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Chapter 1163: 1163
Its attacks were smoother too . The Royal Metal and the dark matter enhanced its innate skill, and the dark world pushed that ability's power even further .

Noah wasn't sure if the Night-blade Pterodactyls were the strongest predators inside the darkness, but he knew that no one on its level could match Night's offensive prowess now .

Surges of bubbles came out of the oily layer at the bottom of the trench . Noah could sense the Kraken's anger from those underwater roars, and the vitality that they expressed made him even more serious about the battle .

The Kraken had lost almost twenty tentacles, and Noah's strongest slash had landed right on its head . Any creature would typically show some weakness after those injuries, but the marine overlord sounded more vigorous than ever .

The Demonic Sword's copy turned into smoke that fused in the dark world as Noah raised his blade above his head . Dark matter gathered around its shape as he prepared another massive slash .

The Kraken didn't dare to show its head again, but it didn't care about its tentacles . Hundreds of sharp arrowheads came out of the oily surface and shot toward Noah at high speed .

Noah couldn't see the trench anymore . Sharp tentacles covered by the green liquid filled his vision and created a blockage that he couldn't dodge . Yet, he had no intention to escape from that clash .

The Demonic Sword descended and carried a big chunk of the dark world with it . A sharp wave of dark matter and corrosive smoke fell on the limbs that filled the trench .

The oily substance tried to stop the attack and make it slide over the tentacles, but Noah's slash was too massive and violent . It crashed on the limbs and cut everything on its path .

Dark-green blood filled the water and created a large stain between Noah and the Kraken . Still, the slash had managed to cut only part of the tentacles . The other continued to shoot upward .

Snore opened its mouth, and a wave of black flames engulfed the tentacles . Raging black gales came out of its nostrils, and lightning bolts shot from its horns .

The dark world empowered the elemental attacks . The fire became denser and vibrated as its destructiveness reached its peak . The gales created proper tornadoes, and the lightning bolts fused with them to give birth to a crackling storm .

The tentacles tried their best to overcome the elemental attacks, but a layer of ice soon covered their surface, and a series of small snake-like puppets coiled around them to restrain their movements .

Snore then unfolded its wings . Its feathers began to tremble and exude a sharpness that spread through the entire dark world .

The dark world aided Snore's wings . Noah's higher energy helped to gather primary energy, which flowed inside the feathers at an incredible speed .

Snore completed the preparations for its strongest attack in a few instants and released a barrage of sharp feathers that radiated the power of a spell at the peak of the liquid stage!

The elemental attacks had continued to restrain the tentacles while Snore prepared its offensive, but everything between Noah and the Kraken vanished once the feathers arrived .

All the tentacles that had amassed in the trench crumbled into a pool of blood and torn flesh . The grand offensive of the Kraken couldn't do anything against such a massive attack .

The Kraken was about to roar in anger again, but Noah had already launched another slash . The Demonic Sword had fused with the dark world and had begun its descent by the time the feathers disappeared .

Another intense series of tremors filled the trench, and the seabed around it as Noah's slash landed on the creature's head . Dark-green blood filled the entire area, but the corrosive smoke soon destroyed everything that wasn't dark matter .

Noah descended toward the trench's bottom, uncaring of the boulders falling from the walls at his sides . His Demonic Sword was above his head again, and more dark matter gathered around it .

Snore launched its elemental attacks toward the oily bottom, and Night inspected the situation, waiting for a suitable moment to act .

The Kraken couldn't do anything against that violent offensive . Its remaining tentacles shot upward only to clash with the elemental attacks . A shadow then severed them and opened a path for Noah .

Another long slash descended, and the Kraken could only rely on its thick skin to block it . Elemental attacks followed, and the creature sank deeper into its slimy layer to deplete some of their power before they landed on its body .

Noah launched another slash, and the oily layer opened to reveal the massive creature . It was more than one hundred and fifty meters large, and it filled the entire bottom of the trench with its size .

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A few tentacles still undulated around its figure, but there were mostly maimed limbs . The creature had lost most of its offensive abilities in the last exchanges, and fear soon filled its mind .

The Kraken began to escape . Noah had overcome everything that it could throw at him, and there was nothing else that it could do to stop him .

Noah saw the Kraken using its remaining tentacles to sprint across the trench and enter a fissure in the polished walls . The opening was narrow, but the beast slid inside it without any problem .

A human-shaped crack replaced Noah's figure, and he reappeared right in front of the fissure . He stabbed one of the tentacles still outside with the Demonic Sword before using his clawed hands to dig deeper into the injury .

Noah used that wound as a handhold when he tried to pull the creature back in the trench . Still, his physical strength couldn't overcome the Kraken .

Snore quickly reformed and bit on another tentacle . The two continued to pull while Night entered in the fissure and cut every piece of flesh in its way .

The Kraken struggled madly, but Night eventually cut too many vital tissues . Noah and Snore finally managed to pull the beast outside of the fissure, but it was already dead by the time it returned at the bottom of the trench .

A shadow came out from one of the cuts that filled the Kraken and returned to its original form . Night made its appearance among the blood, water, oily substance, and dark matter that filled the area .

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The Pterodactyl raised its head as if expressing how proud it was about its achievement, but Noah ignored it as other thoughts filled his mind .

'This is my limit for now,' Noah thought as he stored the massive corpse and swam through the battlefield to collect any body part that he found .

A creature at the peak of the middle tier had forced him to make use of all his weapons . The fact that he could defeat it would surprise many experts, but Noah never felt satisfied with his current power .

'Peak of the middle tier is equal to liquid stage powerhouses around the halfway mark of the stage,' Noah calculated in his mind .

The dark world was more effective against cultivators since it could interfere with the laws they wielded and tried to express . Still, Noah's raw power placed him among experienced liquid stage powerhouses already .

'I should be a bit weaker than Great Elder Diana right now,' Noah concluded . 'My body and sword need to advance before I can claim to be unbeatable in the liquid stage . '

Noah knew that the journey in the separate reality had made him skip entire centuries of training . That had been possible because his individuality had been ready to reach his current level, but now it needed to grow again .

Thinking about the many years he would spend in complete peace annoyed him a bit, and he felt even more eager to ascend .