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Chapter 1158: 1158
The requirements in terms of energy for his body were unclear . After all, he had relied on the stuffed winged beast to push himself in the sixth rank .

Noah didn't believe the requirements would be as harsh as before, but he still wanted to prepare a few complete corpses for him to eat before taking a step in the middle tier .

Reaching the mountain chain on the other side of the old continent took him only a few days . Most of the central regions were under the alliance's control, so there were many teleportation matrices in the area .

The mountain chain didn't change either . Wolf-like and ape-like creatures filled its regions, but the fauna's average level was relatively low for someone who had experienced life in the new continent .

A few packs led by rank 5 specimens ruled over large areas, but they were nothing more than kings of ants compared to the mighty fauna of the new continent .

Noah didn't bother with the weaker beasts and went looking directly for a target that suited his needs . Anything under the sixth rank wasn't worth his time .

The search for a rank 6 magical beast took longer at that time . Noah almost believed that the mountain chain didn't have a specimen on that level at some point . Yet, he eventually found a strange-looking mountain that radiated an ancient aura .

The aura was faint, almost unnoticeable . Noah risked to miss it since he had inspected those regions from his spot high in the sky .

His instincts told him that something was there, but he couldn't quite understand the nature of the threat when it was in that state . The only thing he could do was to force a response to investigate further .

Noah launched a casual slash toward the mountain, but his black line didn't create any fissure in that rocky surface . The structure didn't even tremble after the impact .

'Is it an armor?' Noah thought before the answer appeared in his vision .

The mountain began to shake, and large boulders fell on the ground . An intense aura spread in the environment and made every pack of weaker beasts run in fear .

Roars echoed in the sky, and Noah could understand only part of those confused cries . The magical beasts announced that the king of the mountains had awakened, and it was ready to unleash its anger .

'Middle tier,' Noah evaluated when he sensed that aura . 'It's stronger than the Fog Demon . This thing is past the halfway mark of the tier . '

Some excitement built up inside Noah as the features of the beast became clear . A massive tail separated from the mountain and cracked on the ground . A pair of atrophied wings unfolded only for large boulders to fall from their surface .

'This species should be extinct,' Noah thought while he let the dragon recover from its long sleep .

That creature was a Mountain Dragon . It was different from other beasts of a similar kind since most of its tissues were hard rocks rather than flesh and bones .

That didn't allow Mountain Dragons to spit fire, but it gave them a superior defense, which was among the best in the magical beasts' world .

That species had an innate ability too . Mountain Dragons could release intense shockwaves by moving specific body parts, and they maximized those effects when they used their tail or wings .

However, the Mountain Dragon's wings that had appeared in front of Noah were relatively small compared to the rest of its body . That species didn't have large wings, but they were too small .

Noah guessed that the beast had entered a long period of hibernation . Its initial intention had probably been to limit its energy consumption while absorbing "Breath" from the mountain chain .

However, it was hard for magical beasts that didn't have an innate predisposition for long periods of hibernation to wake up . Many would enter it to wait for the arrival of new fauna and die in their sleep .

Mountain Dragons were also among the biggest dragon-type magical beasts, and their bodies were quite powerful even without their incredible defenses .

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They had only two significant weaknesses . Their body healed slowly, and they often required an environment filled with rocks to replace certain destroyed parts . Also, they were quite slow compared to other flying creatures .

The dragon released a few long roars, but it didn't attack . It was more intelligent than the Fog Demon, and it could understand that Noah wasn't as simple as he looked .

Moreover, it felt something familiar in him . His scent made him appear as one of its kind, even if he had the shape of a human .

The dragon growled, and Noah's eyes lit up when he understood the meaning behind that cry . The creature had stated that the mountain chain was its hunting area .

Noah released a growl to reply to the dragon . There wasn't an exact way to translate his cries into human words . He had only told the creature that he had come to kill it .

The dragon roared in anger, and it slammed its massive legs on the mountain that had been its home for a long time . Cracks appeared on its surface and spread on the ground as it released part of its physical might .

Yet, its show of strength only made Noah more excited . His consciousness had already spread, and his aura gave birth to primary energy that amassed in the sky .

Black smoke started to come out of Noah's figure . The fuming armor formed in a few seconds, and a dark cloud engulfed the mountain peaks with its corrosive properties .

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The dragon sensed the black smoke trying to consume its rocky skin and grew restless . It began to roar, but its cries carried a deep tone at that time, and intense shockwaves spread from them .

Part of the cloud shattered when the shockwaves expanded through the corrosive smoke, but Noah was busy focusing on something else .

Noah had stretched two of his claw-like fingers and had pointed them at the dragon's head while holding his wrist with his other hand . That gesture didn't appear to have any meaning, but a rune inside his mental sphere had reached the mental walls and was activating its effects .

The shockwaves continued to spread since the dragon never stopped roaring . Its tail also began to crack in Noah's direction, but the creature was too rusty after its period of sleep .

The attacks released by the tail missed Noah by a few hundred meters . The smoke on the areas of impact disappeared, but he didn't care . There were only him and the left eye of the creature in the world .

The dragon adjusted its aim as it tested its tail a few more times, but Noah had completed his spell at that point . A black line formed between his fingers and the beast's eye, and Noah slashed his hand upward when that happened .

The Mountain Dragon didn't understand anything at first, but pain soon spread from its head . When its attention finally went on its left eye, it saw that a long cut had appeared there .

Noah had taken away the eye and cut through a thick layer of skin . The improved version of his Dark Ray spell had managed to hurt a creature that had the best defenses among magical beasts . He could consider his test a success .