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Chapter 1140: 1140
Still, King Elbas was the best inscription master of the world . Using powerful items against him could work for a while, but his expertise would become an essential variable in a long battle .

Chasing Demon pressed on . The titan waved its massive fists while the Royal dodged the army of puppets that charged at him .

The titan would destroy some of the puppets with its attacks, but the latter detonated into a storm of rocky shards that forced King Elbas to deploy more defensive items .

The Royals' leader had used more than fifty items in the sixth rank by then . Many of them were at the peak of the upper tier, while only a minority had quasi-rank 7 power .

The number of items already used was incredible . Only Shandal could match his accumulation of weapons, but he was a god who had lived for more than fifty thousand years .

Nevertheless, even King Elbas' huge stash began to dwindle . The Royal tried his best to cover any signal of that event, but everyone noticed how he relied less and less on his items as the battle continued .

There were some attacks that King Elbas couldn't block on his own, but all the others were for his flames to handle . The Royals' leader had to save them for critical situations .

The trend of the battle didn't change . King Elbas even risked dying a couple of times since his reaction time had increased as injuries piled on him .

It was as if he was waiting for something to happen, which was the same moment that all the others on the scene feared .

The titan was about to punch through a series of puppets to reach King Elbas when its movements stopped . No sound echoed in the area, but the eyes of the experts went on Chasing Demon .

The Hive's leader spat mouthfuls of blood as he crouched on the titan's shoulder . His skin had turned gray, and energy leaked out of his hole instead of going into the divine item .

Chasing Demon had activated a secret art to unleash that battle prowess . That empowerment had its limits, and it seemed that he had finally met them .

King Elbas smiled as he exploded into a sea of golden flames . All the puppets around him burned into ashes and blocked the offensive of the other experts .

He was finally free to do as he wished . The titan couldn't roar unless Chasing Demon poured liquid "Breath" in it .

King Elbas was too tired to teleport in another spot among the flames, but he could still charge at his opponent . The fire on his path became denser as spears took form and flew with him toward the coughing Demon .

There seemed to be nothing able to stop that charge . After all, the experts' spells couldn't go past the thick golden flames .

However, the experts soon focused on the battlefield again since a black line appeared on King Elbas' path and enlarged to create a portal .

The Royal felt surprised at that sight, and a dangerous sensation filled his mind when he saw more than a thousand spiked spheres coming out of it .

The spiked spheres had various power . Most of them were in the lower tier, but a few reached the peak of the tier .

That kind of threat couldn't scare him away usually, but King Elbas had suffered too much in the battle, and he didn't have the items to face that attack head-on .

He could only slow down his charge so that his flames would take care of the Instabilities .

The spheres detonated and released their spikes . The flames in a small area retreated due to the might unleashed by more than a thousand explosions, but they soon advanced again .

Noah had begun to use saber-shaped runes as the spikes of the instabilities for a while by then, but they couldn't do anything once the golden flames swept them .

The difference in level was too great . The golden flames were one aspect of King Elbas' higher energy in the end . Weapons that couldn't even reach the middle tier couldn't compete with that power .

Still, a massive punch crossed the melting array of spikes and crashed on the spears that had formed during King Elbas' charge . The Royal had the time to escape because he promptly detonated some inscribed items taken out of his space-ring .

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A deafening roar spread through the battlefield and destroyed the sea of flames . The titan had awakened, and its Master was controlling it again .

Chasing Demon became visible again after that exchange . His skin was still gray, and blood flowed out of his hole, but he stood proudly on the titan's shoulder as he controlled it to suppress King Elbas .

Noah's interruption had gained enough time for his Patriarch to recover, with the only difference that Chasing Demon wasn't strictly better . He had decided to sacrifice even more of himself to continue fueling the secret art .

King Elbas could only curse Noah . The victory was so close, but his sudden attack had brought him back to the previous situation .

The Royal knew that he wouldn't last until Chasing Demon became unstable again . There was too much coming at him, and Noah was quite troublesome to deal with due to the new Warp spell .

"Fine then," King Elbas conveyed through his mental waves, and his aura suddenly became stronger as he escaped from the various attacks .

Golden flames surrounded his body, and the titan roared to destroy them . Yet, they endured the vibrations and continued to cover his figure as a transformation happened inside him .

King Elbas was the original creator of higher energy according to his research . That field was still vast and unexplored, so there was a large room for improvement .

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The Royal had avoided choosing which path to take because he had never been in a hurry . He was the strongest in those Mortal Lands already, so he had never needed to gamble when it came to his power .

However, the experts of the other organizations were about to kill him . It was pointless to hold back some of his resources for the sake of the future .

King Elbas' aura became more intense . The golden fire fed on his skin and blood to become stronger and apply modifications . When the Royal came out of his cover, his injuries had started healing, and his eyes shone .

His figure began to release even more flames at that point . King Elbas hadn't advanced to the seventh rank, but his power appeared far different than before .

The experts couldn't understand what had changed, but Noah inspected the scene and became aware of how King Elbas had pulled that power-up off .

Noah was the only one to notice and understand the change because he had seen those same features in June . She was fundamentally different from the other cultivators because her centers of power didn't have "Breath" .

The same had happened with King Elbas . He had decided to abandon his "Breath" and use only his higher energy as his fuel . That gave him more of the resource that he needed to fight and a superior starting point in terms of sheer power .

Moreover, King Elbas had studied the titan enough to know its weak spots . He only needed to take a small disk and other inscribed items before resuming the battle and aiming for those areas .