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Chapter 117: 117
More lessons followed in the next days .

There was the alchemy course held by Wanda Hamman, the real battle course held by Bruce Nairti, and then courses about the general history of cultivators and magical beasts .
Noah was happy to discover that his chances of becoming an alchemist weren't that bad .
He had a strong mind and a good attitude at repetitive works, the only problem was is cold nature that contrasted with the warmth needed to take care of useful plants .
However, during Bruce's lesson, he shined like no one else .
"It's a pity that I already have a student as a disciple and he requires all my attention . Otherwise, I could have become your master right away . "
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Those were Bruce's words after Noah didn't lose any one versus one fight in his class .
'His student is called Daniel and it seems that he is some sort of celebrity around here . Apparently, he had the previous record of the hunting tests but I broke it . I've probably made an enemy out of him already if he is like the other nobles . '
Noah was in his house pondering about the events of the previous week .
'The courses of general cultivation and real battle are a must to attend . I'm really interested in the course about magical beasts too . As for the others, I'd better wait for the results of tomorrow's test . '
The students had one free day before the test of their nature and Noah was spending it inside his lodging, cultivating .
'I wonder how the test will work, it doesn't feel bad to have a clearer idea of how you are . '

The rest day passed uneventfully .
Noah woke up on the next one full of energy and moved toward the appointed gathering area .
The students of the Grayshade class had to reach a certain building on the left part of the river and wait there for further instructions .
Noah walked alone like he was used to but the same three people arrived behind him and started a conversation .
"You know, Mister Thaddeus said that it is highly possible that I will become his disciple . "
Ruth said without hiding the excitement in her eyes .
Ford had a wide smile on his face when his sister spoke, being the disciple of a member of the Royal dynasty would be immensely beneficial to their family .
"That is good for you . "
June cheered her without much enthusiasm .
She had lost again against Noah in Bruce's class and only managed to tie with Justin .
She was eager to increase her strength so she didn't care much about the test .
Noah wasn't paying attention to their behavior, he was still wondering how his nature could be tested effectively .

June claimed his attention by lightly nudging his torso .
"Do you already know which courses will you attend?"
Noah had become used to June's character .
She was a bit wild in her manners and words but she was pretty straightforward so he could be at ease and not expect any scheme from her .

"Megan and Bruce's ones are a must in my opinion . I'll just wait for the results of the test to think about the others . "
June nodded and a slight smile formed on her face .
"It's good that you don't want to relax in the combat training . I don't want to beat you because you were too focused on other things . "
Noah shook his head .
"You should first surpass Justin, don't you think?"
June snorted and crossed her arms before replying in a loud voice .
"If we could have used spells that guy was done for! Oh right, I don't even know which element you have . "

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Noah shrugged his shoulders but didn't answer .
He didn't particularly mind that his element was exposed but he felt that hiding it as much as possible was the best way to slow down Balvan family's research .
'If they knew that a new student with no background and of the darkness element joined the academy, I believe that all their inner circle would go to the Royal city asking for me . '
He was a fugitive after all, he had to take his precautions .
June was disappointed by the lack of an answer but she seemed to think of something and nodded repeatedly by herself .
Then she looked at Noah again and smiled .
"I will just have to force you to show it the next time that we fight . "
Noah sighed and massaged his temples .
The appointed building was deep in the left side of the academy .
The area was surrounded by an eerie silence and a big door blocked the sight of the interiors of the structure .
Megan was waiting for the students to gather in front of the building and raised her hand to obtain their attention when the last one of them arrived .
"You will enter twenty at the time . The test consists of an illusionary dimension built after scanning your mental sphere . It will personal and nothing happening in the test is real but it will be a representation of your dreams and talents . After that, the results for your attitudes regarding the courses offered by the academy will be shown to you . "

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She then began to call the names of those that obtained the highest score in the entrance test so Noah and June were allowed to enter with the first batch of students .
The door opened and revealed a big circular area with a mirror as its floor .
A large crystal was at the center of the room, it was transparent but it refracted the light that passed through it .
"The formation will scan your sea of consciousness, don't oppose it or the test won't be accurate . Now sit and stare at your reflections on the floor, I will activate the inscriptions . "
Megan moved toward the crystal and took out a shining gem .
'That should be worth one hundred Credits . '
Noah judged before he sat and stared at his reflection .
His skin was smooth and slightly pale, his eyebrows were thin and his eyes were bright .
Megan then placed the Obsidian Credit on the crystal and many inscriptions lighted up on the floor like they were the expanding roots of a tree .
Noah felt a stare on his mental sphere .
The external force continued to look at his sea of consciousness for a few minutes until his reflection flickered and he was absorbed by the mirror .