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Published at 31st of December 2020 11:24:44 AM

Chapter 1147: 1147
Chasing Demon's skin began to turn gray again . It seemed that the effort was reverting the effects of the raw laws, but he didn't dare to diminish his output of energy .

He had understood that Noah's technique had limits and that King Elbas had already begun to overcome them . There wouldn't be another chance to defeat him if he failed to keep the Royal in the other dimension .

The dark-red surface of the titan began to burn under the effects of King Elbas' flames . The golden fire moved in an orderly manner and according to precise lines to unleash a strange aura that appeared to be quite effective against the divine item .

King Elbas had understood how the titan worked by then . Its structure was still mostly a secret, but he had learnt enough to target its innate flaws .

The experts gasped at that sight . King Elbas was in an unknown environment and inside a divine item's grasp, but he still managed to attack at full power .

Their eyes went on the expanding void . They wished that they could do something to quicken the fixing of the crack, but they could only wait and hope that Chasing Demon would hold strong .

The crack was inside Noah's dark world, but he didn't have any power over the other side . Even the titan had to struggle to pierce the liquid blackness . His strength alone wasn't enough to affect the situation .

Silence spread among the group . The experts could only hold their breath as the golden flames began to cover the titan's arm . The fire even reached the giant's shoulder as it continued to unleash its destructive properties .

Noah tried his best to suppress the golden flames, but they were too dense for his dark world . His will couldn't apply any restriction on them when they were so dense .

Even with his recent breakthrough, Noah remained a gaseous stage powerhouse . He couldn't surpass King Elbas when it came to raw power .

Chasing Demon couldn't move . His whole focus was on pouring the entirety of his cultivation level on the titan to fuel its incredible strength . Part of it also went on keeping its structure intact, so he couldn't break his concentration for even a second .

The flames eventually reached him before continuing to spread on the rest of the titan . Chasing Demon burned, but his concentration didn't waver .

His eyes remained on the shrinking crack . His mind had cut away any other input and made him focus only on his task . His organization and friends' future was at stake, so he didn't care if his body crumbled in the process .

Dreaming Demon was in a similar condition . She wore an ugly expression as she clasped her hand around Flying Demon's arm .

Her gesture didn't aim to hold her lover's back . Her fingers stabbed in his skin as she did her best to restrain herself .

The two Demons suffered the most intense emotional blow, but Elder Julia and Noah weren't too better off .

Elder Julia had known Chasing Demon since the Coral Archipelago . The Hive had yet to be born at that time, and there were only separate sects ruling the underground world in the islands .

She had seen the rise of the Hive under Chasing Demon's leadership . They had started from a small and isolated area in the sea, but now they belonged to one of the world's greatest organizations .

Noah still recalled the few conversations that he had with Chasing Demon . The Patriarch had never complained about his behavior . It didn't matter how many forces he offended . Chasing Demon would always deploy the assets of the Hive to back Noah up .

Chasing Demon had never tried to suppress Noah . Instead, he had done his best to push him further on the cultivation journey . The Patriarch had even provided Noah with pieces of information that only powerhouses could know only to help him in his path .

Noah had always known that he lacked something . He could never sacrifice himself for the sake of his organization . However, he couldn't help but feel pure respect toward Chasing Demon's action .

The Patriarch had lost the love of his life after Ravaging Demon's betrayal, but he had continued to train to exact his vengeance . His efforts to benefit the Hive didn't stop after he killed his mortal enemy .

Chasing Demon had devoted his entire existence to spreading his Master's teachings, and the Hive now was an organization full of entities who were proud of the label "Demon" .

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Divine Demon might have preferred him to abandon everything and focus on his path, but Chasing Demon was different .

Noah had felt something during his long period of training . The Patriarch had reached his limits . His potential and will didn't allow him to advance further .

The thought that someone with such a grim future could still focus everything on his organization made him respect Chasing Demon even more . He was a true leader, and the Hive wouldn't be the same without him .

"Tisha," Chasing Demon suddenly said while his figure burned . His words echoed through the dark matter, and Dreaming Demon's attention focused on him .

"You have always had more foresight than any of us," Chasing Demon continued . "I know that you will do your best to build a future for the Hive . "

Dreaming Demon couldn't muster the strength to answer him, but she performed a deep bow before focusing on his figure again . She wouldn't dare to miss his death .

"Arthur," Chasing Demon spoke again, and Flying Demon's aura became peaceful as he focused on his words . "You've suffered more than any of us, but you didn't let your pain destroy your future . I leave Master's inscriptions and the defenses of the Hive to you . Be sure to discipline that stubborn automaton . "

A tear ran down Flying Demon's left eye before performing a deep bow and resumed to watch his old friend .

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"Julia," Chasing Demon continued, "You have handled every political matter while I spent my time cultivating . I can't think of anyone else who could manage the Hive better than you . "

Elder Julia nodded before bowing . Chasing Demon had basically named her the new leader of the Hive, preferring her to his old friends . She couldn't feel more honored .

The golden flames covered the whole titan and threatened to burn the dark world . Yet, they remained on the divine item as they focused all their power on it .

The crack had almost closed by then . Chasing Demon only needed to hold on for a bit more to defeat King Elbas once and for all . Still, his goodbyes weren't over yet .

"Noah Balvan," Chasing Demon said as his figure crumbled and the giant started to speak with his voice, "Demon Prince of the Hive, Divine Demon's heir . "

Noah's attention spiked as Chasing Demon listed his titles, and his eyes remained fixed on the giant as it continued to speak with the Patriarch's voice .

"You have defeated opponents far stronger than you since you were only a human cultivator," The giant said as its arm broke and it used its body to block the opening in the void . "You have surpassed every expectation, and your potential knows no limits . You are the best cultivator that the world has ever seen, and your power doesn't follow any common sense or label . "

The giant began to crumble, and only ashes came out of the golden flames . Nevertheless, Chasing Demon's voice continued to echo through the dark world . "I know you don't want to be a leader, but you still deserve a title worthy of your achievements . From now on, you will be Defying Demon . May the Immortal Lands tremble when they hear your name . "