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Published at 23rd of August 2019 10:38:36 AM

Chapter 119
Noah opened his eyes .

His image reflexed on the floor made of mirrors slowly brought him back to reality .
In the eyes of his reflection, the brightness of the stars in the sky shined like it had become a part of it .
'So, this is who I am . '
He had a deeper understanding of his true nature after the test .
'An endless search for a higher power . It seems that even Heaven can't suppress my ambition . '
He raised his gaze to look at the sky .
Only the clear ceiling of the building was visible but Noah's eyes seemed to look through it .
'I died and reborn . I was suppressed and forged my way to freedom . I shall not be bound by human's law nor by Heaven's will . '
A list appeared in his sea of consciousness which had the names of the courses and his attitude on them pictured on it .
'Attunement with the "Breath", highly incompatible, I had already guessed that much . '
Noah attentively read the list .
He discovered that if he focused on certain courses, an explanation for the judgment of the test would appear .
'My nature is in deep contrast with the fairness of Heaven and Earth which will likely prevent me from ever hearing their language . '

'My talent in alchemy is average, my uncaring nature seems to contrast with some procedures of the art . '
He looked for the tag "highly compatible" and found only two courses that had it .
'Real battle was quite obvious, I was going to attend that course anyway . However, what kind of subject is "Elemental forging"?'
The latter was the only other course where he was highly talented according to the test .
Noah focused on its name and a line of text appeared .
'Since your nature is heavily opposing the will of the world, the inscription method "Elemental forging" is the most suitable for you . '
'Oh, it's another method for inscriptions . My chances to become an inscription master are not null then . '
Noah looked around him and saw that all the other students in the room were lost in thought .
He stood up and went to Megan, performing a light bow when he reached her .
"Am I now allowed to inspect the inventory?"
Megan smiled lightly seeing Noah's eagerness .
"Yes, but remember to declare your courses in the building where you retrieved your academy token . You have one free week to do it . After that, the academy will formally start operating . "
Noah bowed again and exited the building .

There were the curious stares of the students on the outside of the test area but he was too excited to care about them .
'Finally, I can choose new techniques!'
Since he had completed the test, he had finally access to the various services that the academy offered .
There were some areas locked behind merit points but the inventory was not one of them .
Noah moved rapidly through the streets of the academy, his mind was focused on a certain building on the map in his sea of consciousness .
When he arrived there, he could clearly see that the structure was completely surrounded by runes and inscriptions .

Two guards in golden armor stared coldly at him when he neared the ingress of the inventory .
"We need to see your token . "
Noah took it out from his space-ring and the guards gave it back to him after a few inspections .
"You can enter, Professor Lynn will explain everything to you . "
Noah nodded and entered the building .
'These guards are powerful . I guess it's obvious since all the techniques and arts of the academy are stored here . '

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The scent of old books and ink invaded his nose, the interior of the building appeared extremely old .
An old cultivator was silently meditating mid-air behind a long desk .
Even more runes were present on the floor from that point onward .
Noah saw the man sitting cross-legged in the air and was slightly amazed .
'This elder is so strong that I can't feel anything coming from him . '
He reached for the desk and bowed .
"Professor Lynn, I'm here to inspect the inventory for the first time . "
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Lynn slowly opened his eyes and Noah felt a piercing gaze analyzing him .
He slowly descended on the floor and stood up with his arms crossed .
His large sleeves completely covered his hands and his white long beard was freely laid on his chest .
"The academy offers one rank 4 martial art for free . Would you mind telling me your current one and your element so that I can sort those that fit you the most?"
His voice was steady and no trace of his age was present on it .

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Noah nodded and spoke in a soft voice .
"Nails of the Kamaitachi and, well, darkness element . "
Lynn's eyes widened when he heard the last part but then a smile broke on his stern face .
"What an interesting period to be alive! Give me a moment, I will show you a list of martial arts soon . "
He sat on the chair behind the desk and took out a white crystal from a drawer .
He closed his eyes and focused, holding the crystal in his hand .
The white light flickered from time to time and, after a few minutes, Lynn opened his eyes and handed the crystal to Noah .
Noah took it and used his mental energy to probe the white mineral .
Immediately, a list of about ten martial arts appeared in his sea of consciousness .
There were descriptions on the sides of their names and Noah's attention was completely drawn by them .
Only a few of them had the darkness element as a requirement but they were all martial arts for two-weapon users that focused on speed .
'There is the rank 4 Nails of the Kamaitachi but it's advised to be of the wind element to use it fully . As for those of the darkness element, they all have wide area attacks that oppose my current fighting style . '
His choice eventually fell on the only martial art that valued his fighting style and his element .
'Three forms of the Ashura, rank 4 . Limited to dual-weapon wielder and darkness element cultivators . Consists of three techniques that have to be paired with my martial art and they expend both "Breath" and mental energy . It should be my best choice since it allows me to increase my battle prowess without giving up my accumulated experience . '
Noah decided in his mind and reported his choice to Lynn .