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Chapter 1193: 1193
Third Prince and Second Princess recalled Noahs prowess very well . They had witnessed his determination when he conquered Divine Market city, and they had heard about his feats during the battle against King Elbas .

Noah was a monster, but he had a fatal weakness: He was too young! His past battle prowess was already miraculous for someone on his level .

However, his current power appeared boundless . The Royals saw how Noah didnt even need to move to fend off the attacks of their defensive formation .

The five hundred years spent inside the separate dimension had given him what he had always lacked due to his fast growth . He had now polished his power to make it express its true potential .

Great Elder Diana and Gods Left Hand felt amazed too . They had never seen Noah in action during the past five hundred years, but their instincts had always told them that he was improving at a fast pace .

Yet, they didnt expect his level to be so high . The Matriarchs had understood how Noah had taken care of the spears, but the event still surprised them .

The Matriarchs didnt stare at Noah for too long . They quickly turned back to rejoin the powerhouses who had continued to fly toward the coastline .

They had a critical mission to complete in that invasion . The Matriarchs had to secure as many regions as they could before Noah decided to join the battlefield .

As the leader of the Hive, Noah was in complete control of the strongest organization in the world . He also was one of the most powerful existences in that plane, with only Great Elder Diana being his match .

The Council and the Shandal Empire couldnt oppose the Hives will even if they joined forces, so they had to reestablish themselves on the new continent before it could say anything about that .

Noah was aware of that . His decision to delay his taking part in the battlefield was an honest gift to the organizations that had fought King Elbas with him .

There was another reason too . Noahs underlings needed to fight, and he didnt want to hinder their chances to gain vital battle experiences .

Noah preferred to leave them on their own for a while . After all, the Elbas family wouldnt fall in only one year . Its defenses alone were enough to make it last for more than a decade .

The defensive formations launched another attack right before the powerhouses managed to reach the new continents shores . Golden spears flew in their direction, but they all faced them without any fear .

The Demons, Elder Regina, and Elder Julia took care of most of them by deploying some of their strongest techniques .

Flying Demons individuality made flowers grow everywhere in the sky . They released a peculiar aura that froze the air and slowed down the advance of the spears .

Dreaming Demon unfolded her consciousness and made her mental waves seep inside the structure of the golden spears . Her goal was to weaken their fabric so that even gaseous stage powerhouses could take care of them .

Elder Julia and Elder Regina supported the Demons with spells that had a large area of effect .

Elder Julia launched a massive wave of wind-slashes that crashed on the weakened and restrained spears . At the same time, Elder Regina summoned an army of puppets to shield the group from the formations remaining power .

The spears struggled to pierce those attacks, but the powerhouses had focused their structural weaknesses . Techniques that were only a mass of energy were easy to destroy if a group had access to various types of spells .

As expected, Noah thought while inspecting the battlefield . They are quite cheap .

Noah had initially felt surprised when he saw formations covering the entire western coast, but he couldnt believe that they could express too much power .

King Elbas was a true master in the inscriptions field, but he had to respect certain limits when building formations . One of them was the fuel that they required .

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The new continent had suffered a lot after the last battle, and most of the reserves of energy in the world had vanished to face King Elbas .

The Royal couldnt amass a lot of fuel in those five hundred years, so he had to compromise on the spears structures to make them cheap to cast .

The spears were exceptional weapons capable of carrying a lot of power, but they were relatively easy to counter by cultivators who had a lot of battle experience .

Of course, that was true only if those cultivators power was near that of the spears .

June coughed blood as the four powerhouses opened a path among the array of spears . The shockwaves radiated by those attacks were enough to destabilize her organs and create internal injuries .

However, more black sparks came out of her figure after she stabilized her condition . Her individuality was already in motion . Her Perfect Circuit was producing massive quantities of higher energy to make her power go beyond her limits .

When it came to June, surpassing her limits meant improvements in her cultivation level . She had remained at the peak of the fifth rank for a long time, but her power appeared about to take the last step after she suffered those injuries .

The Matriarchs caught up with the group of powerhouses and surpassed them to set foot on the new continent . Their auras then spread through the coastline and began to eradicate every shining line that they found .

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Tempests formed on the coastline and thick lightning bolts flew high in the sky to create masses of sparks that released smaller bolts toward the surface .

The other powerhouses felt forced to stop when they saw that scene . They had managed to endure the previous attack due to its flaws, but they couldnt do anything against the Matriarchs spells .

Only June continued to fly forward . Her face became ashen, and blood continued to flow out of her mouth as the shockwaves running wild through the environment injured her .

A cloud of black sparks formed and crumbled around her . June appeared on the verge of collapsing, but she strived through the shockwaves and landed on the landmass anyway .

The energy released by the Matriarchs spells was even more intense in that spot . Injuries opened on Junes skin, and blood splashed out of those wounds under the effect of those shockwaves .

Yet, June remained calm . There was only determination in her expression .

The Matriarchs and the other powerhouses began to worry about her well-being at that point . They vaguely understood how her relationship with Noah worked, but they didnt want to see her die .

She was still Noahs lover . No one knew what he would do if she died due to the Matriarchs spells . It didnt matter that joining that battlefield was her mistake in the first place .

The Matriarchs and powerhouses couldnt imagine that June had done that on purpose . Her Perfect Circuit produced sparks continuously, and it eventually found the structure of her higher energy unsuitable for the new level of power that it was reaching .