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Chapter 1162: 1162
The vastness of the sea was his enemy, and the hunting areas of the marine rank 6 creatures were far bigger than those on the landmass .

The seabed was irregular too . It had deep trenches filled with countless magical beasts and a high density of "Breath" .

That made Noah's exploration slower, especially since many marine creatures had good hiding capabilities . His target was an octopus-like beast at that time, but he didn't seem able to find it .

Noah searched in every trench and underwater structure that he found inside the hunting area recorded on God's Left Hand's map . He even dug inside submarine mountains and volcanos .

However, he found no trace of his target . Even the fauna in that area didn't act like it had a rank 6 creature hiding somewhere .

'It might have moved,' Noah considered that option, but the hunting area recorded on the map wasn't close to the piece of Immortal Lands .

The creature didn't have any reason to move, and it had no threatening opponents nearby . The Mosasaurs weren't close to its hunting area .

Noah had to spend months to find the first traces of his target . He had to use his knowledge in the magical beasts' field to imagine what the octopus would do if it wanted to expand its hunting area .

That was the only explanation that he could find for the lack of traces, and his guess ended up being on point .

In one of the deepest trenches at a few kilometers outside of the hunting area marked on his map, Noah found a large patch of polished rocks that spread till the ditch's bottom .

The water in the area was dense, and a slimy green substance hovered near the trench's entrance . Noah found that oily liquid more often as he descended deeper in the ditch, and the water almost disappeared when he reached the bottom .

It was as if a different sea had formed right above the seabed at the trench's bottom .

Noah knew that only a creature in the sixth rank could create such changes in the environment . The influence of its aura had changed the entire zone, modifying it so that it suited its natural gifts .

The atmosphere became tense as Noah continued his descent . The creature hiding in the depths had noticed his presence, and its aura naturally expressed its battle intent .

Noah felt a dangerous sensation forming inside his mind . He had yet to see the beast, but he felt sure that his opponent was at the peak of the middle tier .

Everything fell into chaos in an instant . Tens of thick tentacles shot from under the oily substance and converged in Noah's position .

The tentacles pierced the dense dark matter that had appeared in their way and clashed with the Blood Companion . Snore endured the blows, but large chunks of its body shattered during the impact .

The limbs of the creature didn't stop there . They had flat tips with the shape of an arrowhead, which allowed them to dig deeper into the dark matter that made Snore .

The creature knew that the Blood Companion was only a puppet . Its attacks pointed directly at Noah .

Snore didn't remain still . The damages to its body didn't affect it in the slightest .

The dark world resonated with its intentions, and dark matter amassed around its figure while a layer of hard rocks covered its skin . The higher energy also transformed, and Snore soon became a massive statue that stopped the tentacles inside its body .

A shadow ran through the dark world and severed the restrained tentacles . Night had attacked as soon as it found an opportunity, and it took down seven limbs in one charge .

A wave of large bubbles containing the green liquid surged from the bottom of the trench, but Noah didn't wait for the creature to unleash its angry counterattack .

The defensive layer around Snore broke and turned into smoke as Noah stepped outside of his Blood Companion . He held the Demonic Sword high above his head, and dark matter converged around its figure .

A massive head came out of the oily substance . Two dark-green eyes shone among the trench's darkness, and hundreds of tentacles became visible around it .

'What octopus!' Noah shouted in his mind as his sword descended . 'This is a Kraken!'

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The Demonic Sword carried a large amount of dark matter in its descent . The higher energy had transformed the weapon into a three hundred meters long blade that slashed at the creature emerging from the depths .

Countless arrow-headed tentacles rose from the oily substance's surface, but Noah's slash fell on the head of the Kraken before it could launch an attack .

The whole trench began to tremble as Noah's sharpness, and that wave of dark matter crashed on the beast . Large boulders fell from the polished walls, and cracks opened on their surface .

The dark world moved so that the corrosive smoke released by Noah could flow on the spot where his slash had fallen . The Demonic Form's corrosive properties followed the tunnels that the dark matter had created inside the cloud .

That was Noah's strongest attack . It surpassed both Sword Saint's techniques, and it was the best that Noah could do with his current expertise .

Sword Saint had shown him his final slash in the past, but Noah had yet to understand its forms . His knowledge of the sword arts was too poor even to see that attack correctly .

The seabed continued to tremble, but Noah remained still . The boulders falling in his direction crumbled under the pressure of the dark world, but they amassed freely on the spot where the Kraken had appeared .

Noah didn't believe that his attack had killed the creature . He knew exactly how strong he was, so he was aware that only one slash wasn't enough to defeat a magical beast at the peak of the middle tier .

Just as he had predicted, a series of pointy tentacles shot out of the debris and converged toward Noah . The slimy green substance covered their tips and part of their surface as they cut through the dark world .

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Noah launched a few slashes, and the dark world resonated with his sword . The thick black lines that came out of his blade enlarged as dark matter joined their assault and copied their properties .

One black line was big enough to clash with multiple tentacles, but the latter pierced right through Noah's attacks before continuing their charge toward him .

Black sparks gathered between Snore's horns before a thick array of sword-shaped lightning bolts shot toward the tentacles . The dark world enhanced those elemental attacks too, and crackling sparks amassed around them .

The simple elemental attacks had turned into small lightning storms that flew toward the tentacles . The impact with the Kraken's limbs deviated them from their original trajectory, but they remained intact even after such amass of energy had exploded on them .

'What is this substance?' Noah thought before a copy of the Demonic Sword formed in his free hand .

Both swords began to vibrate before Noah slashed toward the array of tentacles . Two attacks that expressed all the sword arts he had learnt in his life came out of them, and they stopped the tentacles when they crashed on them .

However, not even Sword Saint's technique managed to cut them . It seemed that the green substance improved their defensive properties in ways that Noah still didn't understand .

Clean cuts appeared on the tentacles once they stopped, and their severed ends fell toward the bottom of the trench . Night became visible for an instant before its figure mixed with the dark world again .

The oily liquid countered Noah's sharpness, but it couldn't stop the strongest predator inside the darkness .