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Chapter 1170: 1170
"And yet," Noah replied after heaving a sigh, "I'm a human and a magical beast . I have lived in the wilderness and among the politics of the cultivators . I have seen both sides, and I know that your feeling is nothing more than envy originating from your weakness . "

"Envy?!" The Ape God exclaimed . "There is nothing to envy in humans!"

"You wanted a dantian as far as I remember," Noah replied . "I wonder why you desired a human organ . "

Noah revealed a smile at that point . He wanted the beast to become even angrier so that he could see how deep its hatred was .

His plan would become unfeasible if the Ape God hated humans from the bottom of its existence . Yet, there was hope for cooperation if it could accept them .

"I want the world to be fair!" The Ape God complained .

"I'm against Heaven and Earth too," Noah replied . "We have two common enemies . "

The Ape God remained silent after that reply . Noah had made clear that King Elbas was his opponent, so the creature could guess that he needed its help to defeat him .

"Little human," The Ape God said, "You have yet to gaze at the divine, but you want to fight beings that are near that stage . The golden human isn't as weak as I was . "

Noah continued to smile . That answer had started the negotiations, even if the beast wasn't aware of that .

"If King Elbas remains in power," Noah said in an uncaring tone, "Your species will remain enslaved . There won't be any free Kesier Ape in this plane . "

The Ape God shook its head before expressing its doubts . "I bet you want to offer my species freedom . You, the human who destroyed our last lair in the world . "

"I'm not a human," Noah promptly replied .

"You are no savior either," The Ape God continued . "You must be desperate to seek my help . I think that I will enjoy hearing your dying cries from my prison . Who knows, you might get a cage right next to mine . "

The beast showed a mocking smile, but Noah didn't lose his cool . He had dealt with existences that were far more threatening than the Ape . He knew how to apply pressure when he held the advantage in a negotiation .

"Hybrids run free in my lands," Noah explained . "They live, eat, breed, and die in complete freedom . Your species can obtain the same treatment . "

"I won't trust a destroyer," The Ape God answered .

"I don't trust those hybrids either," Noah replied . "I barely trust anyone in general . I'm not asking for that . I only want your power, and you can trade it for the well-being of your species . "

"I'd rather die," The beast said .

"Then you have doomed your kind," Noah replied and stood up to leave the area .

"How many?" The Ape shouted before Noah could step on the stairs . "How many Kesier Apes are there in your organization?"

Noah stopped his tracks, but he didn't turn . His mind focused on his connection with the horned head, and a list of reports appeared in his vision .

"More than a hundred specimens in the human ranks," Noah said without turning, "A dozen in the heroic ranks . "

"Why have you asked for my help?" The Ape questioned him .

Noah turned, but he didn't return to the entrance of the prison . He pretended to think about his reasons for a second before answering . "King Elbas is about to attack the entire world . You are the strongest creature in this plane right now . Asking you to fight with us is only natural . "

The Ape God fell deep in its thoughts as it sat on the floor . Noah didn't know what it was considering, but he knew that the creature would accept to deal with him unless it had a death wish .

There were fates worse than death, and the Ape God was experiencing one of them . It had survived the initial hunt of its species only to see Noah destroying its world .

Then, King Elbas had captured and trapped it on the surface . The Ape God didn't have any contact with the outside world, so it could only spend its days wondering about its species' fate .

Magical beasts could sleep for a long time, but the creature was partially awake when Noah visited it . That was a clear sign that its mental state didn't allow it to sleep properly .

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The fate of its species weighed on its mind . After all, the Ape God had failed those that had sacrificed to push its power to the divine ranks . The creature couldn't enter a long sleep even if it tried .

"What happens if he wins?" The Ape God asked .

Noah shrugged his shoulders again before giving an honest answer . "Most experts will hide and wait for King Elbas to ascend . My organization will destroy every resource before retreating to a safe area, including the Kesier Apes . We can't give them to our enemies . "

Noah's words sounded like a threat, but he didn't want to put his words in that tone . He only wanted to tell the truth to the beast .

The Ape God remained silent for a while, but it eventually expressed its conditions for that cooperation . "I want the members of my species free of your control . I don't want them to interact with humans anymore . "

Noah shook his head and replied without showing any hesitation . "Cultivators need the Kesier runes . I can ensure their freedom, but they must cooperate with the human world . "

"That's just a different type of prison!" The Ape God complained .

"It's a prison with wardens that won't perform experiments on you," Noah replied . "No one would rip off your runes nor force you to breed . You know that humans are stronger than magical beasts . You won't get a better deal . "

"This is an extortion," The beast complained again .

"You can tell this story to your underlings if you accept these conditions," Noah said . "Your alternative is an entire life as the last of your kind until King Elbas forces you to breed . "

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The Ape became angry and started to shout . "You are using my dedication toward my species to manipulate me!"

"Of course," Noah replied . "I will use every trick at my disposal to improve the success rate of this battle . You only have to decide how badly you want your species to thrive . "

The Ape God felt defeated . It couldn't win in a discussion against Noah, and he had spoken the truth for the entire negotiation . The beast didn't have any other option .

The only thing that could stop it from accepting his conditions was its pride . Still, the Ape would easily give up on it to protect its species .

That had been its main purpose . The Ape only wanted its underlings to live without fear of being captured . It didn't matter how much it had to sacrifice to obtain that .

"You are a monster," The Ape God eventually said, but Noah shrugged his shoulders again .

"I have to deal with beings that are far above my level," Noah said . "I can only be a monster if I want to survive . "

Silence fell between Noah and the Ape, but the beast soon expressed its decision to accept those conditions .

"I'll send someone to deal with the defenses and create an oath," Noah said as he finally stepped on the stairs . "Remember that you take orders from me now . "