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Published at 26th of January 2021 05:55:52 AM

Chapter 1181: 1181
The two of them still had the divine items from Shandals separate dimension . They could stop King Elbas offensive, giving the powerhouses enough time for a counterattack .

Of course, Noah didnt dream that the powerhouses joint offensive could pierce the defenses of King Elbas technique . Yet, that would make him deplete more higher energy, bringing him closer to exhaustion .

That was the last strategy that Noah could think of . Everything else had already failed . He would order a full retreat if that plan didnt lead to anything either .

Daniel and Faith couldnt step into the battlefield . They were only peak rank 5 cultivators . The simple shockwaves released during the fight among powerhouses would kill them .

However, the new continent was the Hives home . Flying Demon had built countless doors on the surface so that the weaker troops could make use of their spells without risking their lives .

Faith and Daniel could do the same, even if their role were far more dangerous . They needed to appear on the battlefield right before King Elbas attacks landed on the powerhouses .

Noah didnt make any motivational speech . Those in the hall knew their roles . They only had to join the fight now .

There was no need for sentimental speeches either . The powerhouses had already gone through those in the separate reality, so there was nothing left to say .

The group waited inside the hall for days . A large screen showed them images of the battlefield, and different emotions appeared on their expressions as they watched King Elbas destruction .

The Royal burned every formation that he found . His aura scorched the regions and transformed them into fuming wastelands .

Almost all the central regions became nothing more than destroyed lands as that trend continued . The eastern coast suffered from the same fate before King Elbas set his eyes on the southern coast .

Noah moved at that point, and the others followed right after him . They walked toward a teleportation matrix that led to the territory east of the lava lake .

The group of powerhouses teleported on the surface and moved their gazes toward the battlefield . King Elbas was still destroying every inscription that he found while the Copying Technique and platoons assaulted him .

The arrival of Noahs group on the surface claimed the Royals attention, and he stopped his precise destruction to focus on them . His smile shone together with his technique at the sight of his enemies .

"You finally decided to appear," King Elbas said, and his words echoed through the new continent as they reached for the group . "It seems that your defenses dont have anything left . "

Noah and the others didnt move . They were aware of King Elbas character, so they knew that he would come toward them without deactivating his technique .

The Royal was proving that he could triumph over that challenge . The group of powerhouses was nothing more than a stepping stone in his eyes .

The powerhouses showed ugly expressions at the sight of King Elbas confident face . They liked that he didnt deactivate his technique, but their determination began to falter when they saw that the Royal didnt show any sign of exhaustion .

His skin had continued to become paler as the battle continued, but he still radiated the same power as before . Killing the Ape God had even increased the intensity of his aura .

Traps activated as King Elbas continued to fly . Storms of saber-shaped runes and tides of toxic liquids fell on his figure, but his robe and crown burned everything . Nothing could touch him .

Noah deployed his dark world when King Elbas was about to reach him . Snore appeared behind his figure, the Demonic Sword flew in his palm, and Night came out of the space-ring to fuse with the darkness .

The powerhouses let the dark matter engulf them as they wielded their weapons . The scene resembled the battle inside the separate reality, but the sides power difference was far different now .

King Elbas had never been stronger . Instead, Noah and the others lacked Chasing Demon and his divine titan .

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The powerhouses joint power wasnt enough to replace the divine item, but they had to try anyway . They still had a few cards to play, so they werent ready to give up on the new continent just yet .

King Elbas barged inside the dark cloud without any hesitation . The dark matter tried to suppress his fiery technique, but the intensity of his individuality blocked it .

The dark matter burned as King Elbas flew toward the center of the dark world . Noahs higher energy couldnt withstand the scorching pressure released by the Royal .

Noah kept his cold eyes on his target . He was the only one capable of pinpointing King Elbas exact position inside the dark world, so it was his role to start the offensive .

A golden halo eventually seeped out of the dark matter right in front of the group . King Elbas was about to reach them, so Noah gave the signal that the other powerhouses were waiting for .

Noah raised the Demonic Sword above his head, and dark matter flowed inside its shape before he slashed forward .

Dreaming Demon and Flying Demon worked together to create a storm that followed Noahs slash . They had already tested that technique on the Royal, so they didnt mind deploying it again .

Great Elder Diana and True Speed launched lightning bolts enhanced with their abilities . The Matriarch had her black lenses, and the half-hybrid of the Empire had his legs pushed to their limits .

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Gods Left Hand unleashed a series of hurricanes, and Elder Regina created an army of beast-like puppets that flew through the dark matter to converge in King Elbas position .

Elder Laura shot a series of arrows that transformed into massive azure dragons . Elder Julia wasnt on the scene, but she supported the group by deploying many copies of the rank 6 guardians inside the dark world .

The powerhouses of the world had launched their best attacks . That offensive would be able to fend off most threats in any lower plane, but their opponent was the strongest monster in the world .

Blinding golden light filled their vision before their attacks could land on King Elbas . A dangerous sensation surged inside the powerhouses minds, and countless disposable items came out of their space-rings as they tried to stop what was about to land on them .

Noah knew what was about to arrive . His dark world sent every piece of information inside his mind, so he could see King Elbas bending forward to launch his spear .

He is aiming at me, Noah thought as a smirk appeared on his face .

The mighty King Elbas wanted to take care of Noah first . It seemed that even the resourceful Royal was worried that Noah could have other troublesome strategies .

King Elbas was right, but he didnt imagine that Noah had already activated his first strategy . The Royal launched his spear, but a pure white light suddenly shone under him and engulfed his figure .