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Published at 31st of December 2020 11:24:36 AM

Chapter 1154: 1154
Noah had singlehandedly driven away what everyone thought to be one of the world's strongest organizations from a divine resource . That alone spoke for how the Royals' power had fallen after the mission at the center of the plane .

The experts gave Noah credit, but he wouldn't have succeeded if the Elbas family had been at its previous peak . It didn't matter how amazing he was . His cultivation level wasn't high enough to take on a major organization on his own .

Noah's achievement announced to the world that the Elbas family could lose, but only the Council could benefit from that discovery . The Shandal Empire had gained access to the new continent again, but it was in no condition to start a war .

Great Elder Diana saw the outcome of Noah's assault as the signal that the Elbas family's defenses couldn't endure a proper attack for long . The alliance could finally get rid of that organization once and for all .

Noah retreated to his quarters after his twenty years long solitary battle ended . He had ignored many friends and projects after returning from the separate reality, and it was time to give them some of his time .

"Is your mourning over?" June asked when she saw Noah entering his underground quarters . She had begun to cultivate there while he sieged Divine Market city, and her cultivation level had slowly neared the peak of the fifth rank .

Noah could see that it would take her one century or so to become a powerhouse, and the reports of the Hive told him that other experts were in a similar state .

Daniel had continued to progress steadily . His position inside the Hive had long since solidified . He was now in charge of a few factions inside the organization .

He had become the lead alchemist of the Hive, and he even had a few loyal apprentices . Elder Julia would also send him to meetings with the Council too since his character suited those events .

Elder Justin had reached the solid stage and was progressing nicely . The news of Chasing Demon's death had pushed him to enter a long period of seclusion, and he intended to come out only after he became a powerhouse .

Elder Colleen and Elder Ingrid were in a similar situation, even if their level was still around the solid stage's halfway mark . Many other Elders had also advanced through the stages of the fifth rank, which gave the Hive positive prospects .

Noah knew that cultivators couldn't just train to reach the sixth rank . Many of those promising experts would remain stuck near the peak of the fifth rank for a long time and possibly forever .

Stepping on the path to become a law wasn't something that everyone could do . A single flaw in their individuality could ruin their future as cultivators and stop their advancements forever .

"I think part of Chasing Demon wanted to die," Noah replied while nearing his lover . "Maybe he has never been completely alive after Charming Demon's death . "

June was cultivating on a praying mat, but she interrupted her training to pull Noah down with her . She then made him sit so that she could use his lap to lay her head .

"We have outlived old monsters," June commented as she closed her eyes to immerse herself in Noah's scent . "We have become them . I recalled only recently that we are more than nine hundred years old . "

"Who counts anymore," Noah replied while caressing her hair . His gaze moved through the large training hall, and he couldn't help but compare it to the small room that he had when he was still inside Balvan Mansion .

Most of the people that he had met in his life were dead, and only a few of them had died of old age . Noah had even killed many of them through his journey . Still, he could now stand among those at the peak of the heroic ranks .

The mountains of corpses had become tall enough to make him peek at the divine ranks . Noah felt close to the end of his journey in the lower plane, but he knew that there was still an abyss between him and the Immortal Lands .

"Do you think that King Elbas is dead?" June asked and broke the peaceful silence that had fallen between the couple .

"No," Noah replied honestly, "He will probably reappear in a millennium or so, flaunting how awesome he is . If I have to rely on my instincts to judge, I can't imagine him dying in a lower plane . "

"You don't even know where you sent him," June complained in a teasing tone, "But you are sure that he will reach the Immortal Lands . Should I be jealous?"

Noah smiled, but his expression turned serious when he reviewed King Elbas' prowess . His answer made June wear a stern face too . "We gave him the greatest struggle of his life . I can't imagine how powerful he will be after he overcomes it . "

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"Do you fear him?" June asked .

"Of course," Noah replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world . "The Hive already has a contingency plan ready in the eventuality that he returns as a divine entity . We have the same for Shandal and every other threat that we can't face . "

"Which is?" June questioned him .

"Hide until you are strong enough to face them," Noah gave another honest answer .

The Hive's greatest advantage was Divine Architect's separate dimension since it could become the best hideout during a crisis that it couldn't face .

Noah didn't like to hide any more than other experts on his level, but there were threats that even entire organizations couldn't face . It was pointless to engage in a battle that he couldn't win if he had a way out of it .

The couple chatted for a while before resuming their normal lifestyle . Noah and June still lived together, but their cultivation sessions lasted for entire weeks, and they had many projects to handle .

The best they could do as a couple was to set specific days every few months that they had to spend together . That didn't interfere with their training and gave them breaks from an otherwise dull schedule .

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Noah could finally focus on improving his Companions in that period . The alliance had begun to pressure the Elbas family's domain, but he had already done his part . He would join the battle only after he completed all his projects .

Improving Snore turned out to be relatively easy . The Blood Companion had an innate connection with the dark world since it had acted as a catalyst for Noah's elemental attacks .

The Demonic Sword had evolved and fused with the dark matter easily because it was a mirror of Noah's existence . Still, Snore accepted the improvements because the dark world was its natural environment .

Undoing and reassembling the Blood Companion core's structure was extremely easy inside the dark world . Noah barely had to make any effort to replace body parts that didn't suit its new power anymore .

That saved Noah a lot of time, especially when it came to the testing phase . He only had to forge organs that could empower Snore's elemental attacks .

Instead, Night's improvements took longer to make . Noah had promised the Pterodactyl its final body, but that meant creating a proper living being where he would put the creature's consciousness .

It also meant that Noah had to make it able to grow . Night was different from Snore . It wanted to be its own existence that didn't need Noah to improve .

Noah had to do all of that while improving the Pterodactyl's innate ability . His tests in the past had given him plenty of data, and his conclusions led him to use the rarest material in his space-ring .

Noah had managed to retrieve some pieces of Royal Metal from the landmass in the yellow sea, and they appeared to be perfect for Night's species .