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Chapter 1195: 1195
However, the amount of power displayed by the assets that had come out of the separate dimension was immense .

The two Matriarchs were unstoppable . Their spells could almost cover entire regions and rip off any formations on their surface in a matter of minutes . The other powerhouses werent weak either, but they needed more time to deal with those defenses .

Faith wasnt even well-versed in offensive spells . She had average attacks for a powerhouse at her level, but her main quality was her impenetrable defense .

Still, the Elbas family didnt have large reserves of energy, so it couldnt keep the healing light active for a long time .

The relentless destruction of the defensive formations on the western coast consumed a lot of the energy acc . u . mulated in the area . Even the inscriptions on the in-land regions would suffer if those reserves were to vanish .

Third Prince and Second Princess could only activate more defenses in front of such a display of power . The regions near the western coast lit up, and various formations became visible on their surface .

The powerhouses had to face different formations since they had decided to spread their efforts through the entire western coast .

A series of golden giants rose in the region next to Great Elder Diana and began to walk in her direction . They all radiated an aura at the bottom of the middle tier and wielded long spears that spread flames around their tips .

A wall made of runes came out of the territory next to Gods Left Hand . They turned toward the Matriarch and began to gather energy once all of them pointed at her .

Puppets of various sizes appeared next to Faith . They marched through the sky while a trail of golden flames came out of their feet .

Elder Julia had to deal with an army of enslaved hybrids, and Elder Regina found a series of red wh . i . p . s surging from a region nearby and cracking in her direction .

Skully saw multiple magical plants growing around her under the effects of some inscriptions . They had green trunks and a series of thick metal-like branches that turned in her direction and began to charge at her .

Massive structures came out of the ground from a region near June . They appeared as buildings with a series of runes on their sides, but their effects were unclear .

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon witnessed how the ground of the region next to them surged to take the shape of a massive dark-yellow monster .

The creature had two vaguely humanoid arms, but its body was round, and a large crack spread at its base as if it was a giant mouth .

Elder Laura had to face something similar to the wh . i . p . s against Elder Regina . She was against a series of large ballistae already pointed in her direction .

Golden runes exploded in the region near Daniel, and three cultivators came out of the halo they had released . The trio appeared to belong to the Elbas family, but they had golden hair and green eyes, which expressed how far they were from the main bloodline .

Yet, the three of them were powerhouses at the bottom of the sixth rank . It seemed that the Elbas family had managed to increase its number of assets on that level during the last five hundred years .

The Royal Pool has survived the battle against King Elbas, Noah thought when he saw the three new powerhouses on the Royals side .

The awful scent of the Royal Pool had reached his nostrils even if he was at some distance from the western coast . Noah was sure that the Elbas family had relied on that miraculous item to refill its assets .

The battle broke out immediately . The powerhouses from the three organizations charged toward the new defenses and unleashed their cultivation levels full might to fend them off .

Most of those defenses carried a power similar to powerhouses at the bottom of the liquid stage, but they shared the same weaknesses as the golden spears .

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It would be hard for the weaker powerhouses to deal with the new defenses, but they were confident that the Elbas family couldnt withstand a long battle .

Great Elder Diana waved her hands, and her black lenses assembled behind her back . She then turned her weapons toward the giants while pointing her forefinger to the ground under her .

Orange sparks acc . u . mulated behind the assembled lenses and released lightning bolts on their black glass . The power contained in Great Elder Dianas spell skyrocketed after her attacks came out of her weapons, and three massive bolts crashed on the giants before they could even react .

Other lightning bolts came out of her fingers . They werent as big as those enhanced by her inscribed weapon, but they were more than enough to deal with the formation creating the golden spears .

The Matriarch didnt want to stop her attack on the western coast . She had a way to maximize the depletion of energy on the enemys side, so she used most of her power to take care of both formations .

Gods Left Hand did the same . She had understood the Elbas familys situation, so she relied on massive storms and piercing attacks to destroy the regions around her and take care of the beams that the runes had begun to launch .

Gales blew from behind her and crashed on the wall of runes together with the tornadoes that she created . Some of them took the shape of large arrows when she needed to destroy those formations cores .

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Many of the other powerhouses couldnt deal with the new formations and the lines creating the golden spears at the same time . They needed the entirety of their cultivation level to face the defenses in the middle tier of the sixth rank .

True Speed completely ignored the western coast as yellow sparks began to run on his legs . He charged toward the puppets while leaving a trail of cracks in the sky that closed in a few seconds .

One of his kicks could make a puppet crumble even if their armors partially absorbed the lightning bolts released with his attacks . His power wasnt overwhelming, but he could face that army even if his cultivation level made him unsuitable for that type of battle .

Skully had also forsaken the coast, and her mental waves filled the sky as she tried to stop the metallic branches from converging on her spot . The magical plants around her continued to grow, but the powerhouse focused on increasing the number of gales condensed on the battlefield .

Faith jumped right among the army charging at her and unleashed her individuality . The puppets tried to attack her, but their fiery abilities werent a match for the azure sphere that had appeared around her figure .

The shield wasnt mighty, but Faiths individuality made all the attacks change their course and disperse into energy inside her defenses .