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Published at 26th of January 2021 05:55:34 AM

Chapter 1198: 1198
A golden halo covered the coast and tried to repair the inscriptions, but the destruction generated in the many battles worsened their condition .

Some battles gave birth to shockwaves that spread even in the nearby regions and destroyed the formations on their surface . The Matriarchs were enough to clear all the central part of the coastline .

The same wasnt valid for the other powerhouses, but many of them managed to take care of the inscriptions in their regions even if they had to deal with other defensive formations .

Still, there were spots where the golden light managed to fix the inscriptions . The southern side of the western coast had Daniel and other cultivators who were too busy with their new opponents and couldnt take care of the formations under them .

True Speed, Elder Laura, Faith, Daniel, and Skully had to neglect the coastline, and the golden halo soon fixed the inscriptions in some of their regions . Spears eventually formed and began to fly toward the intruders again .

The battlefield became even messier at that point . Third Prince and Second Princess controlled the spears to focus the assets struggling against the formations .

The Royals ignored the troublesome opponents to focus on those that would suffer the most from those attacks . Faith and True Speed had annoying abilities that would make them fend off the spears easily, so the formations focused on the other three powerhouses .

Elder Laura had issues against the ballistae, but she had managed to become used to their offensive . She had also come close to hit a few of them between one attack and another .

However, the golden spears arrival forced her to perform multiple evasive maneuvers in a row until she escaped from the formations range . The Elder couldnt deal with both defenses and could only leave the battlefield for now .

Skully was inside in an array of branches that tried to crash on her body and block every escape route . Her mental waves managed to fend off most attacks, but she had to rely on movement spells to dodge some of them .

Her mental waves were dense and could stop a few branches, but there were too many of them . She could summon winds capable of destroying some attacks, but that wasnt enough to block the magical plants offensive .

Moreover, the formations around the magical plants improved their vitality and benefitted their growth, which gave birth to more branches every second . Skully soon found herself overwhelmed and had to rely on a different battle style to take care of her opponents .

Her mental waves began to amass and condense into a different shape . Skully gave birth to a series of wind-slashes that resembled Elder Julias attacks .

The wind-slashes flew toward the branches that restrained Skullys flight and cut right through them, opening a path where she could escape .

Skullys felt excited to see that the new approach worked well against those magical plants, and she intended to focus their trunks after destroying every branch in her way .

Yet, golden spears suddenly set off from the region behind her and converged in her position . They even dodged the branches on their path to preserve their power for the peculiar powerhouse .

Skully cursed in her mind, but she promptly decided to escape from that situation . She couldnt face both defenses at the same time, so she covered her figure with the wind-slashes and flew away from that entanglement .

The branches fell apart as she escaped, but some spears landed on her and destroyed part of her defenses . A few of them even pierced her skin, leaving deep injuries on her body .

Skully managed to escape the range of those formations at that point, but she didnt stop amassing mental energy to create more attacks . The invasion wasnt over, and she needed to be ready for when a new chance appeared .

Daniel had it far harsher than his companions . His opponents were three powerhouses, and they could work together with the golden spears to maximize their opportunities .

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Waves of flames, bird-like puppets, and ice-pillars assaulted the white halo radiated by Daniel . The Royals didnt mind that their attacks couldnt cross his defenses . They only wanted to keep him in his place until the spears arrived .

Daniel sensed the arrival of the spears, and his white halo became unstable again under his control . Flares came out of its uneven shape, and a few dense rays accompanied them in their offensive .

The dense rays werent chaotic attacks . Daniel aimed them directly at the Royals while he flew toward their attacks to dodge the incoming spears .

The white halo became thinner as Daniels light gathered inside his beams to enhance their piercing power . The Royals attacks couldnt do anything against them, and they also had to dodge some flares as they avoided the enemys offensive .

The spears pierced Daniels halo and flew through it for a while before dissolving into a small cloud of golden energy . They had almost defeated Daniels protection, but he wasnt in their trajectory anymore .

Daniel waved his hands at that point . His halo exploded outward and gave birth to a series of thin beams that aimed at the Royals . Yet, a series of golden spears appeared in their trajectory and gave the three powerhouses enough time to escape .

The Royals didnt let that chance go to waste . Daniel was defenseless, so they could hope to inflict some damage if they unleashed their best attacks .

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The water aptitude Royal created a series of pillars that converged in Daniels position . They left a trail of ice as they encircled him and tried to trap him in a cage-like structure .

The earth aptitude Royal summoned an army of bird-like puppets that flew through the cages bars and forced Daniel to focus on them . He couldnt unleash the white halo again with so many creatures keeping him busy .

The fire aptitude Royal covered the entire area with blue flames that didnt affect the ice created by her companion . Daniel couldnt help but suffer injuries in that situation .

The ice wasnt a problem, but the birds were annoying to deal with since their metallic structure was sturdy . Also, the blue flames didnt hurt them and affected only Daniel .

A white radiance came out of Daniels skin and stopped most attacks . The flames vanished under the effects of his individuality, but the birds pierced his skin before dissolving into energy .

The flames kept coming, and there were still many bird-like puppets sieging him . Moreover, the cage began to emit strange vibrations that suppressed the expansion of Daniels light .

The three powerhouses were successfully suppressing him, and they had the time to cast more attacks while he tried to free himself . More golden spears had set off from the ground and were flying in his direction too, so he had to do something to avoid worse injuries .

Daniel didnt hesitate once his consciousness noticed the threats around him . An emblem appeared in his hand, and a blinding white halo spread from his figure .