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Chapter 1172: 1172
There was an ambition that Sword Saint couldn't imitate . The powerhouses during the mission had remained speechless when they sensed Noah's drive . His main feeling had a boundlessness that they couldn't even begin to imagine .

Noah couldn't think of any other path capable of containing the entirety of his existence . He had poured his ambition into his last slash, and the result had left him amazed .

The slash had surpassed Noah's limits . It had touched on a level of power that Noah didn't reach yet . It was as if he had pushed his prowess according to what his ambition could imagine .

That wasn't theoretically possible . Every cultivator had a limit to how much they could express . They could deploy their existence, but that was it .

Yet, Noah had endless fuel . His ambition was intense enough to cast his abilities in their best form . His slash was already pure, but his main drive made it as strong as a law .

Sword Saint lowered his head before lifting his long eyebrows to stare at Noah . He had finally broken through the limits that bound the heroic ranks . Noah had expressed his law .

"Can you do it again?" Sword Saint asked, and Noah didn't hesitate to summon the feelings that had filled him when he launched his previous attack .

His ambition surged again and flowed into his slash while carrying every aspect of his existence . A pure meaning became part of his attack and made it surpass its average level of power as it flew toward the will .

Sword Saint inspected his opponent's attack thoroughly at that time . Noah couldn't sense it, but time slowed down in the will's eyes as the slash flew toward him .

Every detail of the attack became clear to Sword Saint, but he knew that he couldn't replicate it . Blades didn't matter anymore . Noah was finally pushing his individuality on a level that even Heaven and Earth couldn't imitate .

He still launched a slash, but his attack lost against Noah's blow again . There was nothing more that the will could do at that point . Noah didn't understand that yet, but he had completed his training .

"You did it," Sword Saint said . "You took your first step to become a law . This is your path now . Don't let doubts and uncertainties taint it . "

Noah showed a confused expression at that announcement, but he remained silent . Every word spoken by the will was an enlightening line that he didn't dare to miss .

"The law of ambition!" Sword Saint shouted as his figure became fainter . "So intense that even cultivation levels give in to its power . You know that you can win on an even field, so your law makes you stronger than you are . Truly wonderful . "

Noah finally understood what was happening, and part of him felt some regret . He didn't want his training with Sword Saint to end, but he knew that he had reached the last of those sessions .

"My existence strives for perfection," Sword Saint explained . "I want to find the slash able to express every slash, even those still unknown . I desire to become the embodiment of the sword itself, and my goal is to expand its limits . "

Sword Saint's sharpness reached a level that Noah struggled to contain . His mind felt like exploding, but he didn't dare to miss those last teachings .

"Your law focuses only on yourself," Sword Saint said . "You are aware of your power, but you want more . Your ambition will give you what you desire, but I don't know where it will lead you . I know it will have the shape of a sword, but I can't even imagine what it will carry . "

"Reach the Immortal Lands and show me your progress," Sword Saint concluded as his figure was almost about to disappear . "Show me an ambition that can force me to advance . "

The will's desires were selfish . He wanted Noah to express his individuality because he needed to advance on the sword path .

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Noah didn't care about those promises, but he wanted to fulfill them for his reasons . He wanted to meet Sword Saint in the Immortal Lands and show him that his ambition could contain everything .

"Don't mention my name when you go up there," Sword saint said as his figure vanished to become thoughts in Noah's mental sea . "I have the habit of challenging everyone for an exchange of attacks . I've made too many enemies across the years . "

Noah nodded as he watched Sword Saint vanishing inside his mental sea . Noah was alone inside his mind now, but his Companions and living weapon kept him company .

The insides of his mental sphere became ethereal too . Noah woke up in the outside world, but the emotions that he had felt during the last training session still echoed in his mind .

Noah knew what he had done and what he needed to do . He felt the need to cultivate to improve his current level, but he wanted to exploit those moments as much as he could .

However, Sword Saint's aura quickly disappeared as Noah reviewed his teachings . All the Elders and hybrids that were slowly learning about the various sword arts found themselves unable to establish contact with the divine will .

The training area lost its value after its divine resource had completed its training . Cracks spread on the Divine Cut's edges after Sword Saint's will vanished, and the whole world suffered because of that .

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Those with some talent with sword arts found their connection with Sword Saint cut off, and Noah was the culprit behind those events .

He had shown the will that he could take the following steps on his own, and the world adapted because of his breakthrough . Noah had ruined the Divine Cut as a training area, but he had obtained Sword Saint's teachings in the meantime .

The world returned to its usual peace after a while . The Divine Cut's disappearance still burned inside the Council's mind, and the Shandal Empire didn't need to object to its treatment after learning about that .

A limited resource had disappeared forever, but Noah appeared stronger than before . That sight could only benefit those waiting for the battle against King Elbas .

They would be the first to die during normal times, but Noah's battle didn't involve the only cultivators . King Elbas had almost breached the entirety of the Hive the last time, so Noah had to make sure that everything was perfect .

The formations relying on Instabilities were ready . The troops had their living weapons, so Noah had only one last thing to do . After Sword Saint disappeared from the Divine Cut, Noah flew toward the southeastern coast and neared the Ape God's cage that was about to open .