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Published at 29th of December 2020 10:05:07 PM

Chapter 1161: 1161
He didn't recognize its species, so his knowledge in the magical beasts' field couldn't help him in that battle . Still, that only fueled his battle intent . Noah had finally found the fight that he was looking for .

The Shark swam deeper in the darkness, but Noah knew that it wasn't escaping . He had felt its hunger when his consciousness touched its innate aura . The beast wouldn't give up on the chance to eat Noah .

The water in the area became denser as the Megalodon's aggression seeped through its fabric . It was as if the world itself had felt that a violent battle was about to unfold .

Noah created three fiendish copies, unleashed his saber-shaped runes, cast the Black Hole spell, and wielded the Demonic Sword . There wasn't enough primary energy to fuel his abilities in the area, but he knew that he would fix the issue soon .

A massive figure reappeared from the sea's dark depths and swam at an incredible speed toward Noah . He barely had the time to notice the Shark's charge before it arrived in his position .

The Megalodon bit on the seabed where Noah was, but it didn't feel any meat when it shattered the hard rocks through its teeth .

Instead, the saber-shaped runes that didn't crumble in the impact stabbed its flesh from inside its mouth, and the fiendish copies exploded to fill its insides with corrosive smoke .

The Black Hole spell didn't have the time to gather energy, so it crumbled during the impact without injuring the creature in the slightest .

The cloud that Noah had created when he activated the Demonic Form corroded its flesh, but it couldn't go past its superficial layers . Black spots appeared on its skin as poison entered its body, but the Shark ignored it .

The creature was too massive to suffer from the effects of the Black Mark spell so quickly . It would take a while before Noah's poison managed to affect it .

'It's fast,' Noah evaluated as he reappeared in a higher spot in the sea .

Noah had misjudged the Shark's innate abilities . He didn't expect such speed in such a massive creature, but it seemed to be its strongest quality .

The acceleration that the Megalodon could obtain was almost on par with his movement technique, and such feat revealed how amazing that ability was .

The Demonic Sword began to vibrate, and Noah focused on launching a tall slash with countless attacks around its shape . The black lines amassed to create a blow that carried every sword art that he knew .

The Shark didn't fail to notice the attack and accelerated to dodge it . Noah's slash crashed on the seabed and the various lines that made it crushed the rocky terrain, creating an uneven crater .

The Megalodon pierced through the water at incredible speed, but a trace of anger came out of its figure when it sensed that its opponent was after it .

It was its first time finding an existence capable of matching its speed, and that discovery made it feel challenged to no end .

That was its hunting area, and speed was its ability . That small creature couldn't live after such an insult .

The Shark performed sharp turns and launched thick shockwaves whenever it swung its tail . The sea opened every time one of those attacks shot toward Noah, but he dodged all of them .

The beast eventually stopped to swim in a circle . A series of sharp attacks came out of its figure as a whirlpool formed in its position .

Noah felt forced to stop his chase since the pulling force of the whirlpool threatened to drag him inside that storm of shockwaves, but a dangerous sensation filled his mind when he came out of his dimension .

The massive shape of the Shark appeared next to him while carrying the momentum generated by its acceleration . The creature had already left the whirlpool . The beast had used it as a distraction to catch its opponent by surprise .

Noah released a roar as he kicked the water under him to shoot toward the creature's head . The sprint made him avoid the sharp teeth, but the impact between his fist than the Megalodon flung him far away .

Noah crashed on the seabed and straightened his position as his feet and Demonic Sword slid on the rocky terrain to stop his momentum . Three fissures had formed by the time he stopped, but the beast didn't give him the time to catch any breath .

The Megalodon reappeared above Noah . It had sprinted right after their clash, and his punch didn't slow it in the slightest . A fist-sized injury had appeared on its head, but it was only a few centimeters deep .

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Noah felt the teeth of the Shark closing around him, but the creature suddenly retreated as a figure pierced the insides of its mouth and came out from the top of its head .

Night reformed among the darkness of the bottom of the sea . The Pterodactyl revealed its new body to the world before hiding inside the blackness again .

'Fine,' Noah thought as he evaluated the damages on his right hand . That frontal clash had broken his wrist and knuckles, but the black hole was already redirecting energy there .

'You are strong,' Noah concluded as a smile appeared on his face . Dense smoke came out of his chest and took the form of a massive winged snake that made the water tremble with its hisses .

Noah had decided to deploy his Companions after those exchanges . The Megalodon was too strong to face when he held back his best abilities .

It wasn't an issue of power levels . The Shark would destroy Noah's spells before they even formed, so he had to rely on more immediate weapons .

The Megalodon retreated in the darkness of the sea after Night wounded it . Noah could sense its intense anger, but he didn't plan to dodge its next attack .

Noah let go of his sword and waited for the assault to arrive . The Shark wasn't late, and its massive figure appeared on top of him in a second .

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Snore shot forward, and its massive body coiled around the Megalodon to slow down its charge . Noah also shot forward to help his Blood Companion in the task .

The Shark pushed both Noah and Snore back, but the two didn't let go of the creature . He had both his hands on the Megalodon's head as he pressed on the beast with all his strength .

Night didn't remain still . Its figure flew inside Snore and severed the Megalodon's fins while Noah and the Snake restricted it .

The Shark eventually lost its momentum and found itself unable to escape the giant Snake . It would typically launch a series of sharp shockwaves to destroy anything blocking it, but something else prevented its movements .

Night had severed its fins, and it didn't spare its tail . The Shark was nothing more than a massive body without any ability to move . The Pterodactyl had taken away that ability from it .

Noah revealed a cold smile as he watched the helpless creature . The Demonic Sword returned in his hand, and he swam on top of its head until he reached the spot right above its brain .

The Shark didn't feel defeated yet and tried to struggle even without its core body parts, but Noah didn't lose his foothold on the creature's head .

Noah pointed the Demonic Sword at the Megalodon's head, and laws appeared in his vision . The world froze in his eyes as he concentrated on ending the battle in that last slash without ruining the creature's body .

Then, his sharpness shot downward, and the Megalodon's eyes went dark as Noah dug a hole that reached deep inside its brain .