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Chapter 118
There was no pressure on his mental sphere but Noah had instinctively closed his eyes .

When he opened them, he found himself in a dark world illuminated only by the soft light of distant stars and by figures on the ground .
There were tens of thousands of white glowing shapes that resembled humans wielding weapons and they were fighting in an immense barren plain with a mountain at its center .
The mountain was incredibly tall with paths along its sides .
The paths were shining as the glowing figures were fighting on them too .
On the summit of the mountain, the brightest of all the figures was sitting on a black throne .
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It seemed that it was looking at the massive battle below but since it had no face, Noah could not be sure of that .
However, the throne felt irresistible to Noah and he instinctively took a step toward the battlefield .
He noticed that he hadn't a body either but that he was made of the same brilliant substance of the others in the plain .
Two glowing sabers were wielded by him as he began to battle .
His thoughts were confused and he could not think of anything except reaching the top of the mountain .
He began to battle in the crowded plain, every time he defeated a figure, a bit of its light was absorbed by Noah .
He didn't notice that once a shape was killed, a skull would fell on the ground behind him .

He had random moments of clarity in which he could think about his situation .
'It seems that this world forces me to follow my instincts, I believe that this is all a metaphor for my search of power . '
He realized the intention of the test but he could not stop fighting .
He felt his strength increase every time he defeated an opponent and he slowly neared the base of the mountain .
However, there were only more figures on his path and Noah continued to defeat them one by one .
He lost the perception of time, there was only the next opponent in his mind .
Days passed fighting and then months .
Noah had completely lost himself in the search of power but his sparse moments of clarity allowed him to always move toward the mountain .
The light he was exuding started to surpass those around him as he was becoming far stronger than them .
In the end, he reached the mountain .
He found out that the 'paths' were in reality only one road that coiled all the mountain linking its bottom with its peak .
Noah didn't waste any time an began his climb .
Even more battles happened and more skulls accumulated on the terrain .

He continued his solitary march toward the power that he had always desired .
He was becoming increasingly shining, he clearly felt that his strength had long surpassed the limits of a human of his new world .
Then, he reached the summit .
The most shining figure rose from his throne and launched itself at Noah .
The battle was incredibly hard but Noah felt satisfied when he won .

There was no one else in front of him, only the throne remained on his path .
He slowly neared it, it felt irresistible as if everything he had always desired were to be found there .
He sat on the throne and the scene changed in front of his eyes .
The throne wasn't black anymore but it was white and made of countless human skulls .
The mountain had changed too: instead of terrain, the ground was composed of bloody corpses and countless weapons .
The plain disappeared and, in its place, a red sea occupied the whole world .
Noah could clearly feel some familiarity with all the environment .

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The skulls and corpses belonged to those that he had killed to reach the summit while the sea was the blood that he had made them shed .
He was alone, the last living being, king of a dead world .
Time passed, Noah felt that he hadn't left the throne for centuries .
He had no reason move, he had reached the peak, the pinnacle of the world .
Then, the level of the sea began to lower until it was completely absorbed in the ground below it .
Slowly, life forms appeared .
They were small shapes made of light that ran freely on the naked terrain .
More and more lights formed until the first human was born .
A second human appeared and then a third .
The world repopulated at a fast pace until the humans were again the main figures of the world .
The shining figures then looked at the mountain and at Noah's brilliance .
One by one, they fell on their knees and prostrated toward the white throne and the mountain of corpses .
'Heaven and Earth gave me a throne, even if it's made of skulls . The Earth revives every time, doesn't matter how much blood you pour on it . '

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He raised his gaze to look at the distant stars .
'The vastness of the sky stands uncaring upon me . '
He looked again at the prostrated figures, he was the king of an entire world, there was only worship exuded from its inhabitants .
'I don't want any of this . '
He understood that the throne was just a mean to obtain strength but he had no intention of being a ruler .
'I have no interest in ruling upon the undying Earth, nor on being deluded by the endless Heaven . '
He looked again at the sky, the light of the stars felt familiar, they resembled a bigger version of the shining shape that was previously occupying the mountain .
He stood up from the throne and placed a foot in the air .
A step materialized and Noah proceeded on placing his other foot on the empty air in front of it .
Another step appeared on a higher altitude than the one before .
Noah didn't stop nor did he look at the figures below him, only the shining stars occupied his field of view .
A stairway leading to the firmament formed and Noah continued to climb it until he disappeared in the dark sky .