it easy . The rocks on the titan's head moved and opened an area where he could hide . Yet, the others didn't have a divine item at hand .

Great Elder Diana began to sprint backward . Her orange armor stored lightning bolts that she could control, and they showed their power during her escape .

However, even if she accelerated by flying on top of lightning bolts, the flames touched her and melted her armor .

The energy contained in the armor exploded outward right before the flames threatened to reach Great Elder Diana's back, and that detonation allowed her to escape their range unscathed .

God's Left Hand used her fan to push herself outside of the flame's range . She swung her arm continuously to create gales that slowed down the fire and flung her away .

Her acceleration surpassed Great Elder Diana's . The flames managed to touch her fan and melt part of it, but her weapon could still work by the time she had reached a safe area .

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon had never been too close to the battle . Her individuality empowered the white flowers and ice shards, allowing them to remain in a relatively safe spot .

They only had to detonate all the ice and flowers accumulated during the past exchanges to escape from the fire's range .

Their spells had never managed to touch King Elbas directly, but they were tricky to deal with in the long-run . The Demons hoped that his fiery blade broke at some point .

Elder Regina and Elder Julia shared the same desire . Their attacks had never managed to get past King Elbas' innate defenses, and that made them feel rather useless .

The arrival of the flames made of higher energy forced them to act .

Elder Regina gathered all the beast-like puppets around her and used them as armor that pushed her outside of the fire's range .

Elder Julia had never been visible since the beginning of the battle, but she reappeared in a safe spot in the distance even before the flames could cross the remaining stars .

True Speed and Elder Paul didn't have any flashy method or item at hand, but the former was half-hybrid, and his legs allowed him to escape from that dangerous situation in no time .

The same didn't apply to Elder Paul, who ended up surrounded by flames before he could even summon a fast lion to help him escape .

The flames ran over the Royals, but they appeared immune to their destructive power . They looked around each other in the hope of finding their elusive opponent who had dared to anger their Father .

Still, when they looked in Noah's last spot, they could only find a humanoid crack hanging on the void .

'This doesn't feel too different,' Noah thought as he sprinted through his dimension .

He had initially feared that the void would place a limit to the moves that involved dimensions due to the lack of matter . Yet, he was even faster than before there .

'Maybe the walls among dimensions are thinner here,' Noah thought as he stopped .

The battlefield had turned into an inferno of fire during his escape, and only four existences dared to live in that environment .

King Elbas didn't have to defend from his energy, and the Royals were safe and sound too . The only one taking the attack head-on was Chasing Demon, but he had the protection of a divine item .

All the other experts had retreated . One single attack from King Elbas had been enough to fend those powerhouses . He appeared genuinely unstoppable .

King Elbas' surprises didn't end there . The Royal teleported among his flames and reappeared on top of the titan's head . His fiery sword appeared in his grasp, and twenty drops of his blood flowed inside it .

The weapon began to shine with a golden radiance as yellow flames came out of its surface . The fire focused on the tip of the blade right before King Elbas slashed with it, aiming at the spot where Chasing Demon's path had appeared .

It seemed that King Elbas wanted to take out the most troublesome opponent, and Chasing Demon was on top of the list due to his rank 7 item .

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Cracks appeared on the surface of the sword as a thin golden slash came out of it . The weapon crumbled after it launched its attack, but King Elbas didn't even look at it . He only focused on the attack .

The slash crashed on the titan's head and spread a thin line that radiated its golden light even if it was only a mark . The fissure wasn't deep, but the sole fact that King Elbas had managed to inflict some damage to it showed his potential .

The giant began to move again, but King Elbas threw more blood on the flames that had formed in his palm and exploded into another sea of fire .

The experts had just begun to near the battlefield, but they had to retreat again at the sight of King Elbas' higher energy .

The Royal reformed on top of the giant to execute the same attack as before . He had to use another powerful weapon that crumbled again, but another golden mark appeared on its head, and its arms rose to grab him .

King Elbas teleported away . He appeared able to go anywhere in an instant as long as there were his flames on it .

A soon as the titan attacked, King Elbas teleported behind it to repeat his offensive . He took out a new sword that crumbled after his slash .

Golden marks accumulated on the titan's head as King Elbas continued with his offensive . The experts in the distance wanted to help him, but the Royal released more flames every time to isolate their battle .

Chasing Demon's decision to remain inside the range of the sea of flames had isolated him from his allies, and no one could come in his aid now that the situation had reached that point .

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The army of puppets had fallen apart during the first wave of flames, and King Elbas' continuous reactivation of his defensive spell made it impossible for Chasing Demon to counterattack .

Only one solution became viable in his mind . He had to escape from there and regroup with the others .

The titan instinctively understood what Chasing Demon had in mind and turned to retreat outside the range of the flames . Puppets came out of its back to detonate too .

King Elbas had a hard time chasing after Chasing Demon, but he poured drop after drop of blood to make up for his lack of speed . His complexion paled, but that gave him the chance to spread his flames further and teleport next to the titan .

The titan and King Elbas' chase continued for a few minutes, and the golden marks on its head became more than thirty .

The Royal became satisfied at that point . He had wasted so many rank 6 and quasi-rank 7 weapons there that he would need to spend entire millennia on building everything back .

Yet, he had reached his goals, and his next teleportation showed that .

King Elbas teleported on top of the titan's head and touched it directly . The golden marks began to shine at that point, and an explosion followed .

A third of the titan's head disappeared, and Chasing Demon came out full of injuries .