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Chapter 1179: 1179
King Elbas was too strong . Nothing they did slowed down his offensive, so they could only keep throwing attacks and traps at him . They would have to deal with the damages after they managed to win .

"Slow down the pace," Noah conveyed through his inscribed notebook after he reached a silent agreement with Great Elder Diana . "Stay alive . This will last a while . "

Noah's simple orders were enough to change the strategy of the army . The Ape God retreated even faster than before, and the Copying Technique activated to facilitate its escape .

An army of magical beasts appeared at some distance from King Elbas and charged toward him while launching countless attacks .

That would typically force the Royal to unleash his sea of flames, but the attacks burned before they could even reach his figure . The pressure radiated by the golden crown was too intense for those weak abilities .

The copied beasts then tried to use their bodies to stop him, but they suffered from the same fate of their innate abilities . Their figures turned into ashes due to the passive effects of King Elbas' technique .

Nothing seemed able to come near him . The heat and pressure radiated by the three fiery items were too intense for anything under the sixth rank .

Elder Julia was in charge of the Copying Technique, and she also had a screen that allowed her to keep track of the battle . Seeing that King Elbas' technique had made him untouchable forced her to deploy the strongest beasts trapped under the forest of White Woods .

Ravaging Demon, the White Ape, and the Flying Snake appeared near King Elbas, and multiple copies filled the area .

Elder Julia didn't need Noah's approval to resort to that display of power . She had understood that the situation was far more tragic than they had predicted .

King Elbas stopped tracking the Ape God to stare at his new opponents . There were more than twenty rank 6 existences around him, but none of them was able to cause the slightest amount of fear in his mind .

They were nothing but puppets meant to slow him down and make him deplete energy .

"I will play your game," King Elbas announced . "I will destroy everything and everyone you throw at me . Numbers can make up for the difference of power at times, but I will show you that this doesn't apply to me . "

King Elbas waved his spear after he finished speaking, and long trails of golden flames shot out of the line that he drew with the weapon's tip .

The rank 6 beings' copies tried to dodge the flames, but their figures ended up engulfed in that raging sea . They didn't even manage to resist for a second under their power .

Those exchanges repeated themselves a few times before King Elbas had enough room to point at the place where the Ape God had disappeared . The golden halo filled the entire region again, and a fuming pit replaced the teleportation matrix used by the beast .

King Elbas knew that he was fighting in the enemy territory . The defenders had a clear advantage since they didn't mind the condition of the new continent .

Still, King Elbas could easily take care of the teleportation matrices and doors connected with the separate dimension . He only needed to take his time destroying all of them .

Elder Julia never stopped summoning the three rank 6 guardians . The Council and the Shandal Empire had redirected resources toward the Copying Technique before the battle, but its expenses already surpassed their wildest imagination .

King Elbas attacked the ground only when he managed to take care of the rank 6 copies fast enough . His strategy was slow, but the Royal inevitably cleared a large area from its inscriptions .

Then, he began to move toward the next region . He never flew, but he managed to cross entire kilometers with a casual sprint .

The traps placed beforehand activated whenever he reached a designated spot . Instabilities unleashed a storm of saber-shaped runes in the sky, and other peculiar inscribed items showed their power to stop King Elbas .

The Royal could ignore the saber-shaped runes, but some of the traps released a strange liquid that managed to suppress part of his flames for an instant .

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That was one of Thirty-seven's creations . It was an azure liquid that tried to imitate King Elbas' flames to counter them .

Of course, the liquid couldn't do much, but King Elbas had to deplete a bit more energy to restore his items to their peak, so the leaders considered that a win .

However, nothing truly managed to stop King Elbas, and Noah had to deploy the Ape God again to slow down the destruction unleashed by the Royal .

The platoons' attacks made of hybrids and cultivators barely managed to get near King Elbas' figure, and the Copying Technique was too ineffective for the energy that it depleted .

The defenders needed more time, and Noah wasn't willing to deploy the powerhouses just yet . The death of only one of them would start a chain reaction that would end with their defeat .

The Ape God reappeared in the distance and unleashed a series of raging winds toward King Elbas . The Royal didn't hesitate to point his spear at the creature, and the golden halo covered the region again .

When the light dispersed, a large fuming hole had replaced the beast's teleportation matrix, and the Ape God was in a different area, ready to launch another attack .

Those types of exchanges continued for a while . The creature now knew how fast King Elbas' attacks were, so it could act according to that timing . Noah did the same since he ordered the platoons to attack whenever he found the right chance .

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King Elbas' offensive had finally slowed down once the Ape God had stepped forward . The quasi-rank 7 creature kept the Royal busy for entire hours before he suddenly changed approach .

The rank 6 copies appeared around King Elbas once again, and he began to move his spear toward them as usual . The Ape God used that chance to launch its violent invisible force, but the Royal stopped his movement and redirected the weapon at the creature .

The copies charged at King Elbas, but the crown radiated a heatwave that turned their bodies into ashes . Then, the golden halo filled the entire region again .

The golden light remained in place for a few seconds at that time, and a peculiar scene appeared in the experts' vision once it dispersed .

King Elbas had left his previous position and was now in front of the Ape . His hand was around the creature's neck, and he floated at a few meters above the ground, enough to lift the beast from the terrain .

The Ape God had lost all its limbs . Both its legs and remaining arm had disappeared while the golden halo filled the region, and its expression was empty . There wasn't even pain on it .

"I guess this is your strongest asset," King Elbas said as he glanced at the Ape God one last time before golden flames covered its figure .

In a few seconds, the tall body of the quasi-rank 7 creature became nothing more than ashes .