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Published at 26th of January 2021 05:55:51 AM

Chapter 1183: 1183
The divine bracelet kept the Royal stuck inside that harmless world . King Elbas found himself unable to launch attacks while that aura surrounded him .

However, the bracelet didnt affect the powerhouses attacks . They seeped inside that peculiar area and crashed on the restrained flames .

Countless explosions resounded inside the dark world . Noah and the others didnt limit themselves to launch only one wave of attacks . They pressed on for as long as the divine bracelet lasted .

They had to make sure that King Elbas didnt survive . That was their last chance to win the battle, and they didnt dare to waste it .

The golden halo radiated by King Elbas dimmed as the attacks continued to land on his defenses . The powerhouses submerged him with everything they had .

The divine bracelet depleted its power after half an hour . Noahs group never stopped attacking during that period, and they didnt slow down even after the peculiar aura vanished .

Noah retrieved the bracelet as he kept on slashing toward King Elbas position . The disturbances inside the dark world were too intense, so even he didnt know if their offensive was working . Still, he continued to press on .

"Are you done?!" An angry voice eventually resounded from the spot where the powerhouses offensive had converged .

A golden halo seeped out of the array of spells and dark matter, and tongues of flames shot outward to burn everything converging in that area .

The flames continued to spread until half of the dark world burned into nothingness . The golden halo that they radiated soon dimmed after the fire stopped expanding, and the powerhouses could see King Elbas again at that point .

The Royals leaders condition was poor . His technique didnt cover his body anymore, and severe wounds filled him .

King Elbas was still in one piece, but a large chunk of the skin on his torso had disappeared . Noah and the others could stare directly at his churning muscles and bleeding organs .

His face was a mess too . King Elbas cheeks had caved in, and most of his silver hair had disappeared . Part of the skin on his almost bald head had also vanished, and his skull was visible to everyone .

Blood flowed out from large wounds on his limbs . King Elbas had lost his clothes during the assault, so the group could see the gravity of the injuries that filled his body .

If their opponent were any other powerhouse, Noah and the others would consider that outcome as a victory . Yet, King Elbas was too threatening even in that condition, so they decided to pressed on with their offensive .

The golden flames endured the new wave of attacks for a while, but King Elbas eventually spat a few mouthfuls of blood before bending to cough .

His fire started to retreat at that point . His higher energy began to lose power, and the techniques landing on it managed to destabilize its structure .

The mighty flames had begun to lose ground against the powerhouses offensive . King Elbas wasnt untouchable anymore!

Hope spread among the group of powerhouses . That was their moment . The efforts of an entire world had finally managed to bring King Elbas to his limits!

Smiles appeared on the powerhouses stern expressions . They could feel their victory nearing . Sacrificing almost all of the new continent had led to that once in a lifetime chance .

Only Noah didnt let his emotions take control of him . Coldness came out of his figure and flowed inside his slashes . His mind couldnt think of anything but to kill that fearsome opponent .

King Elbas stopped coughing and straightened himself before his eyes went on the tight array of attacks that was pushing back his flames . Part of the light radiated by his golden eyes dimmed, and a tired expression appeared on his face .

For the first time since the beginning of the battle, King Elbas considered the possibility that he could lose . Part of him justified the event since his opponent was an entire world, but there was a thought inside his mind that became more intense as his defenses continued to fall .

King Elbas had always been arrogant, but that feeling had many miraculous achievements as its foundation . The Royal had never been delusional . His same life was proof that he truly was the best .

However, he acknowledged that there were other beings as exceptional as him . King Elbas was the best inscription master in the world, but he wasnt the first to carry that title .

The world was full of monsters, and every new generation brought young talents into the cultivation journey . The sixth rank was the peak of a lower plane, but it was a crowded spot .

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King Elbas eyes went past the attacks that besieged his flames to search for a cultivator among the group of powerhouses . His mind stopped thinking about unnecessary things when he saw cold vertical pupils staring at him without radiating any superfluous emotions .

Noahs focus on him was pure . It didnt carry any hatred or ambition . He didnt let anything that could affect his prowess occupy his mind .

That was pure dedication toward his goal, and King Elbas didnt fail to notice it . His eyes widened as Noahs devotion made him remember something that he had forgotten during his path toward the peak of the heroic ranks .

"Cultivators must be ready to sacrifice themselves to reach their goals," King Elbas shouted as his flames fell apart . "I have been so focused on being the best in this plane that Ive forgotten a simple lesson . "

King Elbas words echoed through the dark world even if the attacks explosions tried to suppress them . The other sounds didnt affect them in the slightest .

Noah felt a chill running down his spine when those words reached his ears, but he didnt let them affect his attacks . There was only one thought in his mind . He had to finish King Elbas to put an end to that crisis .

"This is only one of many planes," King Elbas said as a sigh escaped his mouth .

Blood continued to flow out of his injuries as his defenses crumbled . The attacks had almost destroyed all the flames around him, but the Royal didnt show any fear .

"Ive been too arrogant," King Elbas continued . "I thought that being the best here meant that I had nothing else to learn from a lower plane . I was wrong . "

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After that line, King Elbas flames stopped losing their ground . The powerhouses still attacked with the same intensity as before, but the fire didnt crumble anymore .

"A worm can teach a dragon how to crawl," King Elbas said, "And an old monster can remember a core aspect of the cultivation journey from the youngest of the demons . "

Noah attacked with even more fury as fear filled his mind . His black hole continued to push him beyond his limits, and his slashing speed increased as the black world resonated with his worries .

"Thank you, Noah Balvan," King Elbas said as he lifted his left arm . "Thank you for reminding me what it means to sacrifice everything to reach your goal . "

King Elbas arm suddenly took fire, and those flames left his torso to fuse with the golden sea around him .

The powerhouses attacks began to burn, and tongues of flames followed the trails of energy they released until they reached the group . The experts had to cut their connection with their techniques to prevent the fire from landing on them .

The golden flames around King Elbas began to burn with even more intensity than before . The power they radiated was so intense that the dark matter in the area burned at the simple contact with their aura .

The dark world dispersed, and only a small dark cloud continued to cover the group of powerhouses . The rest of the sky belonged to King Elbas flames .