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Chapter 1141: 1141
When Noah saw King Elbas bursting with incredible power, he immediately knew what had happened . The Royal had thrown away his "Breath" to make his centers of power run only on higher energy .

The transformation would generally need a long period of seclusion and invasive drugs to take effect, but King Elbas had completed it in a matter of instants .

It was as if his centers of power were ready for that moment . King Elbas only needed to set his mind for his entire being to transform .

The golden flames illuminated the void and spread around King Elbas . They didn't create a fiery sea, but they covered his figure, creating innate protections against any enemy attack .

The experts spread around the battlefield pressed on with their offensive . They didn't care that their centers of power were nearing a critical state . The only thing that mattered was that King Elbas couldn't leave that area alive .

Various attacks flew toward the Royal . Lighting bolts, dense gales, storms of ice-shards, puppets, and wind-slashes flew toward him . Yet, those spells could only burn when they touched the golden flames .

King Elbas' fire had changed . Even his previous golden flames couldn't destroy the enemy spells so quickly . Their overall destructiveness had increased in ways that the experts couldn't understand .

Chasing Demon didn't let King Elbas' new technique scare him . The titan swung his fists toward the Royal and clashed with the fire without showing any hesitation .

King Elbas didn't dodge . A golden flare spread through the void as both massive fists landed on his figure . A shining radiance filled the environment, and the result of that clash shocked everyone once the light dimmed .

The fists had clashed with the flames, but they didn't manage to close on King Elbas . His golden fire was so dense that even a divine item couldn't break through it with its sheer power .

Chasing Demon inspected the scene without revealing any emotion . However, those who knew him well could see the amazement in his eyes .

The Hive's leader had relied on a secret art to push his cultivation level to the liquid stage . That was the only way to unleash more of the titan's power .

Still, King Elbas' new form could block the titan's blow without relying on any particular technique or inscribed item . The golden flames had reached a level that ignored the widespread labels of the cultivation world .

The flames appeared incredibly strong, but their power was still in the solid stage of the sixth rank . The fact that they had blocked the titan's attack didn't make any sense for those who didn't know about the higher energy's unfathomable prowess .

The golden flames had surpassed even his expectations . Stopping the titan's blow with their sheer power was something that no one would ever think to be possible .

Noah felt some helplessness watching that scene, but his ambition surged too . Seeing that the higher energy could have such might pushed him to focus his whole being on completing the last step needed for his breakthrough .

The lines of the Divine Deduction techniques illuminated the insides of Noah's mind as they consumed his mental energy . His dark star began to spin faster as his whole existence focused on overcoming the bottleneck that kept him stuck in the fifth rank .

Noah was flying on the edges of the battlefield when he saw the power of King Elbas' flames . He had continued to absorb any raw law in the environment while watching the main battle, and he had intervened without stopping his looting .

The sight of such prowess made him lose himself inside his ambition . Noah desired power so badly that his entire existence was trying to push his level to the next stage .

He didn't have any clue on how to complete his project with the dark matter . The light element was too distant from his existence, so he even lacked a starting point in that matter .

However, his mind had reached a state that benefited any enlightenment dawning upon him . His existence had become ready to advance . Noah only needed the trigger for the breakthrough now .

King Elbas laughed when he saw his flames stopping the fists . His aura surged as his arrogance reached its peak .

He had managed to stop a divine item without the help of inscribed weapons or secret arts . There were virtually no superior achievements that he could accomplish while in the heroic ranks .

His cultivation level increased on its own . King Elbas' advanced inside the solid stage without absorbing any energy from the environment . His individuality was striving for the status of law right in front of his enemies .

Chasing Demon couldn't let him continue . Allowing King Elbas to improve was foolish, and he didn't have much time left anyway .

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The titan roared, and thick shockwaves spread through the battlefield . King Elbas' flames endured them, but Chasing Demon's attack had only begun .

An army of puppets came out of the dark-red massive figure . Chasing Demon spat a mouthful of blood as the clay-like material that made the titan began to morph .

One of the titan's arms transformed into a long hammer that the puppet grabbed with its free limb . Chasing Demon's right arm exploded as the giant ripped off the weapon to swing it toward the Royal .

King Elbas had to suppress his arrogance when he saw the hammer swinging in his direction . The dangerous sensation that he had felt at that sight forced him to focus on the battle .

A series of spears took form among the golden flames that surrounded his body . They shot toward the hammer and exploded into a violent surge of energy that slowed down the weapon .

The hammer continued in its trajectory even if it had lost part of its power, but King Elbas could stop it with its flames at that point .

'Strange,' Noah thought as he watched the battlefield . 'He should be able to push the titan away if he used techniques fueled on his higher energy . '

Noah could see details that others missed due to their lack of knowledge about higher energy .

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He had created Snore and Night's body with the dark matter . His runes also used higher energy as their core material, and the same went for the Elemental Forging method .

June had adapted some of her old spells to her black sparks too . She had it easy since her diagrams had already seen heavy modifications to match her Perfect Circuit, but that didn't mean that King Elbas could do the same .

The higher energy was different from the "Breath" . Regular diagrams didn't work with it, and even the core ideas behind those techniques couldn't fit the incredible power contained in it .

King Elbas had managed to fuel his centers of power with higher energy, but he had yet to use specific spells or techniques that relied on it . He was only controlling his golden flames with his mental waves, which was similar to what Noah did with his other elements .

'This might be his limit,' Noah thought as coldness filled his mind . His centers of power were full since he continued to absorb raw laws, so he could use the Divine Deduction technique without minding his mental sea .

He suddenly stopped flying around the battlefield, and his hand slashed the void . A black line appeared in front of him and created a portal where he slashed again before pouring dark matter .

King Elbas was using his golden flames to destroy the army of puppets when a black line appeared next to him . A wave of dark fire came out of it, and ice soon followed it .

A series of sharp rocky weapons came after them, and violent gales blew after those attacks . Darkness spread among King Elbas, but his flames barely felt any pressure . They were too strong to suffer from those attacks .