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Published at 29th of December 2020 09:40:06 PM

Chapter 1166: 1166
He didn't need the training to enforce those oaths, and a simple thought was enough to modify some of them . Noah had gained complete control of the Hive in a few minutes .

Skully and Elder Julia left to prepare the new continent for Noah's arrival, but the Demons remained with him . Dreaming Demon continued to reveal her warm smile, and Flying Demon appeared more relaxed after the transfer of the leadership .

"Master wasn't the type to waste time on ceremonies," Flying Demon said after heaving a sigh . "Well, there wasn't anyone capable of making him change his mind either . I'm surprised you have accepted this role without complaints . "

Noah was about to reply, but Dreaming Demon interrupted because she felt the need to explain her lover's words . "He is saying that you are quite similar to our Master . We were both afraid you would refuse to become a Patriarch because it might limit your freedom . "

The Demons knew how Noah thought, and that was the exact reason behind their doubts . Yet, Noah saw his new role differently .

"I won't organize any event," Noah said . "I won't handle any political issue . I only need to step in when the Hive is in danger . I might end up doing less than what I already do . "

Noah spoke earnestly, but the Demons exploded in a loud laugh when they heard his words . They could finally understand why Noah didn't even try to avoid that role .

"Do you plan to be a Patriarch that remains hidden in his quarters and comes out only when the situation can benefit him?" Flying Demon asked, and Noah shrugged his shoulders to reply .

His gesture caused another wave of laughs, but the Demons knew that Noah's attitude didn't come from laziness .

The world was at peace, and the Hive was the strongest organization in the entire plane . The Council and the Empire had leaders with a better cultivation level, but that didn't matter too much when Noah was part of the picture .

Noah's obligations wouldn't change after he became a Patriarch . The other powerhouses already managed all the aspects of the Hive, so he didn't need to do anything else for his organization .

"I can accept that!" Flying Demon eventually stopped laughing to speak . "Protect the Hive when everything else fails . Do it for the organization that has given you a home, and for Chasing Demon . "

"Master has never liked organizations either," Dreaming Demon continued . "He has always considered them a trap for weak-willed cultivators . He used the Demon Sects only to gather resources that he needed . "

Divine Demon was quite strict in his idea of the cultivation journey . He acknowledged the utility of organizations, but he loathed that they could take time from his training .

He was also a ruthless teacher . He often fought to obtain whatever he wanted, and he never gave too much importance to appearances .

Noah felt that he would be the same type of leader . He would use the Hive only when he needed resources that he didn't have the time to collect .

As for the political borders, the alliance only had the Elbas family left as an enemy . Noah wouldn't need to join meetings or negotiations unless a new threat appeared .

The trio resumed their flight again, but their destination was the forest of White Woods on the western coast of the new continent at that time . The Demons wanted to escort Noah from Chasing Demon's old quarters to the new ones .

Noah wore a neat robe that appeared less luxurious than those of the Demons . The higher-ups didn't want to make him go out of his character, so they prepared tight clothes that gave off an important aura .

The octopus and the islands were still there, but Noah's robe didn't have loose sleeves or special symbols on his shoulders and legs . His were simple battle clothes of exceptional fabric .

Noah's underlings wouldn't see him as an unreachable existence if he appeared in public with those clothes . They would see an ordinary cultivator who had reached the top through struggles and battles .

That was the exact image that the powerhouses wanted Noah to have . There was no need for him to pretend to be someone else . He only had to be himself, and the story of his life would do the rest .

Noah and the Demons crossed the entire new continent to reach the western coast . The journey took a while, but everyone could see him getting his earned throne in that way .

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The forest of White Woods had remained the same, but there was a throne floating above it now . The seat was nothing special . It was a simple tall armchair made of rocks .

The Demons left Noah at that point and flew toward the sides of the throne . Elder Julia and Skully appeared from different teleportation matrices and imitated the Demons .

The four powerhouses waited for him to take his seat, and countless teleportation matrices lit up as Noah began to fly toward the throne .

Many experts reached the region to witness the birth of their new Patriarch . Even human cultivators managed to attend the event through special channels that shielded them from the new continent's pressure .

Noah didn't look behind him . He flew until he reached the throne . Then, he turned to sit on it .

The powerhouses didn't make any speech nor announcement, but everyone on the scene knew that the Hive now had a new Patriarch .

Noah stared at the crowd watching him while wearing a stern expression . June and other old friends were among the audience, and traces of his surprise almost appeared on his face when he saw all of them bowing in his direction .

Thousands of cultivators amassed near the teleportation matrices and on the edges of the domes nearby, but all of them bowed to greet their new Patriarch .

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Memories resurfaced inside Noah's mind . He had already seen a similar scene . It was the same view experienced during the attitude test at the Royal Academy .

Countless powerful existences bowed toward him, but Noah didn't feel anything special at that sight . It had been the same during the attitude test . He had never desired to rule, and his mindset didn't change after almost a millennium .

Noah recalled how that dream continued . His eyes instinctively went to the sky, and the Demons couldn't help but smile at that sight .

Some of the best experts on the entire plane were expressing their loyalty toward him, but Noah's only interest was in the world above .

The Demons knew that . Noah's gesture had only confirmed their idea of him, and they felt glad that they were right .

Some of the experts inside the audience noticed his gesture too . Noah's first act as a Patriarch made him appear uncaring, but a few promising cultivators caught a glimpse of his drive .

Even becoming the Patriarch of the strongest organization in the world couldn't distract him from his real goal . Noah's drive was pure, and the audience could see that from his gesture .

That casual move expressed who Noah was as a cultivator . Some of those in the region felt their ambition surge and fill their minds .