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Chapter 1150: 1150
Months of political silence followed the dispersion of his ashes . The Hive didn't make any move, and even its borders remained peaceful while the higher-ups held their event .

The rank 5 Elders held banquets to recall his moments as a leader . Flying Demon, Dreaming Demon, and Elder Julia joined those events to tell stories that the weaker assets had missed, but Noah didn't go to any of them .

Noah had promised a full-on invasion . It was his first time ordering something on that scale, but the Hive's powerhouses knew that he wasn't joking around .

Chasing Demon's death had to be a signal . His sacrifice had to state that the Elbas family couldn't be part of the new continent, and Noah intended to make that idea real .

Still, he had some projects to finish before approaching the tight defensive formations that surrounded the four regions under the control of the Elbas family .

Noah remained inside his new quarters during the political funeral . The Hive had built an incredible underground mansion for him . It was a proper palace that featured areas meant for all his needs .

The location was also optimal for Noah's training . The mansion was under one of the territories inhabited by hybrids, so he could ignore any restraint when testing some new techniques .

The new mansion had a cultivation area with so many "Breath" blessings that the air in there had surpassed the peaks of the piece of Immortal Lands when it first fell .

It had a training room filled with formations that could replicate various battle sessions . Noah could even use some of his memories to improve their effects .

Another area had many materials capable of releasing heavy pressure . That could help Noah's mind improve, but the Hive knew that he had access to the Seventh Kesier rune, so it focused the training on strengthening the mental walls .

Noah couldn't cultivate just yet . His dantian peaked after the breakthrough, but his cultivation technique required the Demonic Sword .

The living weapon had to evolve before it could enlarge Noah's dantian again . The amount of energy that it could absorb at its current level wasn't enough to train the center of power .

Noah often traveled toward the Divine Cut to exchange blows with Sword Saint . His normal training didn't interfere with his improvements with the sword arts, and his existence continued to rise toward new peaks as he kept on fighting with the will .

Sword Saint had shown him his best attacks, but Noah didn't mind training with someone who could endure his blows . The divine will was the perfect sparring partner .

The Demonic Sword eventually evolved . Noah had invested many of the magical beasts' corpses inside his space-rings to feed the living sword, but his expenses saw good returns in the end .

However, Noah wasn't satisfied with its current form . The Demonic Sword had to express the entirety of his existence, but it lacked one core material .

The dark sphere had transformed into a black hole after the breakthrough and the dark matter that it released only helped Snore in its basic form .

The dark world used Noah's higher energy as its fuel . He had yet to test that technique's power with experts at his level, but he knew that it contained an incredible value .

Noah had managed to suppress King Elbas' golden flames with his dark world . The restrictions didn't last long, but that period was enough to defeat any opponent near his level . That was the kind of weapon that could defeat stronger cultivators, but Noah didn't accept to have only one of them .

Noah began his experiments with the Demonic Sword almost immediately . It only took a month for his first experiment to fail, but the mansion contained the detonation .

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The failures didn't affect Noah's anymore . His body was so strong that even the explosion of rank 5 and 6 materials couldn't hurt him . His companions didn't have to worry about him .

The Demonic Sword accepted every test happily . It felt the pain lingering inside Noah's mind, so it preferred to help him through those stages in the best way that it could . The blade endured every modification, and it even went through countless painful tests .

The experiments took a while, but Noah eventually succeeded . He was attempting to modify a living being, and Noah wouldn't care about its behavior too much . Yet, he wasn't willing to make his living weapon suffer pointlessly .

Noah succeeded in the end . His project consisted of fusing dark matter in the Demonic Sword, and the blade accepted that treatment . Torrents of dark matter had flown inside the Demonic Sword and improved its structure . The living weapon's anatomy was peculiar, but Noah followed the process closely from beginning to end .

Noah ignored any social stimulus in that period . He had too much to do, and any eventual opponent wasn't worth the time wasted when he didn't prioritize his power .

The Demonic Sword became bigger as dark matter fused with its structure . It reached the point when it didn't need to shrink from performing specific attacks anymore .

The living weapon didn't change shape before meeting an enemy, but its internal structure improved in ways that he couldn't describe . It absorbed all the missing pieces of his existence, and it had naturally improved as if it was waiting for that experiment to happen .

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Divine Market city appeared in Noah's eyes after he ended his training session for good . The area had so many defensive formations that he didn't even begin to count them, but he cared about them .

Second Princess appeared behind the enemy protections, so Noah had a limited set of actions . Yet, he was ready to fight there for years only to drag her out .

"We can decide on the matter in a far more enjoyable place," Second Princess said when she saw Noah nearing the defensive formations alone .

She had learnt about the events inside the void from the pieces of information concerning the powerhouses' last mission, and she truly feared Noah's mindset at the moment .

Noah wasn't the type to do anything reckless unless it benefitted his cultivation level . Yet, the situation was different now . He didn't want to join negotiations . He only wanted to create a mess to honor Chasing Demon .

"The time for negotiations is over," Noah replied while the Demonic Sword roared while inside his space-ring and landed in his hand . "I want every member of the Elbas family out of the new continent, and I'll use everything in my power to accomplish that . "

"Demon Prince of the Hive!" Second Princess complained as the light of the inscriptions in front and behind her lit up . It seemed that she had activated a signal that triggered all the defenses in the area .

A rocky giant appeared behind her, and a building released a fire that compelled anyone in the area to retreat . All the defenses became clear in Noah's mind, but he didn't care about any of them .