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Published at 31st of December 2020 11:24:46 AM

Chapter 1145: 1145
King Elbas retreated as the star expanded . Its surface was still gaseous, but its density slowly increased as more darkness came out of Noah's dantian to fuse with the fourth center of power .

Flares shot out of the rotating sphere . Power surges happened as the dark matter became denser after every rotation .

There were different layers at the beginning . The dark matter was almost solid in the center of the sphere but looser toward its edges . However, everything slowly collapsed .

The dark star stopped expanding and condensed . Power surges caused flares that shot through the void, but the dark matter always returned to the rotating sphere even if it went far away .

The sphere stopped shrinking when it reached a radius of five meters, but a second collapse happened in its core . Its edges had become solid, but its insides transformed into a rotating whirlpool that exuded an even stronger gravitational pull .

It was as if the edges had turned into a container for the black hole at its center!

The fabric of the void began to shatter under the pressure released by that strange object . The void didn't have any matter, but it still belonged to a set dimension . The black hole's pulling force wasn't strong enough to affect the world, but its dense radiations appeared able to influence that reality .

The black sphere resumed its shrinking process and dragged the shards of broken void with it . Noah slowly became visible again, and he kept his mouth open as his head looked upward .

Those who knew him could guess what he was doing even if no sound spread through the void . Noah was roaring at the sky to announce his breakthrough!

A large patch of liquid blackness formed around Noah as the black hole shrunk until it disappeared inside his chest . His body shook as the fourth center of power resumed its normal functions, and an intense wave of energy filled all his tissues .

His body soon reached the peak of the lower tier under the nurturing of the black hole, and his dantian did the same by reaching the peak of the gaseous stage .

His consciousness expanded, and his mental waves became heavy thoughts capable of covering the entire battlefield .

Snore came out of Noah's body on its own and began to hiss at the sky . Its structure trembled as the new dark matter replaced the old one, and its size grew to reach the rank 7 titan .

The Blood Companion unfolded its giant wings, covering a six hundred meters area with their size . Its feathers trembled as the new dark matter improved their structure .

The dark star had become a black hole contained in a layer of solid dark matter . The darkness that flowed inside it became denser and purer before the center of power redirected that energy back to Noah's tissues .

Noah felt as if his body was about to explode with all that energy filling him . He had never thought that he could be that powerful, but his path had finally become clear now .

There were no more foggy areas nor doubts . Noah had completed his absorption of external laws to step on the path that would lead his existence to become something equally strong .

Noah was finally walking the path to transform into a law . A faint true meaning formed inside him, but it was still too weak to match the divine entities .

King Elbas had tried to analyze the dark matter's qualities during Noah's breakthrough, but his calculations could only make him more amazed .

The dark star's power was immense . It contained so much energy that even a few powerhouses would find it hard to match .

Learning that such a dangerous and incredible object was part of his body explained why he had expressed so much power while being in the fifth rank .

The dark star appeared as the best power core in the world . It could sustain Noah's body for centuries without ever depleting its energy, and it had now evolved into a black hole capable of condensing even more fuel .

The experts of the other organizations took note too . They had initially believed that the dark star was part of a cultivation technique connected to Noah's dantian .

However, they soon understood that it was something entirely different . The dark star had singular energy that was outside of the dantians' realm .

It resembled King Elbas' golden flames, but it was also entirely different and unique to Noah . Moreover, it was part of his existence, which gave him something that the experts found hard to believe .

The dark star absorbed and released energy . It had advance together with Noah's dantian, so it had a strict connection to his individuality . Only centers of power behaved like that, but the dark star didn't match any known organ in the magical beasts and cultivators' fields .

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There was only one possible explanation . Noah had created a fourth center of power!

That realization shocked everyone . Noah didn't only turn into a hybrid when he was a human cultivator . His existence needed more, so he had evolved his status further .

His incredible prowess had an explanation now . His body had long since surpassed the hybrids' realm, and the reason for that was the dark star .

The experts didn't let that event stun them . They had continued to advance toward King Elbas while Noah completed the breakthrough, but the Royal acted before they could reach him .

King Elbas gathered his flames in his palm again and threw the fiery spear that formed toward Noah .

The power of his higher energy filled the void and radiated a heavy pressure . The flames appeared to touch on the absolute limit of the sixth rank . Nothing could be stronger than them without stepping on the divine stage .

Noah had yet to understand how strong he was after the breakthrough, but the fiery spear flying toward him didn't give him any time to analyze his new power .

The black hole rotated inside the solid dark sphere, and large quantities of dark matter came out of him . A vast cloud formed in less than an instant and enveloped both Noah and King Elbas .

The spear flew through the dark matter undisturbed . Noah's higher energy had evolved, but it wasn't strong enough to oppose King Elbas .

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However, the flames that made the weapon slowly lost their detailed shape and dispersed inside the cloud . The spear disappeared before it could even reach Noah .

"What trick are you using?!" King Elbas shouted, and the sound of his voice echoed inside the dark environment .

The sound was another clue connected to Noah's new technique's true nature, but that didn't help King Elbas . He still couldn't understand how the dark matter worked .

Chasing Demon and the other experts eventually entered the cloud too . The Hive's Patriarch was in an awful state, and he had turned into nothing more than a corpse who could barely stand up .

Noah came out of a gale of dark matter flowing next to the Patriarch . King Elbas had temporarily lost track of him, so he had some time to prepare a plan .

"This technique won't suppress him for long," Noah said, and Chasing Demon appeared surprised that sound could fly there . "He will soon understand how to overcome the limitations that I've applied to him . "

"What do you suggest?" Chasing Demon replied weakly .

"I've created an opening in the void during my breakthrough," Noah answered as a cold smile appeared on his face . "Let's throw him there . "

Chasing Demon's eyes lit up for a second, but his expression soon turned grim . He didn't have much power left . He could control the titan for one last exchange before his entire existence turned into dust .

Noah understood what he had in mind, and a structure rose from under him . It resembled the underground mountain where Chasing Demon used to cultivate, but it had raw laws on its summit .