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Published at 26th of January 2021 05:56:00 AM

Chapter 1173: 1173
While Noah flew through the new continent, those watching him understood that the disappearance of the divine aura from the Cut had something to do with him .

It wasn't only the fact that the divine aura had disappeared after he left that region . Noah appeared different . His figure had become hard to make out even with the help of inscribed structures .

Noah reached King Elbas' palace in the region on the southeastern coast's corner and walked directly toward the underground area . He found Thirty-seven waiting for him together with the Ape God that showed an eager expression .

"I hope you will honor your promises," The Ape God said before Noah nodded at the automaton .

Thirty-seven pressed on the ground, and the barriers around the room opened . The Ape God could move the golden sphere that contained it outside of its prison, and part of its aura began to leak in the area .

"I can break this barrier on my own," The Ape God said while touching the golden light around it, "But you need to remove the curse under my skin . The golden human has placed chains that bind my muscles . "

Thirty-seven's eyes lit up at those words, and he began to inspect the creature with a newfound interest . It seemed quite captivated by the thought of analyzing formations capable of suppressing a quasi-rank 7 beast .

The Ape God unleashed more of its aura and focused as much pressure as it could around Noah .

"What stops me from killing you now?" The Ape God asked .

Noah let the pressure fall on him before his sharpness surged . His aura appeared boundless in the creature's eyes, but its power wasn't enough to fend off the Ape God's mental waves .

Still, Noah didn't show any fear . His aloof expression didn't reveal any interest in the Ape God .

"Do it," Noah said as his expression broke into a mocking smile . "Kill me . Actually, leave me alive enough to see what King Elbas does to your species . I want to die laughing . "

The Ape God sensed the complete lack of fear coming from Noah's figure and dispersed its mental waves . It didn't like that outcome, but it knew that Noah would be in complete control of its actions now .

Thirty-seven wanted to follow the Ape God, but Noah's stern gaze forced the automaton to return to his duties . He had to bind the creature to an oath, and there were countless defenses to review .

The Ape God left toward the region inhabited by the colony of Kesier Apes . Noah had made sure that they had their territory, so he felt confident that the quasi-rank 7 beast wouldn't complain about its new accommodations .

Thirty-seven quickly chased after the beast, and Noah slowly walked outside of King Elbas' palace .

Sword Saint had made him understand his law, and Noah wanted to improve it now . His power had just begun to show the effects of his true meaning, but he could already see how amazing it was .

Noah's ambition could force his attacks to express a superior power . They didn't depend only on his cultivation level anymore . His law could make them become the best version of themselves .

It was a simple matter of fuel . Noah's cultivation level was lacking compared to existences at the peak of the heroic ranks, but his ambition was so intense that his blows could surpass their natural limits .

June's individuality was similar . Her centers of power could produce unlimited energy as long as she kept on fighting and her body didn't crumble in the process .

Noah was the same, with the only difference that his unlimited potential involved his abilities . He already had endless fuel, so he only needed skills that could make use of it and experience with his law .

His power couldn't reach the solid stage even when he relied on his immature law, but he could come close to that level . His ambition was too undeveloped to make him jump ranks, but that was its main purpose .

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As someone who had always lived in a world filled with old monsters, Noah had finally obtained the power to match them . The only problem was that he had yet to develop it properly .

Years of peace went by . The organizations continued to pile on one defensive formation after another even after more than thirty years had passed from Noah's celebration .

King Elbas didn't show his presence anymore . No cracks appeared in the sky, and the Elders in charge of inspecting both continents didn't see anything unusual .

Noah didn't let that peace affect his mental state . Discovering his law had enhanced his worse habits, and it had taken him a while to suppress them again .

Having such an intense ambition fueling all his functions made him desire more power immediately . He had to become used to breaks again, and his patience with the inscription methods took a while to return .

Still, he had learnt to control himself in those years . The intensity of his law kept him worried even after he returned to his normal state, but he knew that he couldn't do anything about that .

He had only taken one step toward creating a law, but he had to go through a long period of seclusion to adapt already . Noah couldn't even begin to imagine how long it would take to adjust to his ambition once his existence improved .

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The years of peace passed quietly until a change happened in the sky and alerted the three leading organizations' assets . Noah was the first to learn about that event thanks to his instincts, but the other higher-ups soon received warnings that informed them about that event .

A large number of troops rose in the sky from the three organizations . They directly took teleportation matrices or flew to reach the western borders of the Hive's domain .

Those areas would be the first target if King Elbas decided to attack the Hive . The western coast had become the most protected area in the new continent .

The sky trembled, and long black lines fell from random spots before vanishing into thin air . They didn't seem part of formations . Noah guessed that they were King Elbas' attempts to break through the barriers among the worlds .

The fabric of the sky eventually fell apart as those attacks continued . The various lines that had appeared fused and created a long fissure that was as thick as a man's arm .

The fissure expanded until cracks appeared in the sky and a portal formed among the air . Pure darkness was visible from the other side of the line, but a golden figure soon came out of it .

The world held its breath when it saw King Elbas coming out of the sky . Tension built among them, but the Royal seemed to have other plans . It didn't show any hatred in his expression . His face revealed only the curiosity that had always filled him .

The organizations prepared all their defenses, and countless cultivators settled inside the separate dimension . Many of them had entered only because Flying Demon's strategy saw them launching spells while going up and down from the doors filling the coast .