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Chapter 1155: 1155
It was also incredibly sturdy . Noah recalled how no one in the group of experts had managed to seize shards of the metal from the black landmass . The pieces in his possession came from one of the giant's attacks .

Night's innate ability made it transform into darkness whenever it attacked . Its structure interacted with laws during its assaults, and the task required its strange body to work correctly .

Noah found replicating that ability quite hard . He had succeeded after many tests, but he always felt that he couldn't quite express Night's true potential with the previous bodies .

The dark matter did its best in aiding Night's innate skills, but the Royal Metal could bring those abilities to a superior level . The only problem was the self-destructive behavior of the material .

For the first time in his life, Noah had to mess with the laws inside materials for the forgings .

The Royal Metal didn't bend or break, but Noah didn't need to modify its shape . His focus was on its fabric, and he spent months identifying the laws that triggered the unwanted effects .

Flawed raw laws made that material . Their goal was to search for meanings, and Noah had every intention to satisfy their wish, but he wanted to remove their annoying after-effect .

Identifying his targets didn't give Noah the ability to remove them . He didn't have the power to cut through the Royal Metal, so he couldn't cut away those laws either .

Yet, he knew a particular creature with spectacular piercing abilities, which could improve the final product if it spread its darkness inside the Royal Metal .

"You want to create a series of bodies that I have to destroy to get the final one?" Night asked when Noah told it about his plan .

The Night-blade Pterodactyls were spectacular when it came to affecting laws . Night had managed to destroy formations' cores while ignoring every defense when it was only a small bird . It could do the same for the Royal Metal with the right body .

The Pterodactyl was nothing more than a huge empty head, but it analyzed the black spikes that Noah had laid on the ground with great interest .

Noah didn't need to point out the exact laws that it had to cut away . His mental connection with the creature was enough to give it a target . The only problem was whether Night could pierce the metal .

"I will need twenty bodies to complete the task," Night eventually said . "I've never seen this material before . I will destroy part of me every time I enter its fabric . "

"What are you willing to do for the perfect body?" Noah asked while wearing a smirk, and Night didn't hesitate anymore .

Noah didn't deplete precious materials since Night's bodies only required dark matter . Still, he couldn't hold back on their qualities since the creature wouldn't be able to cross the metal otherwise .

The project consumed a lot of time, but Noah soon optimized the forging process with the dark world . Night also attacked while inside it to improve its piercing ability .

Night managed to remove the last of the unwanted laws from the spikes after destroying sixteen bodies that had the power of the sixth rank .

Experts would go crazy if they heard those numbers, but Noah had long since stopped considering rank 6 resources important . Only top-tier resources and divine items could interest him .

The black spikes fell apart after Night attacked their fabric . They became a thin sand-like material that carried a faint trace of the Pterodactyl's aura .

Noah felt delighted with that outcome, and he began the construction for Night's final body immediately .

To make Night able to grow, Noah had to infuse part of the dark matter with meanings retrieved from its consciousness . The Pterodactyl didn't follow other magical beasts' normal anatomy, so he had to use specific instincts to make his higher energy behave as if it was Night's original body .

The process took a long time since Noah had to wait for Night's consciousness to recover after he forged a part of dark matter . He had applied the theory of the Will-consuming runes on the Pterodactyl .

Then, he forged the sand-like material with the infused dark matter to create a ten meters tall body that had wings capable of covering a fourteen meters large area .

Of course, the body carried the characteristics of the Night-blade Pterodactyls . It only had edges and didn't have any organs . Still, the Royal Metal had fused with its fabric, so it wasn't only dark matter anymore .

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Noah ultimately fused Night's consciousness with its new body, and the creature soon tested its abilities .

"It feels strangely comfortable," Night commented after it flew for a while . It had even gone in its breeding area to test its innate ability, and the results left it quite amazed .

"I don't feel any resistance when I attack," Night said in an excited tone . "I can transform faster, and I feel lighter even if I can sense that the body is heavier . I can even feed on the darkness that I create!"

Night couldn't contain its excitement, but Noah limited himself to flag another project as completed . With all his companions taken care of, there were only a few things left to finish .

The runes immersed in his mental sea were useful assets that Noah had to pair with martial arts to make them suitable for his species . He also had to complete Sword Saint's training, but he wasn't sure that it had an end .

The strange diagram that he had retrieved from Shandal's separate dimension had yet to react to his energies, so Noah didn't spend much time analyzing it .

Instead, the other reward became far more tempting now that his body was about to reach the middle tier .

Noah suppressed the faint hunger that had appeared in that period and focused on pushing his body and dantian toward the next level .

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It was better to rely on the winged creature's remains when his body's requirements reached levels that he couldn't satisfy with the world's resources .

His dantian didn't have the same problems, and it advanced in the liquid stage a few years before he hit the one thousand years mark . Noah had spent only a bit more than a century in the gaseous stage, but the raw laws had benefited his growth in ways that surprised even him .

Advancing in the liquid stage didn't make his dark matter change . The dark hole in his chest became able to amass more energy and purify nutrients better, but its functions remained the same .

The sudden breakthrough made Noah the strongest expert in the Hive, and the other powerhouses in the organization pressed him to hold an official ceremony to announce the event .

The Demons and Elder Julia wanted him to take the role of Patriarch even if he wouldn't handle any political matter . They only wanted Noah to become the face of the Hive .

Noah didn't mind that task . His job would be to defend the Hive and deal with other significant problems, which were almost non-existent in that period of peace .

He would have to make decisions regarding worldwide events, but his mindset was perfect for an organization like the Hive .

In his mind, Noah had already accepted that role, but he wanted to complete another task before appearing in public to announce that event .

His body was at the peak of the lower tier, but it required valuable resources to breakthrough . Noah didn't want to use the winged beast now, but there were powerful creatures in the world that could provide what he needed .