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Chapter 114
Noah opened his eyes, stopping his cultivation .

It was dawn and he had to attend his first lesson .
A wide smile was on his face due to the results of his meditation .
'This is great! Cultivating here is way more profitable, I might reach the solid stage in less than one year at this pace . '
The density of "Breath" was high and that affected the speed at which it was absorbed in the dantian .
He had already cultivated for some months in the Dark vortex cultivation technique so his advancements in the liquid stage were not small .
Now that he lived in an environment where the "Breath" was so dense, it was no wonder that the time required for the breakthrough would diminish .
'I wonder how the concentration is at the source of the river . Well, I should probably get going, today there is the lesson about general cultivation . '
He took a bath and exited his lodging, moving toward the other side of the river .
The right area of the academy was assigned to the students while the left one was for courses and special training zones .
Along the way, Noah saw the other students of the Grayshade class walking in the same direction .
They all had radiant smiles and seemed eager to reach the building where the lesson would occur .
"This place is amazing, isn't it?"

June appeared behind him .
She had large eyebags but her figure was brimming with excitement .
'This maniac probably trained for the whole night . '
He then realized that he had done the same thing and cursed internally .
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'Why is she so friendly anyway . I'm not exactly the most approachable person in here . '
Noah rarely smiled in public and when he did that, it was a fake one .
His cold aura always accompanied him, scaring away most of those around him .
However, there seemed to be exceptions in the academy .
The Eeggi siblings spotted Noah and joined him in his walk .
They began to speak with June about the environment in the academy and their preferred courses .
However, June was quite reserved when she spoke with them, she didn't seem too experienced in human relationships .

"What about you, Vance?"
The three turned to look at Noah when the red-haired man asked the question .
His name was Ford, Noah had learned it during their trip on the air-ship .
'Are they talking about my courses? How should I know, I barely know anything apart from the three centers of power . '
Noah shrugged his shoulders and gave a short answer .
"Those that increase my battle prowess . "
They were a bit surprised .
June nodded and her battle intent was aroused but Ruth rebuked a bit .
"There are way more applications to the "Breath" than simply using it to fight! Inscriptions can create marvels like the flying ship and improve the daily life of everyone . Alchemy can create potions to deter magical beasts from invading the human territory! Using this wonderful energy only to cause more violence is a waste!"

Ruth seemed really invested in this topic but Noah had a different view of things .
He had already seen a technologically advanced world and the image of the King of the valley assaulting its cities formed in his mind .

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'A life where all humans are forced to be similar to each other in their mediocrity is only possible in a world with no external threats . And even there, humans will find a way to create more conflicts . '
He had understood the human's nature, his mind was broadened by the experiences of his two lives .
He continued to look in front of him toward the nearing appointed building while he answered in a cold tone .
"All those things are useless if you die due to your weakness . "
Ruth was stunned by his answer but June and Ford were of a similar view .
She was about to reply when they reached the structure where their first lesson had to occur .
"This conversation is not over . "
Ruth said running toward the entrance .
Her brother followed while June remained with Noah looking at the figures of the Eeggi siblings speeding in the distance .
She spoke with a soft voice while her expression became dark .
"She is so naïve . "
Noah could not help but nod slightly .

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The building was two-story-tall and, on the ground floor, it had a large room full of seats .
'This really resembles the universities of my previous world . '
The seats encircled a small desk were Megan Iccek was sitting .
She had her eye closed and her legs crossed, she seemed quite peaceful contrasted to her attitude when she first appeared to the students .
It took the youths a few minutes to place themselves on the chairs .
When the last one arrived, she opened her eye and stood up while speaking with a loud voice .
"Today I will do a general overview of the known information about cultivation, I believe that many of you are already aware of the topics that I will discuss . "
The student's attention was attracted and they listened quietly .
"You are all cultivators so you are aware of the three centers of power and of many of their qualities but for the sake of this lesson I need to review them . "
"The sea of consciousness is a projection of your mind, it represents your mental processes and can influence any aspect of your daily life, from your thinking speed to the focus in your actions . "
"The dantian is the organ that stores the "Breath" and nourishes your essence . Raising its level will increase your lifespan and empower the abilities that use it . It is also what indicates your rank as a cultivator since its effects are more evident overall . "
"The body is the shell that allows you to contain that much power . Increasing its level not only will prolong your life, but it will also allow you to raise the rank of the other two centers of power . If your body is weak, it will not be able to contain the "Breath", stopping your advancements as cultivators . "
"The body is also the easier center of power to train and its rank should always be the highest compared to your mind and dantian . "
"However, things aren't so easy when we talk about ranks above the third . For example, has any of you seen a rank 4 magical beast?"
Some of the students nodded and a few of them stole glances in Noah's direction when they saw that he remained still .