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Chapter 1157: 1157
Generally speaking, his body had long since surpassed the standards of magical beasts and hybrids . His physical strength was far superior to those creatures, and it allowed him to deal with stronger beings at times .

The Fog Demons had a weak body, but they focused all their power on their innate ability . Since Noah's opponent was in the middle tier, his physical strength and casual slashes didn't manage to eradicate its foggy armor .

'I should take this a bit more seriously,' Noah concluded, and a series of saber-shaped runes came out of his palm before surrounding his figure .

Noah knew that the fastest way to deal with the creature was to summon the dark world and rely on his strongest slash . Still, he had other abilities that he didn't test in a proper battle yet .

The black fire kept on burning, but the beasts' armor enlarged as more fog gathered inside it . The gas also became denser, and the flames couldn't pierce it anymore after that .

The beast molded the fog around it to create a series of giant Hyenas that ran toward Noah . They were fast, but Noah slashed a few times with the Demonic Sword to launch multiple black lines that divided the copies in half .

He then sprinted forward, and the array of saber-shaped runes shot in front of him to create a rotating drill that vibrated together with his living weapon .

The primary energy that had gathered in the battlefield flowed inside them and improved their power . Noah's new sabers were in the liquid stage of the sixth rank, but they grew further as his destruction nourished their form .

The Fog Demon tried everything to stop his charge . It launched other Hyenas copies, spikes, and it even created dense walls . However, the array of sabers pierced everything and made Noah reach his opponent in a blink .

The beast roared as its armor exploded outward . That condensed gas destroyed the saber-shaped runes that had lost a lot of their power during the charge, but it wasn't enough to fling Noah away .

Noah almost placed a knee on the ground as he stopped right under the two meters long ant that had come out of the fog and focused his momentum on the Demonic Sword . Then, he performed an upward slash that reached the creature .

His blade touched the creature and dug in its exoskeleton before severing it in half . The Fog Demon couldn't do anything against Noah's direct blow . His physical strength alone was enough to pierce its natural armor!

Noah's sharpness and the power contained inside the Demonic Sword did the rest . The blade had yet to reach the middle tier, but it could express might far superior to its level when Noah wielded it .

The gales continued to blow until the sunlight illuminated the destroyed bottom of the mystical fog . The beast had accumulated so much fog that the sun managed to shine on that region .

Noah expanded his consciousness to search for his opponent, and he found it in a spot among gales that converged mid-air . His first instinct was to attack, but he remained still when he saw the new form taken by the Fog Demon .

A humanoid giant grew from the converging gales . That new foggy armor wielded a blade with one hand, and it had facial features that vaguely resembled Noah .

The Fog Demon had tried to imitate Noah since he was the strongest opponent that it had ever faced . As an expert in the magical beasts' field, Noah couldn't help but be interested in that creature and its innate ability .

The giant raised its blade and slashed toward Noah . Its lower body dispersed into the fog as the weapon descended, and another storm spread through the environment .

The ground broke as the storm spread . Numerous debris and large boulders flew in every direction, but Noah let those coming toward him crash on his body as he kept his eyes on the descending sword .

A smile had appeared on his face when he saw the attack . He felt as if a magical beast was challenging him on sword arts!

Noah crouched as he drew the Demonic Sword backward . If the creature wanted to fight with blades, he would show it a proper technique .

His aura surged as the sharpness radiated by his existence gathered on his blade . His eyes moved toward a spot inside the giant's chest as he prepared one of his strongest attacks .

Noah unleashed Sword Saint's lunge before the foggy blade could hit him, and a chasm opened as his sharpness flew toward the giant .

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The foggy blade fell apart as Noah's lunge pierced its base and created a large hole in the giant's chest . A second of silence followed the exchange, but the fog gathered by the innate ability soon dispersed .

A small and maimed corpse fell on the ground as the fog filled the area again .

Noah walked toward the Fog Demon's remains and scratched his head when he saw the poor state in which it had ended . Only a small part of its body had remained intact . Everything else had disappeared in the might of the lunge .

'I got carried away,' Noah thought as he collected the small remains of the beast together with the half body that he had severed before .

'I need to use more spells the next time,' Noah thought while reviewing the battle . 'The saber-shaped runes are good . I should test the other ability now . '

His hunt had only begun . The Fog Demon had one of the weakest bodies among the world's various species, so Noah had never taken that challenge seriously .

It had been enough for him to use one of his strongest attacks to deal with the threat . For a magical beast that supposedly was on his level, its actual prowess had been quite disappointing .

Noah knew that the labels of the cultivators couldn't describe his prowess accurately . There was nothing about him that matched the standards of the power system of the world .

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His body was in the lower tier, but it was an evolution of the hybrid status . His physical prowess and healing properties were off the charts, and the black hole could enhance all his innate skills .

His dantian was at the beginning of the liquid stage, but it didn't contain "Breath" . Noah had severed every connection he had with Heaven and Earth's system and used only energies that suited his individuality to improve .

His mind was above both dantian and body in terms of progression inside the sixth rank, but it didn't have the azure mental sea like other cultivators .

Noah's mental energy was dark-brown, and it carried features of both magical beasts and humans . His mind didn't have limits connected to species, and it could express more pressure than others on the same level .

In the end, Noah had a black hole in his chest . His fourth center of power improved his functions and gave him access to various new abilities that culminated with his dark world .

In the liquid stage, powerhouses could face rank 6 magical beasts in the middle tier, so Noah was entirely at ease in those hunts . The difficulties would come when he found creatures that neared the tier's peak, but part of him wished to see some of them .

It wasn't only a matter of nutrients . Noah wanted to fight . He desired to face struggles that forced him to advance on his path, and his only hope now was in the rank 6 magical beasts in the two worlds .

'Next is the mountain chain,' Noah thought before flying away from the mystical forest .

He left behind a destroyed environment and earthquakes that spread until the inhabited regions on both Papral nation and central territories . Still, those were the natural after-effects of a battle between rank 6 beings .