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Chapter 1139: 1139
Noah was inside the fourth fiendish figure . His corrosive smoke couldn't expand inside the flames, but he had slashed with the Demonic Sword before the Royals could even start to restrict him .

The Royals didn't have time to redirect their defenses . A large chunk of their flames disappeared before the golden shields around them fell into pieces .

Noah's slash released a black line that crashed on their armors and created large cracks before the golden runes on their bodies stopped his attack once and for all . Even with the surprise effect, Noah didn't manage to hurt the Royals .

Both First Prince and First Princess poured more blood in their flames to increase their density . Instead, Second Prince remained in a daze as the crystal at the center of his forehead shone .

A shadow came out of Noah's slash . Second Prince suddenly awakened and retreated, but his brother and sister didn't see that attack until it was too late .

First Prince saw a huge but strange figure for less than an instant before the golden runes on his body crumbled, and half of his torso separated from him .

That was a clean cut . First Prince didn't even have time to react to the sudden assault, but he tried to ignite the blood coming out of his injury to cast a massive spell . Yet, no "Breath" gathered at his command . It took him a second to realize that his dantian was in the part that Night had cut away .

First Princess tried to recover the half torso, but the shadow reappeared, and she could finally make out its shape after the light of the flames shone on its figure .

The creature was similar to the Pterodactyls inside the Dark Gorge, but its lines appeared denser . Moreover, the pressure that it radiated didn't belong to a simple beast in the sixth rank .

Her flames condensed around her body, but Second Prince intervened before the two could clash . A drop of blood flowed from his crystal, and a dense red light came out of it .

Night wanted to kill First Princess too, but it suddenly lost any control of its body . The beam had severed its head from the rest of the dark matter, turning it into nothing more than a floating triangle that leaked energy .

First Princess was livid . She amassed her dense flames to create a sphere ready to explode on the Pterodactyl's head . Yet, danger filled the entirety of her mind as Noah appeared above her .

Noah didn't have the fuming armor over him . The new flames had eventually defeated his spell, so he had to fly across First Princess' snake without any protection .

Red spots formed on his skin as the flames burned him . Still, his eyes remained fixed on First Princess' head .

Second Prince launched another red beam, but a large vortex and Snore appeared in its path . The Blood Companion used its statue form to weaken the attack, and the vortex absorbed the remaining energy of the blow .

Nothing came for Noah . His defenses had blocked the blow and had given him enough time to finish his attack .

First Princess could only stare in fear at the descending blade . The runes around her body exploded before a drop of blood fell from her forehead . Then, a black line divided her in half, and her consciousness went dark .

Noah didn't show any happiness at that sight . He descended to retrieve First Princess' dantian, and he moved toward First Prince's center of power after he ate it .

"Don't you dare!" First Prince sent threats with his consciousness, but Noah had already taken his dantian by that time . Night slowly floated back inside the space-ring as Noah ate that organ too .

First Prince felt fear . The flames still filled the environment, but Noah didn't care . He let them burn his skin as he walked toward the Royal and grabbed his head .

"No-," First Prince tried to say something, but Noah applied some pressure and reduced the Royal's head to a bloody pulp .

Two powerhouses had died in a few exchanges . They had survived Noah's offensive multiple times only to die when they had given up on their favorable position .

They didn't have any chance against Noah without an escape route or covers behind their backs .

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The flames continued to burn Noah . The fire-resistant runes on his robe couldn't do anything against that empowered fire . Yet, he didn't leave them even after he finished the two powerhouses .

Second Prince saw Noah turning in his direction . Large red patches had appeared on his face, but the Royal didn't dare to underestimate his opponent for even a second .

The two of them stared at each other for a few seconds before the Royal stepped back . His gesture was a clear statement that he had no intention to join that battle any further .

Noah kept on watching him while the flames around him dispersed . He then seized the space-rings from the two corpses and turned to fly toward the nearest amass of white light .

The truth was that he had depleted most of his darkness for that last offensive . His dantian was in a critical condition, but he had finally taken care of those keeping him away from King Elbas .

Now he could study the main battle and see if he could influence it .

King Elbas and Chasing Demon had continued to fight while Noah was busy dealing with the Royals .

Chasing Demon had returned on top of the titan that launched loud cries whenever King Elbas tried to cover the battlefield with flames .

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The hole on the Demon's waist continued to pour liquid "Breath" inside the divine item . Each second that he passed in that state worsened his condition, but the Royals' leader had a hard time dealing with that new power .

The titan could finally show part of its true might now that Chasing Demon had given up on salvaging his centers of power . Hordes of smaller puppets came out of its body, and its movement appeared smoother .

King Elbas would generally rely on his sea of flames to destroy the army, but the titan shouted often, and its vibrations always made him waste many inscribed items .

The Royal had actually retreated since Chasing Demon had activated the secret art . The experts around him were even continuing with their offensive, so injuries eventually appeared on his body .

Great Elder Diana would always exploit the seconds right after the vibrations' dispersion to launch precise lightning bolts at her opponent .

Instead, God's Left Hand waved her fan continuously, and King Elbas always had to deal with her gales on top of escaping from the titan's offensive .

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon managed to slow him down from time to time . Their attacks weren't as effective as their companions, but they created flaws in his defenses that the others exploited .

True Speed had joined his Matriarch after Elder Paul's death, and he limited himself to launch his yellow lightning bolts .

That continuous offensive slowly exhausted King Elbas, who had already injured himself to land a blow on the titan . The situation appeared quite grim for him .