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Chapter 1192: 1192
The whole world watched his departure and the defeated organizations staring as his thinning figure knew that he had spoken the truth . King Elbas was the foundation and the very core of his organization .

King Elbas had a mysterious past . He had lived under the suppression of the previous Royal Family and had managed to overcome it with his power .

Then, he had brought his family to the peak of the world . The Royals accomplishments also went far beyond any other expert living in his era, and he had achieved feats that many believed to be impossible .

The dimensional tunnel alone was enough to make his name immortal in that plane . Connecting two Mortal Lands was a feat that many experts had only dreamed of accomplishing .

His war against the whole world sealed his position as an incredible warrior too . King Elbas was a perfect cultivator that didnt have any weakness . He was a monster in battle and when it came to the inscription field .

King Elbas departure triggered the bystanders memories, and they could only marvel when they thought about the existence who had just left the plane .

The fissures closing put an end to King Elbas history in the lower plane, but it gave birth to his legend .

A tremor ran through Third Prince and Second Princess bodies when the fissure in the sky closed . The immense respect that the three organizations assets felt toward King Elbas improved the innate arrogance that his descendants carried .

The Two Royals felt a surge of power filling their centers of power . Golden flames came out of their bodies as if they were the flares of a star, and their cultivation level rose during the process .

Third Prince and Second Princess were nothing more than powerhouses near the half-way mark of the gaseous stage before that scene . Yet, their cultivation level rose till the peak of the stage after their Patriarch left the world .

Noah gazed at the Royals, but he didnt act . He had decided that he would leave the initial stages of the invasion to his underlings, so he had no intention of charging ahead just yet .

Moreover, the two Royals werent worthy of his time . He might have fun dealing with the formations covering the new continent, but defeating them wouldnt bring him any benefit .

I wonder if Second Prince has come back from the separate reality, Noah thought as he gazed toward the new continent . He should still be King Elbas heir .

The cultivators gazes from the three organizations went on Noah while he wondered whether there was a worthy opponent left on the plane .

Noah briefly glanced at the army behind him before pointing at the new continent . His aura surged as he spoke human words that carried low roars with them . "I wont join the battlefield for a year . You want to conquer something before I step into the fray . "

The assets of the three organizations didnt need motivational speeches . They had developed an intense eagerness to return to the surface after surviving inside the separate dimension for five hundred years .

Even the cultivators who knew only the separate dimension had that eagerness . They had grown hearing the legends of a better place, and seeing it for the first time made their enthusiasm spike .

Every cultivator and hybrid who had gone through the life inside the dimension could barely hold back from charging toward the new continent .

Noahs words lifted their restraints and acted as a signal for the beginning of the invasion . The army around him charged ahead without even bothering to assemble into battle formations .

The Royals stabilized their condition and activated their defensive formations when they saw the massive number of heroic cultivators charging toward the western coastline .

The three organizations didnt lose much power during those five centuries . They had to limit their growth due to the scarcity of resources inside the dimension . Still, the breakthroughs of some assets made up for that drawback .

Faith and Daniel had reached the sixth rank during those years . The addition of two powerhouses to the alliance brought its power way past that of any other organization .

The alliance had ten powerhouses in its ranks, and two of them were the now the strongest existences in those Mortal Lands since King Elbas had left .

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There were magical beasts hidden inside the sea that could surpass their level, but Noah and Great Elder Diana expressed the human worlds current peak .

Thats not higher energy, Noah thought as he analyzed the Royals who still released golden flames from their figures .

He decided to watch the invasion from a casual spot in the sky, and he didnt miss that critical detail about the Royals power .

It seemed that they only gained access to part of their Fathers individuality . Normal "Breath" fueled those golden flames, and their power only appeared slightly more threatening than different types of fire .

Gigantic spears formed on the coastline, and their tips rose toward the sky to point at the incoming army . An intense aura came out of their ethereal shapes, and a blinding halo began to cover their figures .

The entire western coast lit up as the army marched ahead . The aura of formations with power in the middle tier of the sixth rank filled the sky, but the three organizations experts didnt let it scare them .

Defensive formations in the middle tier were still fine . The nine powerhouses charging ahead of the army could handle them and open a path where the army could pass .

However, there werent only nine existences in front of the army . A peak rank 5 cultivator was among them and released black sparks from her feet to match their speed .

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She must be excited, Noah sighed when he noticed June trying to keep up with the powerhouses .

Her cultivation level slowly rose as she neared the coastline . June sensed the arrival of a battle, and her Perfect Circuit produced as much higher energy as it could to fuel her individuality .

June was a battle maniac who couldnt join a fight for centuries . The only thought that she was finally about to release her power made her cultivation level grow .

Spears shot out of the golden halo filling the western coastline . Each of those attacks radiated the aura of a powerhouse at the bottom of the liquid stage .

Cracks filled the sky as those attacks flew toward the army . More than thirty spears were converging on the experts from the three organizations . That was an offensive that could push the powerhouses to their limits!

Great Elder Diana and Gods Left Hand prepared themselves to cast their best spells . They were the only powerhouses in the liquid stage, so it was in their interest to take care of those attacks .

That would save the weaker powerhouses energy, and it would give their organizations more chances to seize regions before Noah stepped on the battlefield .

However, black lines suddenly appeared at the center of those spears and divided them in half . No cracks spread from those new attacks, but the Matriarchs stopped their charge to glance at the powerhouse who had decided to remain behind .