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Chapter 1159: 1159
His mental attacks had been easy to counter once the world learnt about them, and his slashes could never pierce the enemy's defenses when launched from far away .

The dark world had fixed that weakness, but a cultivator had to remain inside it for Noah to apply the restrictions and launch his strongest attacks .

Night was another powerful asset that perfectly paired his dark clouds, but Noah didn't want to rely only on such massive techniques to express an essential part of his prowess .

Snore had taken care of the long-range side of his offensive, and the latest improvements had made it a great asset to use in that field .

Still, it also relied on the dark world to express its true might, leaving Noah with a small number of attacks that he could use without the dark matter .

Sword Saint's slashes were powerful and immediate, but Noah knew that he would eventually abandon them to make room for attacks that expressed his individuality .

He needed reliable techniques that could reach opponents far away, and he had made sure to improve spells that could fix that weakness in his battle style .

The Dark Ray spell had always been weak compared to the other spells that Noah had owned in the past . The Demonic Form was too strong, and his physical prowess usually pushed him to engage in melee combat .

Yet, training with Sword Saint had taught Noah that everything could be a sword . Even a spell with good piercing abilities could turn into a blade in his hands .

The Mountain Dragon roared in pain, but anger soon filled its mind . It had barely fought for a few minutes, but its opponent had already injured it .

Its atrophied wings began to vibrate, and the vegetation around its mountain wilted as the Dragon forcefully drained energy from the environment .

The wings slowly grew as nutrients filled them . The Mountain Dragon turned its lair into a wasteland to restore its body parts to their old peak .

Its tail cracked in Noah's direction during the process . Intense shockwaves shot toward him, but the Demonic Sword launched slashes that fended them off every time .

Noah appeared to be lost in his thoughts as he deflected the Dragon's attacks . The new Dark Ray spell had decent power, and its piercing abilities were strong among his skills, but it took a long time to cast .

A small dark sphere eventually came out of his clawed palm . A vortex rotated at its center, and uneven edges contained its power .

The sphere enlarged as primary energy converged toward its form . It soon became a ten meters large mass that leaked surges of power from its shape .

The new Black Hole spell resembled Noah's fourth center of power, but it lacked its orderly shape . It was a simple mass of energy that absorbed anything coming in its way and used it to grow in size .

Noah had created the current Black Hole spell from two different abilities that he had rebuilt until they could reach the sixth rank . That instability was a natural consequence of all the modifications applied over the years .

The Dragon continued to launch shockwaves with its tail, but the Black Hole spell's gravitational pull made them converge toward its form .

The attacks crashed on the sphere and destabilized its surface even more, but the spell eventually absorbed their power to increase its size .

Some worry filled the Dragon's mind as the spell became more than thirty meters tall . It wasn't even spherical anymore . Its shape had become a mass of flares and boiling edges .

'I wonder how much energy it can absorb before exploding,' Noah thought while creating copies of the fuming armor .

When creating that spell, his initial idea had been to replicate the dark star's power, but it seemed that his darkness wasn't dense enough to contain so much energy .

Yet, he could use its instability to his advantage . After all, he only wanted an explosion . He didn't care if he couldn't control it .

'I guess I can only wait and see,' Noah took a step back as he thought that and launched his fiendish copies toward the dragon .

The Mountain Dragon's wings had returned to a decent condition after absorbing all the energy in the environment . It began to flap them, and intense shockwaves spread under the creature .

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The mountain chain had lost most of its energy by then, and those attacks made it crumble . Large fissures opened among the rocks, and the ground began to cave in as its underground structure shattered under that pressure .

The Dragon then aimed its wings at Noah before using them to help its tail in its offensive . The number of attacks shooting from its figure tripled, but they all ended up inside the Black Hole spell .

Meanwhile, the fiendish figures landed on the dragon and began to slash at its rocky skin . Their power alone wasn't enough to pierce its tissues, but the corrosive smoke made them able to surpass that first line of defense .

The Dragon saw those enemies cutting away large boulders from its skin and turned its attention toward them . A series of shockwaves shot from its tail and wings, and the fiendish copies soon exploded, filling that area with even more corrosive smoke .

The creature turned toward Noah only to see that the Black Hole spell had reached its head . The mass of energy had become more than fifty meters tall by that point, and the vortex at its center released sharp sounds as it rotated .

The Dragon didn't have the time to roar as the Black Hole spell exploded, engulfing everything in the area with a wave of dense energy that carried corrosive properties .

The black cloud dispersed as the spell detonated, and Noah removed his fuming armor to fly toward his opponent .

A large crater had appeared where the spell had exploded, and all the mountains in a few kilometers' radius had crumbled as the wave of energy swept them .

The danger zone had entirely changed after those exchanges . Any battle among existences in the sixth rank would alter the environment forever, and those effects were even more evident in the old continent .

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Many packs of magical beasts had died during the battle . They had been too slow in their escape, and the shockwaves released by Noah and the Mountain Dragon had destroyed their bodies, leaving no traces on that ruined region .

Noah descended into the crater while his mind went through the battle to find flaws that he could fix and new ideas on how to improve his abilities .

He had already found something that could solve the Black Hole spell's instability and improve the power of his copies . Overcharging them with the energy accumulated in the sphere would make them far more threatening .

Noah didn't even need to modify the diagrams inside his sea to apply those effects . He had already invented a martial art that worked similarly . He only needed his copies to perform it to gain its effects .

The Dragon was under a pile of debris and dust . Most of the rocks on its head and torso had crumbled during the explosion, so he could see its exposed pale-yellow skin .

The creature breathed weakly . It had survived the explosion, but it was too tired to continue fighting . Noah had destroyed its will and forced it to accept its death .

'If only your element were different,' Noah though as a sigh escaped his mouth .

The Mountain Dragon was an exceptional specimen, and he would consider turning it into a Blood Companion once his mind had more room if it had a different aptitude .

However, Noah would spend fewer resources building a similar body and throwing inside a different will . The Dragon's mind was too weak to meet his standards .

The Dragon could even become a useful asset in the Copying Technique, but Noah needed it for his reasons . He didn't hesitate to sever its head with a clean slash .