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Chapter 1174: 1174
Cultivators from the three organizations entered the separate dimension and waited for Flying Demon to give them orders . The Hive had disclosed one of its most useful and secretive assets to the world to face King Elbas .

The hybrids moved too . They followed Skully as they took place in different spots of the separate dimension . The world appeared empty after everyone was in position .

Shining lines flickered on the surface of the various regions, but King Elbas didn't seem interested in them . He glanced at the ground for only a second before he resumed to inspect the sky around him .

The Royal appeared lost in his curiosity, but the organizations' leaders didn't dare to underestimate him . They knew that his interest could become a fatal flaw in certain situations, but they weren't willing to strike first .

King Elbas eventually focused on the new continent again . His eyes went on a neutral building where Noah, Great Elder Diana, and God's Left Hand had teleported to handle the battlefield .

Those leaders were in the same danger . They had no reason to act separately .

King Elbas smiled as he kept on staring at that building . His hand rose and gestured to those inside the structure to join him .

Noah, Great Elder Diana, and God's Left Hand exchanged a glance before the three of them exited the building to fly toward King Elbas . They didn't know what the Royal wanted, but he wasn't the type to use tricks in battle .

The trio reached the Royals' leader, but they remained at some distance from him . They trusted him, but they wouldn't risk their lives only to accommodate the whims of their enemy .

"Careful as always," King Elbas commented, but he didn't appear angered by that behavior . Instead, he seemed glad that the trio had behaved in that way .

"I'm the strongest cultivator in the world," King Elbas announced when he saw that the three powerhouses didn't say anything . "I deserve the largest piece of these Mortal Lands . "

"Humans rarely get what they deserve," Noah replied before the Matriarchs could intervene . "Your family taught me that . "

His words didn't seem to affect King Elbas since he continued to smile . Still, he focused on Noah, and a comment came out of his mouth .

"You have become stronger again," King Elbas said . "Even I pale in front of your impressive growth . It's a pity that you live in the same era as me . You would have been unbeatable otherwise . "

King Elbas tried to taunt Noah, but he limited himself to show his usual smile . The Matriarchs' gazes moved between the two powerhouses as that exchange of words unfolded, and they both felt outsiders in that discussion .

The Matriarchs didn't know if they were probing each other or complimenting themselves .

King Elbas' comment had been honest . He noticed Noah's new aura, and his curiosity spiked when he realized that he couldn't understand it with a glance .

Noah's ambition wasn't as simple as it sounded . King Elbas had seen it during the journey at the center of the plane, but he didn't comprehend it there either .

That was the reason why King Elbas accepted Noah as a true genius . He respected Noah even if he felt superior in far too many aspects of the cultivation journey .

"Why don't you give up on everything and focus on your ascension?" Noah asked after he and King Elbas had exchanged smiles for a while . "You have proven your power to the world already . Not even the barriers among dimensions can stop you . Go, plan your journey to the divine ranks . Leave these regions to us . "

"Are you suggesting that I let you go?" King Elbas asked in a surprised tone . He didn't expect Noah to propose something like that .

"You know that we will fight as long as energy fills our centers of power," Noah replied as he shrugged his shoulders . "We can't know who will win, but we are both aware that the world will become nothing more than a wasteland if we fight . "

"I know who will win," King Elbas said as his smile widened .

"No one will win," Noah continued . "Both sides will lose the world . "

Noah's words made sense . King Elbas' last assault on the new continent had destroyed the snowy plain and had turned it into a charred region . It took the Royal's expertise in multiple inscription fields to restore the ground to its previous state .

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King Elbas had improved since his last assault, but the other organizations had done the same . They would also fight together at that time, so the new continent would see more power unleashed on its surface .

The three organizations' experts had already estimated the damages that the new continent would suffer in a full-on battle against King Elbas .

At least half of the new continent would burn . The organizations would try their best to restrict that destruction to the still-recovering central areas, but they knew that two coasts would become wastelands in the process .

Noah and the Matriarchs were willing to make the trade if that led to King Elbas' defeat . However, they would rather find a peaceful solution . It would be perfect if they could even maintain control over their domains .

King Elbas didn't even consider Noah's offer . He continued to smile as slow words came out of his mouth . "Let's lose the world then . "

King Elbas wasn't the type to place traps or trick his opponents, but Noah wasn't like him . He was a demon, and he would resort to any method to defeat his opponent .

The Royal's last line announced the beginning of the battle, so Noah didn't hesitate to act . Dark matter came out of his chest, and the dark world unfolded in less than an instant .

God's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana revealed surprised expressions at Noah's sudden gesture . They didn't plan to attack King Elbas directly, so they didn't understand Noah's plan .

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Yet, a heavy pressure soon filled the entirety of the dark world . Noah's ambition spread through the dark matter, and that gas became even denser than it already was .

"I have already seen this technique," King Elbas announced as the dark matter suppressed his individuality . "It's more polished than before, and I can sense some true meaning . However, it's still the attack of a liquid stage powerhouse . "

Golden flames came out of King Elbas' figure, and part of the dark world burned under their power . The Royal appeared as a sun capable of shining even in the deepest darkness .

Noah wasn't so delusional to think that the dark world alone could work against King Elbas . His real offensive was far more silent .

Noah slashed with his fingers, and portals opened at the edges of the golden flames' area . Dark matter, black lines, and corrosive smoke came out of them, but those attacks burned as soon as they touched the fire .

Snore's head appeared too . It launched a series of elemental attacks that barely crossed a few hundred meters inside the sea of flame before disappearing .

It seemed that Noah's sudden attack had failed, but his trump card had yet to make its appearance .

The Demonic Sword rose above his head, and Noah wielded it as dark matter flowed inside its form . A massive slash came out of the weapon when it descended, and the attack crashed on the sea of flames surrounding King Elbas .

Even that attack burned after a few seconds, but Noah's massive slash had managed to create a bridge of darkness through the golden flames . A shadow flew through it and disappeared before reaching King Elbas .